Our Savior

Nora and Iron are true soul mates, but now they're being torn apart by fate. A war is coming to the world, one that revolves around them. A war that both humanity and the supernatural world are in. Humanity will have to fight along side the beings that they have been scared of all their lives. Iron and Nora will have to fight to stay together, or be torn apart by the man that they both trusted.


8. Let them Burn

Icicles was a new face that had saw, but he seemed cool. Iron had discussed the plan to the soldiers about a dozen times, and I knew he was getting pissed off too. “Look, you people are acting like fucking children” Iron screamed! That’s the first time I had heard Iron us that word, and I started backing away as he did. His dark hair started to grown longer, and blood started to form into a pool around his body. It gradually got bigger, and his wings burst out of his back. I ran up to his turning my flame on, and his head turned quickly. The cracks had gotten deeper, and more blood was coming out than ever before. They slowly began to close, and I turned my flame off. The blood that was on the floor reenter his body, and he pulled me up against his body. He looked up at the men in front of him, “Move out!” He took to the air, and so did Icicles. I watched as his body shifted into a crimson colored dragon. Iron wrapped his wings around us as he burst through the roof. Icicles followed after us, his roar sounding through the skies. I looked down to see the police cars leaving the area, and when I say it was a lot. It was a lot. “I have something I need you to do” he said tightening his grip on me. “What is it” I asked slowly. He looked down at me, “To flush him out, I’m going to need you to set his house on fire.” I smiled, “Of course, I will enjoy this. When we arrived at the house, the police were already there. They had cut off their lights and sirens so that the guards didn’t know that they were there. We landed in front of everything, but Icicles went on flying not making a sound. Iron grabbed my ass, “Do your thing babe.” I smiled and walked up a little. I turned my flame on, and concentrated. Each second that went by I got hotter and hotter, and soon my body started to feel it. Pain ran up my back, and I knew that Iron could feel it to. I could hear his breathing stop, but I knew I had to get enough flame to set the entire house on fire. I put my hands in front of me, and flames went all around the house. As I lowered my hands the entire house blew up, and from the top of the house emerged a red dragon. Icicles came down quickly tackling him to the ground. As they battled roars filled the air, and I barley noticed the guy coming toward me. As he swung at me my flames came back on, and his entire body burst out in flames. I fell to the ground in pain, and I could feel Iron’s worry. As much as he wanted to come to me, he had to fight. I tried to cut my flames off, but they wouldn’t go off. Pain was hitting my body hard, and then I felt arms wrap around me. The pain began to subside, “Calm down, it’ll make it go away. Let the pain go away.” Iron’s voice was so soothing, and his breath was so hot against my ear. I started to calm down, and as I started to lift up he moved back. I looked around to see that all the officers were on the ground, and paramedics were everywhere. I looked up at Iron, “Did those demons do this?” He nodded, “Yes they did, and who ever it was will be punished severely.” His eyes flashed black, and I smiled and kissed him. “We have a mole within us.”
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