The Corpse Hopped at Midnight: Part One

This is my first attempt at writing crime fiction. The title is sort of my homage to my favourite television series, "Murder, She Wrote", as well as a reference to the Chinese version of the vampire, geong si. Third place winner in The Vampire Diaries competition (2016)


5. How the story will continue

As the competition will be ending very soon, I do not feel that I will be able to finish this story in time so instead I shall tell how the story will continue.  I will still continue writing the story in another movella, so there is also that to look forward to.


Following the medical examiner’s discoveries, Cheung (trying to ignore the supernatural implications of the case, saying that he is jumping to conclusions) and Lam question the rest of the witnesses.  Cheung discovers from a friend of the victim that he had been confronted on his philandering ways by his girlfriend at the time, Lau, Sou-Zing.

Cheung and Lam question Sou-Zing who admits to still being angry and bitter with Yeung (the victim) but she is much happier in the new relationship that she is in, but she has an alibi for the time of the murder; she had been out to dinner with her family.  She also gives the name of her current boyfriend, which Cheung knows very well; Yueh, Ngaan-Chong, a nine-hundred year-old wulei-jing (fox spirit).  Sou-Zing shows them photographs she took of the victim with the “other woman” who matches descriptions of the woman that the victim’s friends had seen him with.

Now no longer able to deny that the case is supernatural Cheung pays a visit to Ngaan-Chong who is currently a medical student.  Cheung is distrusting of Ngaan-Chong and questions his involvement with Lau Sou-Zing.  The fox admits to a genuine affection for her and has intentions to marry her.  Mollified by this, Cheung informs him about the case, and Ngaan-Chong suggests several creatures but also cautions him about getting too deeply involved in the case.

Dr Hu calls Cheung and Lam to the morgue after receiving a shock; the victim’s body suddenly came back to life!  Only the victim had suddenly developed long razor sharp fingernails, sharp teeth and glowing eyes.  Thanks to his assistant’s quick thinking, they managed to render the corpse inert.  At first, Lam doesn’t believe until after viewing a security camera recording outside the morgue doors, where the moving corpse almost escaped.

Due to this incident, Cheung concludes that the murder itself is strongly linked to a geong si (“hopping, or stiff corpse”), which come into being after a person dies a violent death or due to not being buried quick enough.  Cheung informs his superintendent and is asked to keep the investigation quiet.

Concerned about her relationship with Ngaan-Chong, Cheung meets Sou-Zing under the guise of speaking about his son’s progress in English at school.  He tries to warn her away from the fox spirit and suggests perhaps having a relationship with a normal human, but she tells him that she has been able to see spirits since she was a teenager which made having relationships hard for her.  Cheung later thinks that her links to the occult are possibly what got the victim killed.

Guan Gong, the patron deity of the Hong Kong police force, appears to Cheung and points him to a series of murders over several decades with the same modus operandi.  After going through old case files, Cheung realises that Sou-Zing is the geong si’s next victim and warns Sou-Zing.  She goes to stay with Ngaan-Chong who can better protect her.

In the meantime, Cheung and Lam frantically search for the geong si’s identity.  Remembering certain items that he’d seen in the victim’s apartment, Cheung discovers that she lives in an expensive apartment in Hong Hum.  A hair found on the victim was concluded to have belonged to a female of East Asian origin, but age was inconclusive.  The hair also matched hair found in the other murder cases.  This connection is grounds for a warrant, which is quickly granted.

Lam, who has been researching geong si since the victim’s corpse came to life, suggests the last resort of burning her should she be extremely hostile which Cheung agrees to.  Lam leads the raid on the geong si’s apartment, while Cheung hangs back with a back-up team in case she tries to escape.  She isn’t at home, but the police find photographs of Sou-Zing, many of which have been defaced and scribbled on with red pen.

The geong si returns to her apartment, angered by something.  At first she looks like a normal human, only a little paler; but then she morphs into her supernatural form, blue tinged skin, glowing eyes with sharp claws and teeth.  Bullets have virtually no effect on the geong si so Cheung lights her on fire using his cigarette lighter and a can of hairspray.  She burns down to a crisp.

Afterwards Cheung is informed by Sou-Zing’s cousin, Li, Heung-Lin, that the geong si had earlier kidnapped Sou-Zing who was now the hospital.  Cheung visits her and asks her to recount her day.  She tells him about an interactions with a green snake spirit who believes her to be the reincarnation or descendent of Lady White, a white snake spirit from Chinese folklore.  Shortly after that she was kidnapped by the geong si.  Sou-Zing also tells Cheung about a dream that she had while she was recovering that told her of the geong si’s origins.

While Cheung and Lam are wrapping up the case and boxing everything, the victim unexpectedly rises again as a geong si and walks out of the morgue.


The story will be a lot more detailed than this, and some things may change as I write, but this is how my idea has decided to turn out so far.

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