Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


7. Meet & Greet

We appeared in the main room in the pentagon, and there they were. All the important people, and in the center of all these men stood a man that I very well recognized. “Hello, Sampson. I see you’ve been doing well.” His eyes to Iron, “Who the hell is that?” I looked up at Iron smiling, “This is my husband Jose Iron.” He looked him up and down, “Why do we need a normal person here? He’s clearly not a demon.” Iron started to walk forward, and as he did they all drew their guns. Sampson was the US president, and while he knew about the immortals. He didn’t really like them, and didn’t tolerate them. “I am not a demon, you’re right about that.” Iron stopped in front of him, “Are you familiar with the seventeenth century?” Sampson cocked an eyebrow, “What the hell does that have to do with anything” he asked? “Everything” Iron responded.” He started to step back, and his wings burst out of his back. He turned and black smoke went all around me. They opened fire on him, and I figure out what he put around me. It was a force field, and I watched as bullets went into his body. Soon they began to run out bullets, and as their rounds emptied Iron began to laugh. They barrier faded, and I walked up to him and grabbed him hands. He looked at me with a black expression, and his eyes were full black. He let my hand go, “Step back” I did what he told me, and as I did the feathers on his wings began to turn to dust. I went back to where I was, and watched him closely. “In the beginning of time there was god, but they’re was also someone else.” His voice deepened, “There was death.” He begin to grow, and as he did his closed changed to that robe. His flesh turned to dust leaving only bone, and as the transformation finished the room was incredibly silent. “I am no demon, mortal. I am a god, I am the god of death.” Black smoke went around him, and as it cleared he was back in his human form. “Now, we need to get to business” Iron said quickly. “Why should we trust a god who has killed so many?” Iron laughed, “I do not, and can’t kill. I am neutral, I simply take the dead to the gates.” He turned and looked at me rolling his eyes, “Can we please just get to business” I said softly. Iron walked up to me, “Thanks babe. Now, You all know my father, and what he is.” They all nodded, “You all know what he’s capable of. Now times that by tens of thousands of demons,” I said grabbing Irons hand. “Explain to me how this involves mortals. As I understand your father Hades, is in the immortal category.” I walked forward slowly beside Iron, “Indeed he is, but he wants mortals wiped out. He wants demons to walk the earth for once in history. In other words he wants to kill all of you.” There were a bunch of gasps as the words left my mouth, and I could smell the fear on them. “Why aren’t you with your father Iron” Sampson asked? Iron looked at him, “Because I have no need, and no authority to kill living creatures without command from the Highers’.” I had never heard of the Highers’, and I could tell that no one else had either. Iron started to laugh, “The Highers’ are a group of three gods. The sky god Zeus, The earth god Roman, and the creator.” “We want to work with you to defeat Hades, and his minions. All we ask is for you not to be afraid.” They slowly nodded, and Iron looked at me. “Meet your new partners. They’re known as the creepers.” One by one they began to appear, and the men around them started to scream. “I thought they said they wouldn’t be afraid?” Iron was laughing, “They’re mortals, they’re not used to it as we are.” One of the creepers appeared right in front of Iron, “At your command.” Iron nodded and it moved out of the way. “Now, I have a target for you” Iron began. A huge projection of a man came up, and he wasn’t a pretty sight. He had scars all over his face, and teeth that were as yellow as the sun. “Yakatuma Yishida, otherwise know as JD.” Sampson started to laugh, “You want us to go after the biggest and most dangerous mob boss in the world” he said in between laughs.” Iron joined in, “No of course not, you mortals are to weak to go up against a dragon.” The smile faded from his face, “Dra....Dragon” he stuttered out. Iron nodded as he started walking forward letting go of my hand. “JD stands for Japanese Dragon, but we will need your assistance on securing the area of his house. Also to take out his guards.” “So snipers, you need snipers” Sampson said. Iron nodded, “We’ll need thirty-six of them.” Sampson turned around, “You heard the man, get thirty-six snipers here now.” The men scattered across the floor, and like that they went back to their normal work schedules. “Now how are we going about this plan,” Sampson asked quietly? “From going attack swift on the ground, flushing him out.” Sampson nodded slowly, “What will we do if he, you know, transforms so to speak?” “You’ll send me.” The voice boomed from behind us, and as we turned Iron started to smile. “Icicles, Isn’t this such a freeze.” Icicles smiled, “Indeed it is old friend.”
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