Sia teasdale - whit one direction on tour

Hello my name is Sia Teasdale, I'm 19 years old, and yes my mom is Lou Teasdale and my little sister is lux, and right now I'm at the airport waiting for them to come home because they have a week home before they have to go on tour again but this time I'm going with them for 2 months


2. 2

Lou : hey honey are you ready to go to the airport

Sia : almost I just have to find my charger for my phone

Lou : I have already packed it into your hand luggage

Sia : thanks mom

Lou : are you excited to met the boys

Sia : not really sure they are good looking but honestly I haven't really heard a lot of there music

Lou : just so you know you have to sleep in there bus because there isn't more space in the bus lux and I are sleeping in

Sia : you are joking right

Lou : sorry

Sia: couldn't you have told me that before

Lou : we are leaving in 5 minutes

Sia : okay I'll be down in a minute

Great now I have to live on a bus with 4 boys I don't even know, why can't I just sleep on the couch in the other bus instead of living with a word famous boyband for 2 months, I hope that we are going to go on hotels and sleep a lot.

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