Accidental Fall

Gemma has been told all her life of the fairytale romance of her mother and father.

She dreams of the exact same thing but know that doesn't happen in reality anymore.

Ignoring the wet floor sign one day, she slipped but instead of her face meeting the floor her face meets Hienz chest. The feign transfer from Germany.

Heinz has been told a whole different story of how is drunk aggressive dad beat his mum black and blue, that why they moved to Manchester from Berlin.

He dreams of a better life for him mum and his family and intends to keep away from girls so she doesn't turn out like his father.

But this little accidental fall changed everything for the both of them but change isn't always for the best.

One little fall can change everything !!!


2. O N E



Daydreaming is a source of entertainment for me as it this only thing that get me through the school day and year. I'm currently in English Lit and Mr Carson is going on about analysing text, etcetera. I hear Yas gossiping to some people about Lynsey Dawson giving birth, before you ask Lynsey is our maths teacher but she preferred us to call her Lynsey not Mrs Dawson. "Hey Gem, have you heard there's a transfer joining today and guess who's showing him around ?" Yasmin asked, I shuck my head and continued to not pay attention.


"You that's who ?" She said and I turned my head so fast into her direction that I almost caused myself whiplash.

"Why me?" I stutter.

"Cause the head teacher said so" she smiled and I swear I could have punched her. Let me tell you a little thing about Yasmin Jackson she is my all time best friend, she's an A* student and is also head prefect which means she can suggest who ever she wants to show the new student around and guess who it always is ? Me.. That's right, ME! Every blooding time it's like I have 'Transfer tour guide' written on my forehead. I glare at Yasmin and her smile widens. "I love you Yas but I also hate you sometimes too" I smile and she giggles then huffs.

"What's that's supposed to mean?" She asked.

"That I love you and I hate you... Yas we have a love/hate relationship" I smiled and patted her shoulder. I turned my head back to the teacher who was stood right in front of our table glaring at me and Yasmin.

'Oh boy'

"Miss Jackson and Miss Tanner what do you think your doing ?" he bellowed.

"I - I..." I stammer. He looks at me with a sympathetic smile then glared at Yasmin.

"okay fine, I was informing Gemma that she is showing the transfer student around" she smiled and Sir just walked back to the front of the classroom and started a lecture about behaviour and talking while the teacher is talking.


Suddenly the classroom went quite while the announcement system started up and Mrs Middleton's voice boomed through the classroom. "Good morning students, Can Gemma Tanner please come to my office as I have a special job for you, That's all students" the system copied and I trudged out of the classroom with my bag and books. The Head teachers office happened to be on the top floor of the school and the school was a 3 story building which meant walking up 3 flights of stairs.


'Why can't this school be bloody smaller and yes I'm talking to myself inside my head'


I eventually managed to walk up all them stairs to the head teachers office. I knocked on the door and heard and stern "enter" coming from the other side of the door. I opened the door and walked into the pretty plan room, brown and white walls to be honest this room basically drained all your energy just being in here. "Good day Gemma, I'm guessing Yasmin told you what your job is again" she asked and I nodded, so she continued to speak. "So this is Hienz Eiffel, he's our German transfer student and I'd like you to show him around seen as you have the same classes due to Yasmin's advice. I hope you don't mind". I shake my head and smile weakly.


'I'm gonna kill her'


"No it's fine, Hienz I'm Gemma Tanner, I'll be showing you around" I said politely, holding out my hand in front out him waiting for him to turn round to shake it which didn't happen! He just got up and walked towards the door and turned to look at me.

"You coming then" he said in his German accent, I nodded and followed after him.

I started explaining the entire school to him showing him everything. He didn't look one ounce bothered about what I was talking about. I stopped and turned to him "Want me to show you something no one has ever seen except and my friend ?" I asked and He nodded so I held out my hand again but he walked along side of me which gave me a chance to look at his features properly.


