Sia teasdale - whit one direction on tour

Hello my name is Sia Teasdale, I'm 19 years old, and yes my mom is Lou Teasdale and my little sister is lux, and right now I'm at the airport waiting for them to come home because they have a week home before they have to go on tour again but this time I'm going with them for 2 months


4. 4

Lou : Sia wake up we are in America now

Sia : where in America

Lou : we are in L.A.

Sia : nice are we going to a hotel ore what

Lou : yeah I think so but I'm nor sure

When we got out of the plane we quickly found our luggage and got out where all the screaming fans are waiting for the boys they didn't have time to take pictures so the security guards got them out and into the cars quickly. My mon Lux and I got into another car.

Lou : what do you think of the boys

Sia : they seem nice

Lou : just nice, are there any of them you think are cute

Sia : why ?

Lou : I'm just curious

*at the hotel

We had just gotten our key cards and my room was on the top floor right beside Nialls, and my mon and Lux bas at the floor below us as well as the other boys rooms

Sia : Niall ?

Niall : yeah

Sia : can we take the stairs I'm afraid of elevators

Niall : Sia our rooms are on the 55th floor

Sia : I know but..

Niall : come on you not alone I'm with you you cam hold my hand if you want

Sia : okay

We were in the elevator and I was so scared, I hugged Niall and hide my face in his chest.

Niall : it's okay we are almost there

And then finally the door opened and I ran out as fast as I could

Niall : see that wasn't that bad

Sia : yes it was we could have died in there, maybe I'm overreacting a bit

Niall : hahah let's get to our rooms and then we can go out and get something to eat.

Sia : that would be nice are the other boys coming with us

Niall : yeah I think so, we might have to go and ask them before we leave

Sia : okay se you in 10 minutes

Niall : 15, I have to take a quick shower

Sia : fine

Nialls POV.

Got in my room upended my suitcase to find something to wear, When I hear a knock on the door.

I opened it and the boys was standing outside.

Louis: can we come in

Niall : yeah but I was just about to take a shower

Louis: well just watch tv while you take a shower

Niall : do you guys want to go out to get something to eat with Sia and I

Harry : Niall ?

Niall : what ?

Harry : do you fancy her

Niall : no

Liam : come on Nialler admit It we all know it

Niall : okay fine I fancy her

Louis : our little Nialler is in love

Niall : am taking a shower

Sia's POV

I was ready to go so I walked over to Niall room and knocked on the dir but to my surprise it wasn't Niall that opened the door but Liam.

Liam : hey Sia come in

Sia : thanks

Louis, Harry : Sia how are you

Sia : why are you acting so strange

Louis : what do you mean

Sia : I know there's something and you have to tell me

Niall : tell you what

Louis : nothing

Niall was only wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt and dam his so hot and well trained

Harry : sweetie you are starting

Sia : no I wasn't

Louis : yes you were, do you fancy him

Sia : no, ore yes, ore I don't know we just met

Louis : that means yes !!

Niall : what are you guys whispering about

Sia : nothing, are you guys ready to go

Niall : yeah

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