The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part One

This is my first attempt at writing crime fiction. The title is sort of my homage to my favourite television series, "Murder, She Wrote", as well as a reference to the Chinese version of the vampire, geong si. Third place winner in The Vampire Diaries competition (2016)


1. Preface

Looking down at the corpse beneath me, I was filled with nothing but revulsion.  He was such a pathetic man, and an even more pathetic lover.

In life, I had been a wealthy merchant’s daughter and one of the prettiest girls in the town.  I had also been a kind and clever person, and I was able to see things that other people couldn’t; for all the good that did me.  My life was forever changed the night I was attacked.  I rose from my beneath my death shroud because my parents hadn’t buried me quickly enough.  I thought they would have observed the burial traditions for the sake of their only child.  But it seems that was not the case.

After that I wandered through the years as the world changed around me while I stayed the same.  I found that I could move in daylight as long as I spent enough time in moonlight.

I began seeking out men like the ones that attacked me.  I would seduce them, and then I would exterminate them.  Men like that don’t deserve to live!

Then every so often I find a copy of me exists.  There is only one of me!  They should not exist!

I would watch them and then cut exterminate them, too.  And suddenly she appears.  She too looks much like I did when I did so long ago; young and beautiful, with touch of “otherness” about her.  And she has everything that I should have had in life including a loving family that would likely make sure they buried her quickly if she were to die. I took her beau from her but it seems she didn’t truly feel for him in the first place as she quickly found someone else to love her completely.

She found the kind of love that I never had the chance to find in life!  The very thought of it made my eyes burn and my teeth and nails ache.  Why should she get what I didn’t?  She will pay.  Oh, yes…she will pay dearly!

The thought of having her blood dripping from my nails filled me with glee.

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