'Short brown hair which compliment his eyes gorgeously'

'Cute button nose and pulp pinkish lips'

'Leather jacket with black top, skinny jeans and military style boots... So he's going for a bad boy look but it suits him very well'

'He's about 5'9 in height which is a few inches bigger then me'

'He all together a great looker and very handsome... Some one like Nicole Goodman would go for and he definitely  wouldn't go for me at all -'


I opened the roof door and followed behind Hienz as he walked up the stairs. I can see what Yasmin did  and it's not going to work. I opened the last door to the roof and watched Hienz mouth drop at the view. "How did you find this beautiful view?" He asked in his amazing accent.


"First year I got lost and ventures up the stairs and come across the roof, so it's been my thinking place ever since" I reply and walk to the barrier at the edge of the roof. Hienz followed and I could see him taking in the view. I looked at him and smiled when he's turned to face me and smiled back.

"If you don't mind me asking what brought you to Manchester of all places?" I asked without thinking.

"Germany didn't feel like home anymore and my mum wanted to move" he answers and I nodded in agreement.

"Well we better get to Art or Miss Taylor will flip" I giggled and he nodded. After that moment we didn't speak but walked into the classroom and took our separate seats at the other sides of the room. I would like to get to know him but he seems so closed up and hidden that I daren't... Maybe everything isn't perfect for the gorgeous German boy after all.


Half way through the class I hear Nicole whisper something to her little 'clones' as I call them about Hienz and how she'd love to get him to be her boyfriend. I diverted my eyes to Hienz and see him sketching away in his sketch pad and what I could see was that he's a quite good. I feel sorry for him because Nicole is going to turn him into a jerk if she gets her dirty little mits on him. I sigh heavily and continue to draw my butterfly picture in my sketch pad... I loved art and I loved English if I'm honest I'd love to be a graphic novelist when I leave school and go to college and university.


The dinner bell rings and everyone runs out of the classroom like the high school musical scene for summer holiday except it's  only dinner. I begin to pack my things when I seen Hienz still drawing, Maybe I should leave him or tell him it's dinner. I walk over to his desk and he looks up at me and closes his sketch pad. "The dinner bell just rang if you want to come to dinner with me ?" I asked and he just thought about it for a moment.


"I'll meet you in there I'd like to finish my drawing" his quite voice spoke, I agreed and left the classroom. I walked into the hall and caught Yasmin grabbing mine and her lunch like always. I sat on the empty table near the door and she placed my tray in front of her. I pulled out my purse and payed her. "So how was the new boy?" She immediately asked.

"Quite and very bad boy material, so Nicole is definitely gonna go after him" I say and dig into my cheesy chips.

"That's a shame cause I thought maybe you'd have a chance with him" she smiled and I instantly slapped her arm.

"Ouch... What was that for?" She moaned while rubbing her arm.

"For trying to set me up again" I snap harshly.

"I was looking out for you, you haven't had a boyfriend ever so I'd like to give you a helping hand" she smiled cheekily.

"What if I'm gay?" I say and she bursts out laughing.

"You gay is like Nicole being a nun" she added and I nod in agreement. I continue to eat my chips and chat about lessons and random topics like Nicole's major party coming up soon which I don't have an invite to but Yasmin does... Unfortunately... Joke I'd rather watch Netflix then attend that party.

Yasmin has this whole idea that because she's never seen me with a boyfriend instantly makes her my cupid to track boys down and help me get one which is not what I want. I'd rather be single and alone then have a boyfriend and not have the love at first sight romance like my mum and dad had. Ever since I was little my parents have told me about the magical movie like romance and I've dreamed of having the same yet it's never happened and I doubt it ever will. I like having myself to love and not having to buy gifts and meet the parents etcetera. Being single means no boyfriend drama and no arguments. Yes I'd like a boyfriend but I don't need one simple as !


