Shivam -Auspicious ( The Infinite Being )

Brahman, Absolute and Shivam stand for The Infinite Being. Brahman or Shivam is a quantity that is no quantity and a state of Being that has no value of Being. The un manifest and manifest, both are Integral Aspects of the Ultimate Reality.


1. Shivam (Auspicious) (The Infinite Being)

~~(Sources: “What is Science” by Donald J De Gracia; ‘Man, God and the Universe’ by I.K. Taimini, ‘Sonnets’ by Sri. Aurobindo. Rishis means sages. ‘The Infinite Being synonyms Brahman, Absolute, Shivam)
“A deep spiritual calm no touch can sway
Upholds the mystery of passion play”
Out of Still Immensity, Inconscient Infinity
A huge Intelligence awoke, a power arose,
the marvelous grandeur of blazing light,
diffused in divine sport;
a trivial game devised as a cosmic whole danced around the supreme soul.

A state of disequilibrium in the perfect  Infinite balance;
the  self  awareness  generated unlimited force
set the dynamical patterns in motion –
the basis of all manifestation

The infinite possibilities contained in the Infinite Being,
Like the numbers on the real number  line;
All concepts of the quantum field
A faint glimmer towards the  Truth.

`Truth is Beauty, Beauty is Truth`.
The dimensions of `Truth And Beauty`
The mystical experience of ancient sages of Infinity,
Captured in part by poet Keats.

Shiva the consciousness, Shakti the creative force,
The bright emanations of Shivam the auspicious,
The two poles: consciousness and force,
The observer/ observed dualism born at cosmic level.

Dispersion of white sunlight through prism,
A spectrum of colors manifested,
World of white light on one side, world of colors on the other,
The undifferentiated and the differentiated states of the same light.

Both states are full and complete,
The unmanifest and manifest both are whole,
Both integral  aspects of the Ultimate Reality
As nothing has been lost and nothing has been added.

The Infinity differentiates into an infinitude
From general to specific, one to many,
The progressive differentiation from the unified field and the ultimate merging;
The dual process of differentiation and integration – calculus function –
The relation between unmanifest and manifest.

The ultimate reality and womb of Mathematics,
The unknown container of all figures,
Container of the very essence of all possible relationships – Zero
A perfect symbol for the `Absolute` in its potential state.
`A quantity that is no quantity,
A state of Being that has no value of Being.`

As the sum of real number line equals zero
And everything would perfectly cancel
The `Absolute` though appears to be zero
It has everything in It – the idea of unmanifest.

As per our concept of the Ultimate Reality
Nothing can be outside of It, so nothing can go out of It;
All plugged directly into the ultimate power source
And  no  place to go.

A finite quantity added to infinity, returns infinity;
No alteration, no change takes place,
As million universes are created and absorbed –
The poor light bubbles of an aimless play!
As the Infinity falls back into sleep and awakes,
The immense capricious play goes on forever and ever and ever and ever……

“OM! That is Infinite ( Brahman)
And this is (universe) infinite
The infinite proceeds from infinite
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe)
It remains the  Infinite( Shivam) alone.
Aum! Peace! Peace! Peace!

The Mantra reflects the spherical thinking of Rishis
As opposed to linear thinking, pregnant with huge information,
Signifies the four levels – spiritual, material, mathematical and physical.
`Peace` said three  times for inner peace and undisturbed environment.

A direct link from the most abstract event,
The creation of manifestation to our immediate existence,
Our very awareness as infinitesimal quantum
Of the exact awareness that awoke at the moment of creation.

Correct knowledge flows,
If the dynamics of our thoughts match the dynamics of some natural system,
And the fusion of observer and observed bestows the gift of power
From our puny being and the Great Cosmic Being – the source of all things.

An unseen , ruling principle that controls, restrains, determines,
Harmonizing and satisfying principle, that pervades the whole cosmos
Leaves nothing unrelated from the highest heaven to the lowest atom.

Everything taken notice of
And all things are put in proper position and proportion
That presents beautiful creation so well organized and so well balanced
That the creation really is!
And our life in this creation: `a preface to the epic of the supreme`

“I have become a foam sea white of Bliss” – Shivam – Truth
I am a curling wave of God’s delight
A shapeless flow of happy passionate light – Shiva Shakti – Beauty
A whirlpool of the streams of paradise -  Shiva – Shivani – Liberation.

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