Shivam -Auspicious ( The Infinite Being )

Brahman, Absolute and Shivam stand for The Infinite Being. Brahman or Shivam is a quantity that is no quantity and a state of Being that has no value of Being. The un manifest and manifest, both are Integral Aspects of the Ultimate Reality.


2. Shiva Shakti (Consciousness and Force)

~~(C - field = conscious field,  Gunas = dynamical patterns,  Tattva = principle, essence, reality.

Shruti means revealed knowledge of divine origin.  Srishti means creation.)


Shivam the impersonal God manifests into Shiva the personal God;

Shiva - pure consciousness - the masculine principle,

Shakti - pure creative energy - feminine principle.


Shiva and Shakti, the emanations of Shivam,

transmissions of rhythm and harmony,

first step in creation, last step at dissolution

merge into Brahman, Shivam the auspicious - which alone remains.


Particles move backwards, forward and sideways in the time dimension,

do seem to engage in the romance of the chance in the quantum field,

their charm and varied colors shown in energy dance.


Mind, Matter, Motion and Momentum and the Moment of creation

interpenetrate in mystical ways;

the events that happen in external worlds

reverberate in inner mental and spiritual worlds and vice versa;

as all the worlds are made of the same stuff - the integrated consciousness in altered states;

And unity is the key theme of nature's resonance and vibrations.


Science in C - field sees the sea of interconnections

hears continuous jingles of subatomic particles,

as ancient sages through third vision in deep depths of consciousness had seen the cosmic dance

and heard it as `Shruti of Srishti` - revelation of creation.


The Infinity computer contains the Intelligence,

the fed in data shiva and the software shakti

~~driven by the power of intention and the process of attention;

without Shakti the data or Shiva inactive,

with Shakti it becomes - awareness.


Shiva the light of knowledge, Shakti the form,

Shiva the form of Yoga, Shakti the nature of Thought,

Shiva detachment, Shakti attachment

Shiva the cosmic observer and Shakti the cosmic observed.


The unlimited generated power from static center,

~~transformed and stepped down to lower levels - as in step down transformer

through spiritual, mental and material mechanisms.


As the dynamics of photon flux from the Sun

interacts with the flow of river on the Earth,

atoms and bulk of matter interact with thoughts and ideas;

body on mind, mind on body - both are dynamical patterns in consciousness.


Matter has both energy and consciousness

and consciousness is a basic attribute

to all material entities as per panpsychism -  reveals Shiva Shakti tattva as consciousness and force.


Even the Gods and heavens - as material as our world;

All external worlds and all altered states of consciousness:

~~nothing but movement - states of dynamical patterns,

the three `gunas` - three energy patterns.


All the worlds;- external material, inner mental and spiritual

based on three fundamental aspects of motion;- three `gunas`:

Tamas -the dynamics of fixed point attractor,

Rajas - the dynamics of strange attractor, and

Sattva - the dynamics of limit cycle. -the three `gunas` or three dynamical patterns.


The criteria involved and the system evolved:-

Tamas: darkness, inertia - involves relative position of particles,

Rajas: passion, active - rhythmic motion of particles with transference

~~of energy,

Sattva; goodness, intelligence - rhythmic motion of particles.


Merged in different proportions and as such different dynamical patterns,

the dynamical patterns manifestations of Shiva Shakti tattva;

the principles of nature, reality behind phenomenal appearance.


A striking resemblance between the Einstein's Mass Energy Relation and the cosmic dance of `Nataraja` -

the embodiment of Shiva Shakti Tattva;

the four armed metal idol of Shiva as the king of dancers;

a beautiful representation of the creation of the universe,

the Big Bang theory and the mass energy relation.


One hand holds a drum - the beat, pulse of the universe and symbol of creation,

another bears a tongue of flames - fire for destruction,

the third hand in a gesture of protection

and the fourth points to the release from the cycle of birth and death.


The entire image circumscribed by the ring of fire and light,

the field of dance with the entire universe - Shakti,

the base, lotus pedestal locates the universe in the consciousness,

the choreography the wheel of time.


The entirety of cosmic dance, the paradox of Time and Eternity represented,

Shakti wild and graceful in Shiva's  form and dance-

the flowing hair and the  incessant motion of  swaying limbs and stamping feet,

birth and death balancing each other,

but Shiva's face in royal calm, aloof in sovereign silence.


The significant contrast lies:

between the tremendous, marvelous display of Shakti - the flow and change of world and time,

and a serene tranquility of `expressively inexpressive` countenance -

a tension exists between Time and Eternity.


The two invisible and visible- the Supreme Consciousness and Supreme Force,

~~quint essentially the same as calm sea and high waves,

no duality exists finally between Shiva and Shakti.


Shiva the great ascetic, Shakti sensuous,

Shiva the savior of souls, Shakti wrathful avenger,

their dance, both supremely sensual and sublimely spiritual.


Shiva Shakti cosmic dance, the symbol

of the interplay of static and dynamic divine energy flow,

Nature struggling to express itself in terms of the joy of the dance,

the truth of birth and death - the ultimate truth of all manifested existence

projected both in microcosm and macrocosm.


`OM Namah Shivaya`!

The sounds relate to the principles

that governs six chakras on the spine;

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.


This Mantra means:

`OM! Salutations to `That` which I am capable of becoming.`

For the believers, spiritual attainment as well as material development

as it embodies Shiva Shakti Tattva in name and in form.

------                                                                                                                                       Continued

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