I leave my tray on the table and wonder to the roof as my next class happened to be Biology which I absolutely hated. I opened the first roof door and started to walk up the stairs, I loved sitting on the roof and watching the time go by before my eyes. I don't know why but I felt safe on the roof like no one could hurt me or try to set me up with transfers. I reached the second door and opened it. The view was as breath taking as ever and the cool breeze gently moved strained of loose hair. I sat at my usual seat and pulled out my sketch pad, I flipped to the superhero I started to draw last biology lesson and, finished the outline. I grabbed my black marker and went around the outline, darkening areas I thought was needed. I heard the door open and my eyes darted to the direction of the roof door,  I noticed Hienz walking through and taking the seat next to me. "You were supposed to show me to Bio" his lovely German accent spoke.

"Oh I completely forgot" I gasp forgetting about him being in all my lessons.

"I guessed you'd be up here" he laughed half heartedly.

"I hate bio and I don't intend to pass it either" I smile and continue to draw.

"It's Gemma right?" He asked trying to remember my name.

"Yeah... Pretty simple to remember I guess" I shrugged and searched my bag for my colouring pencils. I felt my sketch pad lift off my legs and my eye follow it moving into Hienz's lap.

"Did you draw this?" He asked in disbelief, I nodded embarrassed about how crap it must look.

"The pretty awesome"


"Your welcome"

"If you don't mind me asking what was you drawing in class?" I asked without thinking.

"Oh that it was nothin just a doodle"

"You seemed pretty determined to finish it, so it couldn't be a doodle?"

"Can I see?" I ask, hoping to see the masterpiece he was working on.

"No.. It isn't finished yet"

"Oh sorry" I reply and divert my eyes back to my work. I begin to colour the costume of my superhero in purple as its my favourite colour.

"So how long you been in Manchester for?" His voice broke my concentration.

"Since I was five, mum go a promotion so we had to move, what about you?" I answered and continued to colour.

"About three weeks, everything still quite new to me and my brothers"

"Awe you have brother what are they called?" I smile wishing I had siblings but it sucks being an only child sometimes.

"Alvy, Geoff, Bruno and Fernando" he answered with a huge smile on his face. God he has such a beautiful smile, that lights up his face magically. I felt my heart beat wildly and my cheeks heat up. I could feel my breathing quicken in pace. 'Why the hell am I reacting like this ?' I heard Hienz clear his throat I realise that I was staring at him intensely. 'Oh shit' I turn my gaze to my watch and see its almost last period. I begin to pack my things when Hienz stands up and his pad accidentally falls out of his bag. I quickly gather some of the loose pages that fall but not before having a look at them. Wow ! He is so good. Everything looks so realistic and dramatic like it's going to fall off the page. I'm honestly lost for word at how to describe them but the one that catches my eye the most if one of a beautiful lady with long brown wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. She has similar features to Hienz. "Is that your mum?" I asked without thinking. 'Have to stop doing that'.

"Y-yes, she the reason why I draw" he answers and once again I'm lost for words.

"She's beautiful" I say as I hand him his drawing back"

"Thanks and I'll tell her that too" he smiled and left the roof, leaving me gobsmacked. I've never seen someone so talented at drawing then him. The image of his smile pops into my head and causes my heart to flutter. 'Someone likes the new boy' my inner me commented. I roll my eyes and grab my things before head to PE... Torture here I come !

