Accidental Fall

Gemma has been told all her life of the fairytale romance of her mother and father.

She dreams of the exact same thing but know that doesn't happen in reality anymore.

Ignoring the wet floor sign one day, she slipped but instead of her face meeting the floor her face meets Hienz chest. The feign transfer from Germany.

Heinz has been told a whole different story of how is drunk aggressive dad beat his mum black and blue, that why they moved to Manchester from Berlin.

He dreams of a better life for him mum and his family and intends to keep away from girls so she doesn't turn out like his father.

But this little accidental fall changed everything for the both of them but change isn't always for the best.

One little fall can change everything !!!


3. T W O



So... Where do I actually begin? 

It's been a total of a week since the whole accident fall and not once have I been able to get Hienz out of my brain. He's there in my sleep, He sits next to me in some of my classes and happened to be now best buds with Yasmin all because of Nicole's party which like I said I wouldn't attend and happened to watch romantics films on Netflix all night. I honestly can't think of anything else to do but to completely stay away from him. But that can't happen unless I move to another country or continent. I roughly write notes for the English moc-exam next lesson and I feel a slight nudge of my elbow and I look up. Hienz deep hazelnut eyes look straight at me. Oh I forgot to mention I'm sat next to him right now! I lift my gaze slightly to him and his attention is focused on the board, his lips tightly pressed together in a line as his eyes dart from board to paper making sure he's getting everything down correctly. I stare at him a little longer before he turns in my direction, I quickly go back to writing note and continue to tell myself to behave and get on with my work. Final bell rings and I collect all my belonging and leave the classroom. "Miss Tanner" Miss Jackson called my name and I stopped in my tracks. 

"Yes miss" I smiled and stopped in front of her desk. Miss Jackson was the only teacher in this entire school that scared me half to death every time she called my name. 

"Yasmin has signed you up for the Winter ball, and you'll have to come up with a brilliant idea to make this winter ball better then last years disaster" she smiled and I groan. Right this is the massive downfall with being best buds with Yasmin. She decides to throw you into every school event going and I'm alway the one who has to come up with the best ideas which I do like always. 

"Okay when does it have to be in by?" I ask not really caring about the ball one single bit. 

"Next Monday" she replied and gave me the all clear to leave. That means i have the entire weekend to think of good enough idea and present it to the ball committee. I quickly pull out my phone and send Yasmin and very long and angry text message. I swear one day I'm going to kill that girl, it might be before she has the chance to attend that stupid ball. 

I storm toward my house as you know is only one block away and contemplate all the good and gruesome ways I could kill Yasmin. 'but you'd never do it though'. I arrive home and stomp my way to my room, I'd better get started on this stupid planning or is never get it done by Monday morning. I grab my sketch pad and draw the basic outlook of the sports hall and begin to ponder the many ideas that could be done for the winter ball... ERIKA that's it.... FROZEN... Everyone loves but me. I begin to jot down ideas then sketch them into the outlook of the sports hall. 

Suddenly and idea pops into my head why don't we have a fate dance and twelve lucky people from each gender will get to find the boy/girl of their dreams. I sketch a quick design of the fate dance bands and start on a prototype. 

Hours pass and before I know it I have twenty four different fate dance bands, one hundred and twenty various sized snowflakes, my presentation speech and my presentation board all ready for Monday. I check the time and quickly change into my pjs. I clamber into bed and snuggle down, I switch of my lap and close my eyes. His gorgeous hazel eyes appear in my mind and I drift off into a peaceful sleep. 

I stretch my arms and rubs my eyes, slowly opening to adjust to the beaming sun light in my room. Finally Saturday where I can relax and enjoy my free time off from school and Hienz. I skip over to my laptop and log it on. The school chat appears on my screen and pictures of me and Hienz kissing on the roof are all over it... 'What the hell is going on?' My phone buzzed causing my attention to break from the screen, I pressed answer and Yasmin's voice screamed through the phone "When was you going to tell me?" She asked quite angry. 

"Umm.... I don't know" I reply slightly scared by her tone. 

"Gemma... I'm your best friend and you weren't going to tell me!" She screamed into my ear.

"I'm sorry...okay if I'm honest I haven't even figured out what the hell it meant anyway" I explain and she calms down a bit. 

"When did it happen?" She asked and I took a deep breath and began to tell her everything. 
About twenty minutes later I finally finish telling her the story and she finally understood why I didn't tell her. 

