Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


6. They're In

When I reappeared I was standing in front of Iron, and he smiled slowly. “They’re in, but we have to go to the pentagon tomorrow.” He put both hands on my cheeks, “I know. They’re going to try to kill us, but you know they can’t kill me.” I grabbed his hand, “I know, thats going to be an interesting meet.” His lips went to mine in a quick kiss, “You’re so sexy when your violent.” I smiled as I pulled away from him, and made my way toward the room where the twins were sleeping. I peeked into the low lit room to see them still asleep. “They woke up a little while ago, so we gave them something to eat.” 

I looked over my shoulder to see Gabriel in white armor, gold armor that looked great on him. His big white wings were folded behind him, and his eyes peered into mine. “Where are you headed,” Iron said loudly making me jump? Gabriel looked behind him, “Me and some of the other angels are going to go out for a bit.” Iron nodded, “Mind if I tag along?” I sighed, “You guys don’t have to talk in code. You’re obviously going out to beat some people up.” They laughed, “Okay, you teach her way to well Iron” Gabriel said as he laughed. I rolled my eyes, “I’m starving where is kitchen?” Nexus flew down, “He’ll take you there” Gabriel said. 

I nodded and with that they both turned and started running, and as they came to the cliff they jumped. I smiled as I saw both of them fly up, and to my surprise Iron’s wings were bigger than Gabriel's. I turned to Nexus, “So where’s the kitchen?” His face softened, and he reached back behind his head. For a second I thought he was about to pull out a weapon, but as his hair fell to his shoulders I smiled. “I didn’t know you had long hair.” He smiled brightly making his green eyes sparkle, “There’s many things you don’t know about me. Come on.” He turned around and started walking down the hallway. I shrugged and followed behind him, and as we entered the kitchen, well more like the Dinning hall my breath caught. 

It was huge, and it had an enormous buffet. My mouth was watering, but I didn’t move a muscle. He turned to me, “Help yourself. When your done just go back to room.” I nodded and as he left the room I walked over to the endless buffet. I fixed a plate and picked a seat by a window to eat at. I looked out at the dark sky at the stars, and wondered what was up there. I remember my mother’s saying, even though I was only a child I could still hear her voice. She said love was in the stars, and the dead looked down through them in the day. I loved that saying, and as I ate I wonder if my mother watched over me. I moved that thought aside, and finished my meal. 

I made my way back into the room with the twins, and I stepped out of my heels. As I laid down with them they snuggled up against me. I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep. When I awake the next morning the twins were crying. I put my hand on their head, “Calm down sweethearts. Mommy’s up.” They stopped crying as Arrow walking in.” They ran to him in utter joy, and I rubbed my eyes before I got up, and as I did someone grabbed my arm. I looked behind me to see Iron laying on the bed, “Come on, it’s almost noon.” He smiled, “I know.” Black smoke up my arm and down my body, and as it cleared I stood there wearing something different. I wore a long black skit tight dress that had black strings going down my arms and my back.  

As Iron got of bed I noticed that he was in a black suit. “You ready” He asked as he walked around the bed to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, “Lets do this.” He kissed me as we disappeared.

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