I arrive home after the nurse sends me home from having the ball kick at my face by Nicole. My mum was sat in the living room with a chicken soup and hot chocolate waiting for me. "Are you feeling okay?" her sweet voice asks.
"Yeah a little" I lied only because I do feel better but the pain will never leave my brain. I grabbed my hot drink and soup and head up stairs. Mum and dad practically worked most of the time and I know that mum was only home cause I was sent home from school. I was my parents pride and joy so when I'm ill or injured one of them leaves work to make sure I get better and they take it in turn. I open my bedroom door and close it behind me. I place my food and drink onto my desk and open my laptop. I log on and scroll through tumblr which was always open. I quickly log onto the school chat site and see all the kids talking about hienz when I notice it in big bold letters... ' Guess who apparently shagged the new boy' I felt the vomit appear in my throat and I sprint to the bathroom and puke in the toilet. "God sake" I curse. I wipe my mouth and head back to my room. I hear a my ring tone play and I answered the phone. "Hello" I answer.
"Hi" Yasmin's voice boomed through the phone.
"What do you want?" I laughed and she giggled.
"I'm guessing you know about Heinz ?" She asked and I signed not again.
"Yep  that's not the reason why I left school, Nicole kicked the football into my face" I say while trying not to focus on the pain.
"Ouch... He's kinda cute but I guess IT got to him first" Yas spoke.
"Yep well I doubt any thing is good is going to come out of it but hey ho" I laughed and continued to scroll down tumblr. Me and Yasmin talked for hours about school and random stuff like who's shagging who and what's hot or not like usual. Me and Yasmin have been best mates for years and since I can remember we've been attached at hip. She likes my sister and I'd die if I ever lost her. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs so I say bye to Yasmin and pretend like I didn't hear anything.
A knock on my doors happens a second later after I put the phone down, my mum enters my room and gives my a confused look. "Dear is everything okay at school?" she asked and I gave her a confused look.

"Why wouldn't it be mum?" I asked and she looked dead set in my eyes and smiled.
"Its just I over heard your convocation with Yasmin and I heard something about a boy" She spoke and I being to blush instantly, great now my mum thinks I have a boyfriend dear lord.

"No mum there isn't any boy and Yas was giving me a heads up about showing the new guy around tomorrow" I lie and she nods, she lightly kisses my head and leaves my room. I never really understood why my mum was so persistent about the whole romance thing but I guess that because of her fairy-tale romance which her and father both remind me about every single day and I think that's also why I feel in love with English literature plus I love Jane Austen books. I logged off the chat site and onto Wattpad. I began to update my book and I couldn't help but let the words flow right through me. I've always wanted to become an author but never has the guts to sent my work to an actually publisher.


Time passes by and I finally realise that I've wrote over five thousand words, I end the chapter and publish it to Wattpad, I inform my followers that there is a new update and log off. I shut down my laptop and finish off my now cold soup, then leave my room for a nice shower. I striped off and hopped into the shower, well not literally or I'd probably slip and fall on my face. I turned the shower on and let the warm water wash over my body, I took my pink flannel and pomegranate shower gel and squirted the shower gel onto the flannel then ran it across my body, making sure every part of my body was covered in the soapy gel.  I stood under the water and watched it remove the bubbles from my body. I continued to wash my hair and relax my body a bit more. I can't believe I that actually happened today, I don't think I will ever remove that image from my mind and if I do it will be from a lot of therapy.  I turn off the water and step out of the shower, I grab my towel and quickly dry my body before I put my harry potter pjs on. I wrap the towel around my head and walk back to my room. I see my dad sat on my bed and I smile slightly. "hey daddy" I say running over and giving him a big hug.


"How are you feel now princess" he asked very concerned.  I told him how I felt a bit icky after and how my dinner must have made me be sick which was a total lie but I couldn't tell him that I still have a constant throbbing  pain in the side of me face that happened because of  school slag, he'd go mental. My dad pull out a bag and hands it to me, I open it to see the first ever addition of Pride and the Predigest, I scream and hug him extremely tight. I've never been the one for screaming but what can I say I love this book so much and wanted this edition for years.


Me and my dad talk for a bit more before mum shouts him down cause of a phone call, he kissed my head and leave my room. I get comfy on my bed and begin reading my new book even thought I've read it about millions of times and know it word for word. I opened the book to the first chapter and ran my hands along the page, I couldn't explain how much joy and happiness I was feeling but I knew that it wouldn't last long as school was again tomorrow and I knew that life would be pretty much the same. After a good few hours of reading my eyes started to become tired and strained, so I closed my book, turned off my lamp and snuggled up in bed for the night. I let sleep take over my body and soon found myself in a peaceful dream.


