Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


9. You Stand Alone

When we got back to pentagon we told Sampson about what happened. Every officer that was present when we went over the plan was called to the conference room. Iron sat at the end of the table, and they sat around him. I stood behind him, and I softly massaged his shoulders. “Now, every one of you knew what the plan was.” They all nodded, “Now, which one of you is the person who is working for my father?” Everyone went silent, “It’s better for you to come out now, I might not kill you.” I ran my hands down his arms, and his muscles flexed. Sampson stood up, “I’m the mole.” Everyone gasped like it was surprise. Iron stood slowly, “I thought it was President Sampson, or should I call you father.” He began to laugh, and he turned into H. 

“You caught me, I’ll be leaving now.” As he disappeared Sampson burst through the doors, “Get the hell out!” His voice echoed through the room as he walked up to Iron, but as he raised his hand to hit him it stopped. His eyes were wide, and I saw why. Iron was in god form, and in his left hand he held his scythe. “Mortal you refuse my offer. You will stand alone on the battlefield against Hades” His voice was deep, almost demonic as he said those words. He turned to me, “Lets go.” He turned back to Sampson, “I am death, and I tell you now that you will not be protected from the chaos that is coming. You refused The Creator’s offer of protection, you stand alone.” He went back into human form, and he grabbed me and disappeared. We reappeared in a place that I had never seen, it was all white. In the center stood Three chairs, and a huge flash of light. 

I covered my eyes, and thats when I heard it. “Mommy!” The twins tackled me to ground. I smiled brightly as I wrapped my arms around them. I could hear Iron’s voice, but I couldn’t understand it. He was speaking another language, and I had heard my number of dead languages; yet this one was totally new to me. I could see the faint image of a man, a man that looked liked someone I knew. Iron turned to me, “Come here Nora.” He held out his hand, and I got up slowly. The twins looked at me as I made my way over to him, and as I grabbed his hand everything went dark. 

I looked around me, so much chaos was going on. I could hear the screams echoing through the land. I looked around to see a cliff, a very familiar cliff. It was the cliff from my visions, the cliff that Iron always sat on. The cliff where all of the things started. The world around me went dark, and slowly faded into another scene of the same place. There was a woman, a woman that looked exactly like my mom, and a man that looked exactly like my dad. The girl was very close to the edge, and I could tell that the man was telling her to come away from the edge. “Come away from the edge Mikey!” The command sounded more of a father figure than a husband. Then he walked up to her, and he said something that I couldn’t make out. Then he pushed her. Soon I was too, and as my body hit the water pain went through my body, but then I was being lifted back up. 

The air was coming so fast, so hard against my now wet body. “You really thought you could stay alive forever Mickey.” My father quickly turned into Hades, and anger and pain flooded my body. “Feel the pain, the pain that your mother felt.” They voice was soft and gentle, and I let my head hang low closing my eyes. When I opened them I was standing on the cliff next to Hades. My mother lifted her head slowly, “You will never get the metronome.” Her flames came on, and they were yellow, and from them emerged the metronome. Hades reached out to grab it, but couldn’t. “I bind you, I bind you to hell. Bind you to the underworld where all evil things dwell. I shall live until the metronome can be transferred. I bind you demon king!” The sky became grey and a huge portal opened, “ I will kill you and all of your family witch” he screamed. He was pulled down, and the portal closed. The metronome went back into her, and with a bright light she disappeared. 

My eyes began to blink, and Iron squeezed my hand. “All this time, my visions weren’t about you. They were about my mother.” Tears began to run down my cheeks, and Iron kissed each one away. “I know it hurts, but she did what she did for the greater good” he whispered slowly. It didn’t stop the pain, didn’t stop the anger that coursed through my veins. “Calm down” A voice said softly, and by the sound of the hue. It had to be female. I turned my head to see a woman with long black hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. She was dressed in almost a bathing suit, but it covered her body in all the right places. “Who are you” I said between the sobs. She smiled, “ I am Roman. 

The earth god.” I wiped the tears away, “Shouldn’t it be goddess?” She shook her head, “I am both male and female. I go by god.” I nodded slowly, and walked back over to the twins. They were playing with a blonde haired man, and when he looked up at me I knew who he was. “You must be god of the sky, Zeus.” He stood and bowed, “It is an honor to meet the woman that Iron left for. I have to say, you’re little ones are quite magnificent.” I smiled and so did he, “Thank you.” I ran my fingers through my hair, “Iron, do you think that you could take me to the beach.” He cleared his throat, “Of course I can, how long will you be gone?” I shrugged, “ Depends, I just need some time alone.” He nodded and started walked toward me, and his wings burst out of his back. 

He grabbed me and fell over, and soon were in the sky. I looked around, “Where is that place?” He looked down at me, “It is called Nirvana. It is the place where we, the upper gods are able to live in peace.” I looked at the clouds as we passed through them, “Why did you leave?” He sighed, “I left because I didn’t want to be alone for the rest of my life.” I laid against his chest slightly, and we slowly landed. I walked away from him, but before I could far he grabbed my arm. “What is it” I asked? He pulled me into his arms, and as our lips met I smiled. “Promise me something.” I looked into his eyes, “Of course, anything.” He looked at the water, “Stay away from the water.” 

I nodded, “Promise.” With that he pulled away, and took to the air. I watched as he disappeared into the skies, and I looked out at the open sea. What’s so dangerous about the water?

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