Sia teasdale - whit one direction on tour

Hello my name is Sia Teasdale, I'm 19 years old, and yes my mom is Lou Teasdale and my little sister is lux, and right now I'm at the airport waiting for them to come home because they have a week home before they have to go on tour again but this time I'm going with them for 2 months


5. 5

* 2 days later

* Sia’s POV

it’s today that the boys has a concert, my mom asked me if I wanted to help her do the boys hair and makeup, so at 3 o clock I have to be at the arena. Right now, I am eating breakfast at the hotel before the boys and I are going to an interview. I don’t know why I had to go with them but it’s properly because the adults have to do something important.

* At the interview

interviewer: so how is it on the road do you miss home

Niall: it’s good our stylists daughter is with us for 2 months, and of course I miss being home and most of all I miss my own bed

interviewer: what about girls, Harry I heard that you and Kendell Jenner are dating is that correct

Harry: she’s a really good friend of mine, but just friend

interviewer: what about you Niall is there any sweat girls out there that you are interested in

Louis: yeah Niall

Niall: ehm… that’s a really good question

Liam: little Nialler are blushing

interviewer: we unfortunately don’t have any more time, but it was nice to meet you guy’s

Harry: yeah you to

after the interview we all headed torts the arena to hang out before the sound check

Niall’s POV

Louis: boys lets go find Lou and ask her when we have to be in the dressing room

Liam: I think she’s in her dressing room with Lux

As we assumed Lu was in her dressing room with Lux

Lou: hey boys

Louis: hey Lou gees what, Niall fancy’s you daughter

Niall: LOUIS!

Lou: that great Niall why don’t you ask her out on a date, I’m sure she would love to

Niall: do you really think so

Lou: yeah Niall, of course

Sia: what are you talking about something important

Harry: yeah we just talked about you, right Niall

Sia: about me why

Liam: I think Niall want to ask you about something

Sia: go ahead

Niall: Sia, do you want to go out on a… date … whit me

Sia: I would love to

Louis: YEAH NIA TORAN (there ship name)

Lou: boys you have to go to sound check, and you have to be in the dressing room 30 minutes before the show begins

Louis: lovebirds are you coming

Niall: yeah just a second

I was standing whit my arms around Sia’s waist, we just stood there looking into each other’s eyes she had amazing hazel brown eyes and brown hair to just a bow her scolders

Sia: we better get going before the boys get mad

Niall: yeah your right

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