Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


12. You Shall Obey

Two days passed after that day at the field, and they were hell. Iron was becoming something that was starting me to scare me. I looked around the huge office that he now had, and took in the decor. The office he was in was the one that the president used to sit in, but he was forced to step down. Iron had taken over the country, and even though I wanted to say something. I knew that if I did it would make the world hate us more. I walked up behind Iron, and before I could say anything he turned. “Tell me what you’re thinking Nora.” I sighed slightly, “Iron don’t you think enslaving the country is a little bit harsh?” He ran his fingers through his hair, “I have not enslaved them, but they will obey me at this time.” He straightened his posture, “Thats the same thing Iron! They are obeying you not of their free will!” 

His eyes went black, “It is not! I am trying to spare them all from being slaughtered!” He walked form in front of me, “Iron, you’ve been slaughtering them anyway!” He turned quickly, “This is not my work! It’s the creators! I must obey his orders!” The anger that boiled inside of me faded, “I’m sorry.” He ran his fingers through his hair, “Everything I do is order by the creator at this point. I don’t have a choice anymore!” I felt terrible now, and I knew he felt it. He rubbed his face, and held his arms open. “Come.” I obeyed and went into his arms. As he wrapped his arms around me I started to cry. “I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to take this.” He kissed my forehead, “It’s going to be alright. The only reason I do this is the safety of you and our children.” “How long will it last” I sobbed softly. “Just a while. I have to get the mortals out of the way, so that they won’t get hurt when the time comes.” 

I looked up at him, “When what time comes?” He wiped the tears off my face, “You shouldn’t worry about that right now.” The door opened, “ Lord Iron, The presidents council is here.” He kissed my forehead, “Come on, we have something to go over.” He took my hand and made his way to the council room. The presidents council was all the presidents from all the regions of the world. They would come, even if they didn’t like each other. As we entered the room, the noise that once filled it went silent. Iron stood in front of the table, and I stood beside him. “Now that you all are here, I want to welcome you to Ireland.” The room was still silent, and I think Iron liked it that way. 

“As you know I have taken control of Ireland. Do you know why?” The president of Egypt, Ismael Saliba spoke, “Tuhawil alssaytarat ealaa alealam.” I didn’t know what the hell he said, but Iron seemed to know. The man sitting next to him spoke, “He said it’s because you want to take over the world.” Iron laughed, “I knew what he said the first time.” “La, lays fi nyty. baladi awamir tati min alkhaliq.” Ismael’s eyes widened at the speech. He spoke again, and Iron nodded. “Yes, I can speak Arabic, but I can speak a range of languages from my stay on this earth.” The room was so silent it made me nervous, but I knew everything was going to be alright. “All rise.” They all stood as Iron commanded. “I do not want war, but I will not protect you from what is coming.” “What! How are we going to defend ourselves from you kind,” yelled Joanus of the US! Iron slammed his hands down on the table, “Do it the same way you did when you attacked us! Dismissed!” 

Iron turned and walked out of the room, and I turned back to the enraged presidents. I smiled and made my way back to the office. Iron was sitting in the chair facing out the window, and I knew he was upset. I went up to him, “How are you going to gain their trust when you don’t want to protect them?” He turned around in the chair, “I can’t protect them, it is not how the prophecy is written.” I placed my hand on his shoulder, “I don’t care about the prophecy. Millions are going to die-” “He does it because of me.” The voice boomed through the room, and Iron slowly stood. He got on his knees and started to bow. I turned around to see a man, a man that was glowing. He had long blonde hair, tan skin, green eyes, and he was wearing a white robe. I sunk to my knees as I figured out who he was. 

“I am the creator, and I want one thing from you my child.” I lifted my head, “Yes, anything,” I responded quickly. “I don’t care how you see me, Iron will obey, and you shall obey.” The man’s voice was deep. Deeper than I ever thought possible. “Do you understand” he asked? I looked up to see nothing but a bright light. “Yes sir, I understand.” “Good,” he responded.  With that he was gone in a flash, and I looked back at Iron. “I stand by you either way it goes. I’m your ride or die remember.” He smiled as he got to his feet, “I know that, but the creator doesn’t.” I got to my feet, and he walked over to me, “Right, It’s fine.” He kissed me, “You have to say that went well.” I pushed him, “Really, of course it did to you” I said laughing. He smacked me on my ass, “Yeah it did go well.”

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