Shivam -Auspicious ( The Infinite Being )

Brahman, Absolute and Shivam stand for The Infinite Being. Brahman or Shivam is a quantity that is no quantity and a state of Being that has no value of Being. The un manifest and manifest, both are Integral Aspects of the Ultimate Reality.


3. Shiva Shivani (Particle and Wave)

~~(Shivani - another name for Shakti which means Life And Death.  Neil Bohr - Danish Scientist.

Hindu Trinity ; Brahma - the creator, Vishnu - sustainer,  Shiva - destroyer.)


"I am Shakti as well as Shiva,

I am everything male and female,

light and dark, flesh and spirit,

perfectly balanced in one single moment lasting eternity."


Shiva the transcendental unity,

Shakti the universal diversity,

two aspects of one Absolute,

 the twain merge into one at the plane of absolute purity and perfect unity.


Shiva the soul, Shivani the life force,

themselves actors and audience in cosmic theatre,

the cosmic dance - dance of primal rhythmic energy,

an orderly harmony in the choral dance of stars and planets.


Shakti is change and Shiva the root of change,

their spontaneous dance beyond the realm of purposes,

the dance of Nature, the action of Matter on one side,

the dance of Spirit, of Enlightenment on the other.


~~The lone mystic Shiva, on the white summit of Eternity,

touched by an immense delight, surveyed the depths of His Soul;

Sleeping Shivani within; a silent stream of passion flow,

awaits to break into vibrant waves.


His loving glance caresses her in a lingering kiss;

she twirled and swirled into a swift whirlpool of joy,

life springs, her heart beats and mind unfolds.


Mighty Mother rises from the depths of soul, beautiful and fierce;

Shivani the expression of Shiva's will

whirls around in all her splendor -the flow of love and force of life.

~~Shivani, Shiva's form and her beauty and glory comes

from her lover Shiva, her abode;


The timeless, inseparable lovers surrender to the bliss of love,

her face she lifts to Him who is Herself,

the spirit leaps into the spirit's embrace;

The rhythmic worlds describe that passion dance.


Consciousness becomes force, force becomes consciousness,

the union of counter aspirations; of existence and nonexistence;

the duality vanishes in dialectical synthesis - spiritual and material.


Shiva comprehends his nature in Shivani,

He dwells within her whole creation;

particles as waves, waves as particles,

~~rainbow worlds and multiple forms built on electrons;

particle of divine essence, spark of creative energy in union,

terrible in might and beautiful in love.


Free, divine, all rapturous and bliss in sheer aimless divine play,

Shiva and Shivani mirror each other as rhythm and harmony ,

It is his own bliss he enjoys in a swift flight into the domain of ecstasy.


The deepest truth and total freedom

~~the boundless love and creativity,

the spirit at the height being  in union,

the universe drenched in love and peace;

resounds with the joyful cry, " I am Shiva, I am Shivani"!

The duality vanishes and Shivam alone remains.


`Shivling` - the sacred symbol of Shiva and Shivani,

an oval, pillar shaped stone structure  with three marks, on a circular base,

worshipped in temples, represents the totality of the cosmos - the cosmos as cosmic egg.


Bohr model of atomic structure with protons, neutrons and electrons,

with circular paths of energy level reveals the puzzling truth - of the composition of `Shivling`.-

the ancient sages' idea of atom structure.


The pillar - the fire column with three marks -

 represents `Hindu Trinity` for protons, neutrons and electrons,

and the circular base - the disc - for Shakti - the energy level.

Separation of neutron ( Shiva) brings out the wrath of Shakti - the energy level -  becomes a terror of humanity.


Humanity should never ignore the basic truth,

power brings responsibility,

with great power comes great responsibility;

and lessons of the past never to be forgotten.

~~"A scientist played with atoms

and blew out the universe

before God had time to shout."


The way `Shivling` is worshipped

and constantly bathed in water,

to pacify the `Tattva` in macrocosm and microcosm;

the hymns recited and rituals conducted: -

It is the prayer for world peace.


"Peace be to the East! Peace be to the West!

Peace be to the North! Peace be to the South!

Peace be above! Peace be below!

Peace be to all creatures of this universe!

Peace be everywhere! " -  Swami Sivananda.

         -------------------......--------------------                                        concluded.                




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