"I wonder who took the pictures ?" She asked and I hummed in agreement. 

"I'm guessing Nicole... But I could always be Chris" 

"Why Chris, he's such a nice guy deep down" 

"You really need to stop hitting on him, he's no good at all" I say but she laughs and pretend like I'm speaking zebra. 

"Anyway got to go as Leo's back from uni for a week so I'll catch up later" 

"Okay, tell him welcome back from me" I smile and hang up. I scan through some the comments on the picture and I'm completely shocked to see that none of the are actually mean or horrible well expect from Nicole's.

Nicole146 : What is a total hottie like him kissing that nerdy, pathetic vermin... He can do better like for example 

I sigh heavily and crawl back into bed. I intend to sleep this entire weekend away so come Monday I can get this stupid presentation over with and prove to people that me and Hienz aren't a thing and I highly chance that we will ever be a thing if I'm honest we aren't even friends. I feel sleep consume my body and the warming feeling of comfort takes my into a wonderful dream. 

I wake up a few hours later to my phone buzzing on the desk. I scramble out of bed and answer it. "Hey Gemma" his German accent said through the speaker into my ear. 'Holy crap how did he get my number'.

"Hi... Who gave you my number?" I asked, knowing straight away who. 

"Yasmin.. I hope you don't mind ?" He asked I have a feeling he was smiling on the other side. 

"What if I did?" I asked a little curious. 

"I'd end the call and delete your number" he replied and I pulled a face like I was proud of his answer, strangely.

"I don't mind and what can I do for you today?" I asked and I could hear him sigh. 

"My little brother has a party at the bowling rink and I have no idea where in gods name it is... Soo could you meet me and so is to it?" He asked and I thought about it for a good few minutes, he has only been in Manchester for a couple of weeks so I'm guessing helping him out want be such a crime. 

"Sure, what time does the party start?" I asked, head to my wardrobe and pulling out my black skinny jean, black vest top and nirvana jumper. I pressed the speaker button and placed my phone down on the bed. 

"It starts at three so we should meet at two, thirty is you don't mind ?" He asked and I shimmered my way into my jeans. 

"Yeah that's fine... Meet me at Starbucks in town centre" I replied and fasten the button on my jeans. 

"The one next to Primark?" 


"Okay bye"

"Bye" I hung up and pulled the vest over my head. I shoved my jumper on, neaten my hair and applied a bit of eyeliner to my water line. I pulled on a pair of socks, then my creeper and fastened them tightly. Making sure I had my phone, cash and house keys, I left my room and headed down stairs. Quickly brushed my teeth in the downstairs bathroom, I head for the front door and left the house. I step to the edge of the curb and hailed for a taxi. A yellow and black cab pulled up in front me and I shuffled in. "Primark in town please Charles" I smiled and he nodded to me. I've know Charles since I was little he used to drive me everywhere with my mum and has been like a best friend to me even thought he's like seventy nine. 

I arrived at Primark and Paid Charles plus a ten pound tip like usual. I got out of the cab and closed the car door. I stood in front of Starbucks door for a bout two minutes before I decided to enter and order myself a hazelnut hot chocolate. I went to the counter and ordered my drink and paid. Scanning for empty booths, I chose one closest to the window so Hienz and his brother could see me waiting.  Taking small sips of my hot chocolate I watched patiently out the window for Hienz but there didn't seem to be no sign of him. 

An hour passed and I was sat in the same place on my second hot chocolate and still no sign, I guess they found their way to the bowling rink just fine. I stood up from the booth and headed toward the door. Pulling the door open I shimmered through the gap and took in the cold winter air. My cheeks instantly stung from the coldness and I pulled my jumper further down my arms. I took a few more glances in each direction and finally have up waiting. If he really wanted my help he'd be here by now but looks like it doesn't matter now, so I guess I can go home now and chill in a nice warm bath.  "GEMMA" his German accent called from the distance, I spin round and see Hienz running in my direction. 'Clique movie scene or what'. 

"Your late" I spoke and pulled he most unimpressed look I could think off. 

"I'm sorry, Bruno decide he no longer wanted to go" he explain and my expression softened. 

"Forgiven and I hate being made to wait" I snapped and I nodded taking in that information. 

"Well what now?" I ask and he shrugged his shoulders. 

