Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


5. Lock Me Up

“Come at me bitch” She screamed! I smirked a little before walking up to her, and our clashed together. To my surprise she didn’t go for my hair, but instead went for my hands. I broke free from her grasp, and struck her in the face twice making her fall to the ground. She looked up at me wiping the blood from the side of her mouth. “That’s all you got bitch!” She lunged at me tackling me to the ground, and I found that rather impressive. I kneed her in the gut one good time before she was snatched off me. I was met with the face of a police officer who didn’t look happy. He pulled me to my feet, and right when I thought the plan wasn’t working he cuffed me. 

“What the hell! That bitch started first” I yelled as we moved toward the police car. He pushed me inside, “Shut the hell up.” He slammed the door, “Good work babe. Now you just have to get to Moran.” Irons voice was deep and loud in my head. I nodded to myself going over how I was going to get him. The plan was that I let them lock me up, and then I melt the irons bars to get free. Then I can get Moran. The problem was that I would have to get caught on purpose. Couldn’t be too hard right. 

We arrived at the police station a few minutes after he picked me up. He stopped to get a doughnut, cliche, I know. He was a bad cop, and the car smelled horrible. He literally pushed into the station, and I quickly took in my surroundings. I located Moran, and he located me. He smiled slightly before I was pushed into the cell room. He took the cuffs off me and pushed me in, “Stupid drunk women.” I turned around slowly, “You’re such a jerk you know that?” He laughed, “This coming from a bar slut.” I could feel the heat building up inside of me, “You shouldn’t have done that.” My flames came on with force making him fly back into the wall, but it did do me a favor by knocking him out. 

I put my hands up in front of the bar, and they slowly started to melt. I stepped through slowly, “He’s in the conference area.”  I walked over to the next cell door, and watched as the bars fell to the ground. My heels made a clacking sound as I stepped forward, and as the guard saw me he pulled his gun. I grabbed his wrist twisting it making him drop the gun, and I hooked him in the jaw. He grabbed me by my hair forcing my head down as he hit me in my stomach. I twisted my body around letting it fall to the ground, and his fingers slipped from my hair. I got to my feet quickly and hit him right in the nuts. 

He fell to the ground clutching hard. “You should never hit a woman.” I turned and walked out into the now empty conference room, and there sat Moran. His eyes widened as I started to move toward him. “How in the hell did you get out” he asked in fear. Before I could step another foot closer red lights started to come all over my body. “Freeze!” I looked around to see a dozen swat men lined up around me. I looked at Moran and smiled slightly, “As you wish, but that wont stop me.” My flames came on, and I watched as they turned from red to green, and then to blue. “She’s a witch take her down!” I heard one of them scream. They opened fire, but not one bullet reached me. As they hit my flames they melted and the gunpowder exploded. 

I felt my feet leave the ground, and slowly I started to float over to Moran. I could hear the faint whispers coming from the soldiers as they cursed from their empty guns. I let my feet touch the ground, and I put my hand up in front of Moran freezing him. I turned on my heels as I heard someone else enter the room. “Hello General Morgan. How are you doing?” His eyes looked me up and down, “What do you want from us demon?” I put my hand on my chest, “Demon is such a harsh word. Were known as immortals.” “You still haven’t told me why you’re here!” I walked to the end of the table, “I am to offer you a deal. A deal for out alliance.” “Alliance for what” he asked walked toward me. My flames were still on and burning bright, so he stopped a little bit afterward.  

“For the war that is coming. A war that is supposed to wipe out all humans or enslave half. Moran was part of this plan.” He looked as if he was thinking, “ How can I trust you?” I smiled, “You can’t, but you can agree or disagree you’re funeral.” I let my flames die down, and held my hand out, “You in or out.” He took my hand, “I’m in” he responded. I smiled slowly before letting go of his hand, “Do me a favor.” I turned slowly, “What is it” he asked quickly. “Kill him” I said pointing at Moran. He nodded and a guard went up to his frozen body, and shot him in the head. “I smiled, “You wise decision.” He nodded, “Come to the pentagon tomorrow at noon.” I waved, “Gladly, I bring the man who offered this alliance.” “Who might that be” He asked crossing his arms. I smiled waving, “My husband.” I disappeared. 

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