Sia teasdale - whit one direction on tour

Hello my name is Sia Teasdale, I'm 19 years old, and yes my mom is Lou Teasdale and my little sister is lux, and right now I'm at the airport waiting for them to come home because they have a week home before they have to go on tour again but this time I'm going with them for 2 months


3. 3

*at the airport

Lux my mon and I are sitting on Starbucks in the airport to get something to eat before we go on the plane but I wasn't really hungry so I just got a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin. A blonde guy are heading in our direction and when my mom got up and hugged him I realised that it was one if the one direction guys.

Lou : Niall this is my daughter Sia

Niall : nice to met you Sia I'm Niall

Sia : nice to met you to, do you want to sit down

Niall : no thanks I have to go and find the other boys I lost them at the check in, but you can help me find them if you want

Sia : yeah sure

Lou : we will met you guys on the plane

Sia : okay

Niall and i got up and I must admit that he's kinda hot ore not kinda but hi is smoking hot and his blue eyes are perfect, no Sia you can't get filings for him he is in a world famous boyband and he is traveling around the world all the time.

Niall : how olde are you?

Sia : 19 and you

Niall : 22 I'm old

Sia : it's just a number what matters is hoe olde you feel

Niall : yeah you're right

A brown haired guy are running in our direction and screaming

"Niall I thought you were lost"

Niall : hey Louis, this is Sia Lous daughter

Louis : hey I'm Louis nice to met you this is Harry and Liam

Sia : hey guys

Harry: so it's you that are going to live in our bus for 2 months

Sia : yeah sorry

Liam : don't be sorry it's good because then they might not be that messy all the time

Niall : you wish

Harry : we better get going before the plane levels without us

I slept all the way to America because I didn't get that much sleep last night.

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