"Want to hang out for a bit?" He asked and I pondered the answer and finally argeed. I started walking in the direction of the cinema as I really wanted to see the new Star Wars movie and I'd saved up all this weeks allowance to go. 

"Fancy seeing Star Wars?" I asked and Hienz mouth hit the floor.

"Your the first girl I know that like Star Wars" he says in disbelief and I giggle slightly. Wow I guess girls in Germany don't watch Star Wars which is lame. 

"Hahah come one" I laugh and take a hold of his hand and drag him to the counter. 

"Two for Star Wars in three D please" I ask the sales Clark and he types in the request.

"Anything else?" He asked and I nod. 

"Two pairs of glasses, two large sweet popcorn, two large cola's and one of each star wars cup please" I smile, "oh wait make that two of each Star Wars cup".

"That will be a total of forty seven pound and ninety eight pence please" the Clark says and I pay him straight up. The Clark gets my order and I hand Hienz his popcorn, drink, glasses, ticket and cups. We head to screen three and take our seats on row H, seat fourteen and thirteen. I started snacking on my popcorn and smiling at the screen wildly, I've been waiting for the movie since I found out it was coming out and now I finally get to see it. 

The adverts begin to play and my eyes eagerly watch the screen for the the start of every Star Wars film and music. When it hits the screen I gasp in happiness and stuff my popcorn into my mouth. I snatch a quick glance at Hienz and he's doing exactly the same as me.. 'Wow he's the male version of us'.  

After the movie ended, me and Hienz talked about everything to do with the movie all the up and the down even the part that made you speechless. We sat on the swings in Oyster Park and watched the day turn into night. "Thanks for the movie Gem" Hienz smiled and a grinned appeared on my face.

"Now problem, it's the least I could do as after all you've only just moved here really" I answered like it was no big deal when actually I preyed it could be some sort of date but I guess not.

"It was a cute date even though I should have paid" he laughed and I was rendered speechless... So he's classing it as a date does that mean I should too... Oh this is so confusing. I look at Hienz and he's staring at me and I can't help but blush. He leans his swing over and our noses brush against each other. 

"I really want to kiss you" his voice is hush and gentle. 

"Then do it" I reply and with that his lips connect with mine, his sweet tender lips guide mine so gracefully. His mouth opens slightly and the tip of his tongue brush against my lower lip, asking for entrance. I open my mouth slightly and his tongue soon invades my mouth sending sweet shivers down my spin. We pull away so I can catch my breath. 

"I like you Gemma" Hienz spoke between breaths. 

"I like you too Hienz" I reply.

I try to force myself not to smile but all that appears on my face is a huge and happy grin. I haven't stop being able to think about his words over and over again. "I like you Gemma". It's Monday morning and it's presentation day for my idea and I have a good feeling that there going to like it as I'm some what excited about this whole dance after all.  I wait patiently outside the boardroom. "Gem were ready for you know" Yasmin smiles and helps me with my presentation board. I pop it onto the stand and remove the cloth that covered it. They gasped and started chattering amongst themselves. "So this year I think the theme of the ball should Frozen seen as that's a huge hit lately and would make and awesome looking ball" I started and the scanned the board wildly. 

"And why do you think that?" Jack Orland spoke not looking impressed, I swear that guy hates every fibre in my body. 

"Why not ? It's a brilliant film that shows young girls that they don't need a guy to save them and they can be independent" I snap quite harshly. 

"Gem, please proceed" Yasmin spoke and I saw her boot Jacks leg under the table. 

"Also I had this amazing idea that maybe we should have a fate dance were twelve lucky members of our year can find the 'man/women of there high school dreams' by wearing these bands that contain a word to do with winter and there is two of each word and they have to find their partner." I continue and a smile beams on my face and I couldn't hide it. To be honest this is probably one of the best ideas I've ever had. The board begin to talk again and I waited patiently.

"And when will this fate dance be held ?" Asked Mason Rose, he's the head boy and has a huge crush on Yasmin but she pretends that he doesn't and they're just friends with a slight bit of benefits by that I mean making out now and again. 

"After the King and Queen of the winter ball dance" I reply and lower my head starting to realise how stupid this idea actually was. 

"I love it!" Yasmin yelled and stood up proudly," it one of the best ideas ever and let be honest a completely different change from the usual crap we thrown through these years. Let make this one a ball to remember and keep on this new tradition" 

"I agree this it the best idea I've heard, and last week ideas were completely shit, so I say lets go with it" Mason added.