My alarm burst through my eardrums waking me up from a peaceful slumber. "Damn you alarm" I curse and slam my hand onto the snooze button. I rub my eyes and slowly sit up to see a tray filled with breakfast on my desk. I clamber out of bed and onto the seat, I noticed the letter and I opened it.


Dear Gemma,

Dad and I was called into work early so I made you breakfast and don't forget to lock the door when you leave for school because I don't want to come home to homeless people sleeping in my bed again like that holiday in spain. We love you and we'll see you after work.

love mum and dad x


I smiled at the letter and folded it back up. I began to eat my breakfast which contained toast, cereal and orange juice. I keep checking on the time to make sure I have enough time to check wattpad. I take my tray downstairs and sprint back upstairs to get dressed. I scan my wardrobe for something nice to wear and get dressed, I brush my hair and pull it up into a high ponytail. I check the time again "shit I haven't got time" I quickly grab my things then set off, I lock the door and head to school. Maybe just maybe today might be a good day after all.


I arrived at school in no time at all because guess what... I live a total of a block away from it. My parents wanted me to have the best attendance so they moved as close as they could to the school. I head to my locker and twist the dial to my locker combo, I take out my Calculus books and note pad before slamming the locker door shut. I felt a strong urge to pee and I sprinted to the bathroom ignoring the wet floor sigh totally. My feet suddenly become uncontrollable as slipped on an extremely wet part of the floor. 'Stupid no grip ballet pumps' I felt my body dance through the air as I continued to fall forward. My lips soon crash into a soft plump object as my body crashes against a soft landing. My eyes shoot open as I realise that I've landed on top of somebody and our lips are connected. I shoot away to look who it is and I gasp in pure shock. 'SHIT!' My cheeks heat up instantly and I bury my head into my knees. "Gemma are you okay?" His German accent asks.

"Uhhhh... yeah are you ?" I ask trying not to sound completely horrified.

"Um... A little shocked but I'm good, let me help you up" he says holding out his hands and I hesitantly take them and he slowly pulls me up onto my feet. My eyes stuck to the floor, the need to pee disappears as the feeling of total embarrassment corrupts my body. 'You idiot'.

"I'm sorry for.. Falling into you and ... Kissing you by mistake" I stammer the whole sentence out.

"It's fine... Weirder things have happened?" He laughs and I slowly look up at him.


"Nope but theirs a first time for everything"

"I better get going " I say abruptly and grab my things before running in the direction of the roof. God dammit how could I have been so stupid !!! I should have been more careful let alone look out to who your going to bump into !!!

I reach the roof in record time and I walk to the railing and take deep breaths... "That was my first kiss" I say out loud.

"And I wasn't even romantic"

"Or with someone I love"

'But you do like him'

"What am I going to do?"

"I can't face him no more"

"It's way to embarrassing" I sigh and hang my head in even more shame them before.

"He's never going to talk to me again... Not after that stupid accident"

"Yeah I will" his voice catches me off guard and I turn in his direction. His facial expressions are blank and his eyes are... Full of lust. 'Why though?' He walks towards me and places a hand onto my cheek.

"Am I really your first kiss?" He ask and my eyes look away. My heart begins to pound against my chest hard like it's going to break through my rib cage and escape.

".... Yes" I finally answer.

"Why are you embarrassed?" His smiles, making me blush.

"Cause... It wasn't meant to happen that way... It was... I don't know... I guess I'm... Scared... You'll not see me the same... Not like you know me fully" I ramble. His face slowly moves toward mine and his lips capture mine instantly, my eyes flutter to a close. He guides my lips along with his as his hand stays attached to my cheek. We break soon after and I pant for air instantly, I press my hand against my chest and feel how fast it's racing.

"I-I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that?" Hienz stuttered and quickly stepped back away from me. We stood there in silence for about a few minutes neither of us wanting to speak about what just happened a moment ago.

"I - uh - better get to class" I say collecting my things and leaving the roof top. I headed to the door and tried my hardest to forget about what just happened how magically the kiss was.

'That the kiss your parents talked about'

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