Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


4. Plan In Action

When I awoke the next morning I was surrounded by darkness. I looked over to see Iron sleeping peacefully beside me. I slowly started to shake him, and his eyes opened. He looked at me, and sat up slowly. He held out his hands, and the entire room lit up with light. He smiled at me, but then his smile faded. There was crying, very loud crying. “Looks like the twins are feed up with the angels” he said climbing off the stone table. I followed behind him, and started putting my clothes back on. After we got dressed we headed back to the heavens, and when we appeared Gabriel was circling tow wings above the twins. “I see you found a way to keep them quiet,” I said laughing. “Yeah, it took us a while to figure it out” he responded.

Iron’s face was stern and serious, but it soon softened. “How has everything been going here?” Gabriel’s face hardened, “Not good. Demons under his control have been trying to get in all day.” Iron dropped my hand, and walked over to the twins. He sniffed them slowly, “They’ve used their magic.” Gabriel smiled nodding, “They’re the ones who kept the majority of them out, but the ones that did get in were locked away.” He looked back at me, “Nora I have a job for you, but I don’t think you’re gonna like it.” I cocked an eyebrow. What did this man have planned. 

“You want me to get myself arrested on purpose?” Iron nodded, “We need to get the humans on our side, and you’re the right person that task.” I ran my fingers through my hair, “No, I’m bait!” He laughed, “No you’re not bait. Well, in a way you are.” I turned away from here crossing my arms, “Come on baby. Don’t be cute right now.” I smiled at his comment, “I hate you so much. What’s the plan?” He went through the plan thoroughly, and the more he did the more I got interested. I basically used my powers in public, and I was going after detective Moran. I was getting more excited at the second. “Do you understand babe” he asked softly. I nodded smiling, “Yeah, but I need a shower first.” He laughed, “Make it quick.” 

Quick I was. It only took about 30 minutes for me to take a shower, and as I walked back out there Iron’s eyes went right to me. I knew they would with the outfit I was wearing. I was wearing a red and green romper with black heels. It was form fitting, and it showed all my curves just how I liked it. “Why are you looking so sexy?” I smiled, “I’m dressing the part. I can’t play a drunken party gower without this outfit.” Iron smiled, “Okay, but if any of those men bother you. I won’t be quite myself.” I laughed as our lips met, “Send me down there-” Before I could finish my sentence I appeared in a dark ally. I looked up at the sky, “You’re so gonna regret that Iron.” “I think I’ll like regretting it.” 

I made my way out the alley stumbling a little. I bumped into someone, and whoever it was pushed me. I turned around, “What the hell dude. What where the hell you’re going.” I turned to see a girl with long red hair, and basically piercing everywhere. “You ran into me” she responded. “Watch your tone with me, I will beat your ass.” She was catching the bate, and she dropped her stuff. I smiled, “Plan in action.”

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