"Let's put it to a vote" Jack abruptly butt in. 

"Fine.. Who votes to go with it ?" Yas spoke and counted the hands.

"Who doesn't raise you hands" Mason pipped in. 

"Ten to Two... Looks like you loose again Jack. This idea will sure make the year books" Yas yelled and ran and hugged me tightly. We began to jump and down in pure joy and I couldn't stop thanking them every second. I finally left the room and began to head to my locker. Biology is my second class so I collect my art books and head to the roof, I hope Hienz is there because I can't wait to tell him the good news. Maybe I could ask him to be my date... 'Silly idea the boy is supposed to ask the girl'. I open the roof door and see Hienz sat there with the gloomiest look on his such attractive face. "Hey" I smiled and took the seat next to him, he looked up for a second then soon looked back at his knees. 

"What's up Hienz?" I asked and he just shrugged his shoulders in reply. 

"C'mon you can tell me" I pushed him slightly with my shoulder which caused him to let a little giggle. 

"I was told that my dad had followed us to this country" he signed and run his huge hands through his hair. 

"Well I have some good news that might cheer you up?" I smile and he looks up and waits for me to continue.

"My idea was picked for the winter ball and I'm super happy about it and I can't believe they actually chose my idea" I practically sang with a huge smile on my face. 

"That's great Gem" he said and pulled me into a hug. I accidentally fell onto his lap because of his strength and I couldn't help but gaze into his gorgeous eyes. 'I'm getting tired of these accidental falls Gemma' I groan to myself and smile at Hienz. 

"I can't stop thinking about you?" His voice husky and cute. I blush and hide my face in his strong chest. He giggles slightly and lifts my head up to look at him. 

"Your so cute when you blush" he smiled and rubs my tomato red cheeks with his thumb which causes me the blush even more. 

"Do you always have this effect on girls?" I ask totally not wanting to know the answer. 

"Only the ones I like which haven't been many" he replies and I feel my heart ping with pain. 'So there's been others'. I start to feel this rage and jealousy scorch through my whole body. Why the hell am I seriously getting jealous over this its not like I'm going to be his firsts, he's way to hot for that.

"So how many has there been ?" I cautiously ask, not wanting to hurt or become even more jealous.

"Two, but they weren't anything special" he shrugged and I let out a huge breath that I didn't even think I was holding. 

"Well your my first everything so far" I say and begin to climb off his lap.

"Who said you can move ?" He asked jokingly and pulls me back onto his lap. I giggle slightly and get myself comfy. 

"What are we ?" 

"Hmmm. What do you want us to be Gem?" 

"I don't know it's just we've kissed three times and went on a date... Doesn't that sort of me we're dating ?" I mutter quickly. 

"I guess so but... Never mind" 


"It's nothing" 

"C'mon tell me"

"I promised... Myself that I wouldn't have a girlfriend or any type of physical relationship with a girl" he says, hanging his head in shame. 

"Oh..." I say and climb off of his lap, I grab my things and leave him sitting on the roof on his own. 'Once again you let your heart control us.. Silly girl'. I run down the stairs and into the abandoned girls toilets and slide down the door of one of the cubicle. The tears stream down face like a waterfall. Today was going so well for me and now he goes and fucks it all because he doesn't want no girlfriend or friendships with a girl... Let alone me. I lay down on the floor and curl up in ball so my back was pressed firmly against the cubicle door. I closed my tear filled eyes and let sleep take over me. 

I wake up to a quite filled cubicle and tear stained cheeks, bed hair well not really bed hair more like floor hair and a aching back from being curled up in a ball. I sit up and check the time.. "Holy mother of monkey nuts it's half past five" I sprint to my feet and out of the toilets but not forgetting my things. I marathon sprint down the three floors of stairs and out of the school main doors before the automatically lock. I continue to run till I reach my front door, panting and gasping for breath. Opening the door I see two police officers and my mum and dad frantically walking up and down the living room. Theirs eyes automatically look in my direction and my eyes fall to the ground. 'Way to go Gemma'. "Where have you been young lady?" My dads voice echoed through the whole house. 

"In the school library.. I feel asleep reading one of the calculus books" I smile weakly and his eyes scan me up and down.

"I see" he replies and looks at my mother for help. I pull my puppy dog eyes and they both instantly melt on the spot.

