Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


13. The Creator

I wrapped my arms around his neck, “Why do you have to take orders from him?” His entire body went stiff, and I could tell and feel that something was wrong. He relaxed, “Because I just do baby, I was born to serve under him. All gods are.” I lowered my head, “Why can’t you answer to yourself?” I whispered softly. He lifted my chin, “Nora, If I rebel I am going to die. He will kill me.” His eyes were soft, and at the moment the big bad god that everyone feared was in pain. He looked fragile, and I wanted to know why. “Why is your aura so weak?” He started to cough, “It’s noting okay, I’m just a little bit dizzy.” I put my hands on his face, “Iron, baby, you’re weakening.” He fell to the ground, and my heart felt like it was breaking. Pain hit my body massively, and I went to the ground right beside him. 

I could barley breathe, and I knew Iron felt the same. I grabbed his hand, and squeezed it slightly. The world started to fade, and soon my eyes shut. I was starring at the face of darkness. Screams was all I heard, screams that echoed through my mind. I was somewhere dark, somewhere damp. The floors felt like stone, and beside me lay something or should I say someone. I could hear the faint breathing of the person. Their breathing was heavy as if they couldn’t breath, and then I heard foot steps approaching. The persons breathing soon stopped, and a door swung open. Light flooded the area, and I soon was met by who it was. Hades. Hades lay there dead, not breathing anymore. My heart started to beat fast, and I guess the person that walked in didn’t see me. I couldn’t his face until he was in the hallway, and when I did I gasp. It was the creator. I sat there in horror as the door slammed shut, and once again I sat in darkness. I could hear a faint sound, a sound of someone calling me. Then my eyes came open. 

Iron towered over me, and he looked and felt like he was in pain. “Iron, the creator” I croaked out slowly. He hugged me, “I know, please don’t worry about that.” He took in his scent and I smelled blood. Why did he reek of blood, dried blood at that? “Why do you smell like blood?” He sighed, “Ive been fighting a war, you’ve been asleep for almost a week.” I hated it when I black out, but I knew why I did it. It only happened when I needed to be told something. I never knew what that was in me, I never knew what it was when I passed out. I pulled my head away, “Iron, it’s time for us to finish this. No else, us. We need to end this.” He nodded and helped me to my feet. “I can not go against the creator by myself Nora, he created me.” I shook my head, “No, if he created you, there’s got to be a god that created him. I stand with you, and so does the metronome. 

He smiled slowly, and he went into god form. I smiled and kissed him, but it was pointless so see affection because he was just a skull. I still felt a little dizzy, but I had to put that aside right now. I closed my eyes and started to sense for the creator, and to my surprise he was a place that I knew very well. “Our house, he’s at our house.” He grabbed me, and his wings burst out of his back. We took to the air, and the sky was dark. We’re coming for you creator, or should I call you Domenior.

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