"Are you okay dear, we though you'd been kidnapped or something" her voice laced with worry and heartbreak. I walked over to her and gave her the worlds most tight hug of reassurance. 

"I'm perfectly fine other then a bit of neck ache from how I slept" I replied and pulled away so I could give my daddy a hug.

The police soon left after they heard my story of how I fell asleep, I apologised for misunderstanding and they went on their way. I apologised to my mum and dad too then went to my room. I shoved my phone on charge and ignore the twenty billion missed calls from Hienz and Yasmin. 'He must have told her'. It wouldn't surprise me there best buds now even though he told me that he didn't want to have any type of relationship with a girl so I guess Yasmin is an exception maybe he likes her instead of me. As that thought ran into my head, tears began to for in my eyes and the heartbreaking feel attached my chest once more. I logged my laptop on and scrolled thorough the school chat site, Nicole was bragging about her lame idea for the winter ball to only have Yasmin shut down saying they've already the idea bs that it's was going to be a surprise to the whole year when the ball arrived. I smiled at her comment and I continues to scroll through when I noticed Hienz name pop up in the chat randomly.

HienzCan anyone please get a hold of Gemma for me because she avoiding mine and Yasmin's calls!! 

I groan heavily and pick up my phone and hesitate to dial his number when my thumb click the dial button before my brain does. 'Great just great'. I press the phone to my ear and listen to it ringing when his voice echoes through my ears. "Gemma oh god are you okay?" He asks quickly and like he's been worried.

"Yes I'm fine" I say harshly. 

"I'm sorry about -" he start to say but I interrupt him before he can finish.

"Don't it's fine, I understand you don't want to have a relationship with me because you like Yasmin she's the only person you want to be friends with let alone in a proper relationship with... I'll leave you to have a great life together... Bye hienz" I speak before I hang up and turn my phone off completely. I slam the lid of my laptop shut and storm into bed. I sit and read my Jane Austen book but find it extremely hard to get into the story line with out wanting to scream at the pages "this is all wrong! He doesn't love you! He never will!". I feel like I'm having a break up but actually there was no type of relationship there anyway. Maybe this time my plan to avoid him will actually work and I won't have to deal with his antics anymore and Yasmin can have him all to herself as I never want to deal with boys, relationship or falling in love ever and I repeat ever again. I just don't get how Saturday was so perfect we went on an amazing date, had that spectacular kiss, sending each other cute messages and then today just doesn't make any sense as it went from brilliant to worse. One minutes he's telling me he likes me and how cute I am then the next he's telling me that he doesn't want no relationship with any girl but not the reason why?. 

I sit and watch the clock for hours pondering the same ideas over and over again in my head but it still doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Why can't things be so much simpler. I climb out of and bed and head to my bathroom, I open the door and strip out of my clothes. Turning on the hot water, I step into the shower and let the warm water wash every memory of him away and all the feeling I ever had toward trickle down the drain. I wash my body and hair then rinse it out before turning of the water and leaving the shower. I wrap the towel around my chest and head into my bedroom. Kicking the door open I gasp as I see the window wide open and hienz standing in front of my bed. "What the hell is going on?" I ask in pure defining shock. 

"I need to explain about what I said on the roof" he replied looking hurt and broken. I start to feel a tad guilty as I get the strong feeling I'm the one who caused it. 

"Why? You said what you needed to say, you don't want no type of relationship with me, I understand completely" i add tightening the towel around my chest, trying not to expose any part of my nakedness. 

"Please let me explain" he begs and I scowl for a minute and nod. 

"The reason why I didnt want any relationship is cause I didn't want to turn out like some sort of... Player who steals girls first and messes them about" he explains and I got the feeling that wasn't the truth. 

"So you want to have fun with girls but not have a relationship?" I sum up and he nods whilst looking down at the floor. "Well I'm out of the question then as I ain't giving nobody my virginity who doesn't sweep my off my feet" 

"I gathered that's why I said what I said" he smiles weakly and begins to head for the window. I look at the floor and sigh heavily. 

"It was nice while it lasted Gemma, it was great knowing you" he added before he jumped out of the window and ran down the yard. I kept my eyes on him for as long as possible till he was completely out of sight and I finally closed my window, making sure the latch was shut fully. I finally dried my almost dry body and got into my star wars pjs, I snuggled into bed and switched off the lap on my bedside table. I closed my and I sensed that this wouldn't be the last time Hienz climbed his way into my room late at night.

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