A Sweet escape

It starts off as Josh and Emma just starting to talk to each other, flirting, and eventually going out. It took them long enough that Katie got a boyfriend. While on one of their dates Autumn calls Emma and tells her she has to get her butt home, like pronto. Autumn said she had bad news, and that she wasn't gonna say something like it on the phone. When Emma got to her house, Josh had given her a ride, and walked through the door she saw that everybody had either angered or sad faces. No, not sad, devastated. She asked what happened and that’s when she found out that Katie was found dead after Softball practice. Emma and the rest of her friends set out to find her killer. (The killer turns out to be Lizzy. The guy she cheated on Josh with chose Katie over her so she has a jealous self centered fit and kills Katie to get what she wants.)


8. Chapter 8



I go to my locker and switch my things from chemistry, after my class is over with, it went by fast because all I was thinking about was what I was going to say to Emma during lunch today, I go to my locker and grab my geometry things. While in geometry I write down a poem for Emma, and ask my friends to help me set up a little stage area so I can read it to Emma at lunch.

The stage is set up now and I go up there.


Oh. My. Sweet baby Jesus! I just read it and everybody is either staring at me or staring at Emma. My adrenalin is skyrocketing, and the only face I see is hers. I watch as her face goes from anger, to shock, then to awe and general surprise. A few minutes go by and i’m just waiting for her answer. I wonder what she will say, i'm pretty sure shes gonna say yes.

“Um…………….YES!!!” she said  

I  run off the stage and hug her. “Thank you for not giving up on me, I promise you won’t regret it. Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?” I say enthusiasm.

“I would love to go on a date with you Josh” She said

“I’ll pick you up around 8, dress casual.” I said

She said yes! She said yes! She said yes! Oh, my gosh! She said yes! I go to my locker and avoid the looks of pure jealousy from the guys. That is all I can think about during english, her saying yes. She sits right in front of me so she’s all I see… geez I’m so sappy.

“Josh,” I hear Mr. Fritz say. “Quit daydreaming and pay attention!”

“Yes sir,” I say, my face going red. I can hear other people laugh and giggle about it. Fine, let them do that, I think, I got the girl I want. I’m sure they know what I was staring at. I need to figure out where we are going for our first date tonight. The rest of the day passed by quickly and as I stopped at my locker I see Emma going to her locker and get her stuff to go home. I walk up with her and I walk her to my car so I can drop her off and spend more time with her before 8, so I could get to know her more and it will be easier to figure out a place to go out.

While I drive her home we kinda talk every once in awhile, she invites me into her house. For the next couple of hours we get to know each other, I look at the clock I notice it's 7:30 so I tell her that I have to go home and change and be back to pick her up for dinner and a movie and I tell her that she can pick out the movie. We go to a diner called Sally’s Diner. I order the mozzarella bacon burger, fries and a mint shake. Emma ordered chicken tenders, fries and a strawberry shake.

“How’s your burger Josh?”

“Good, how is your chicken tenders?”


“So tell me about yourself Emma”

“What do you want to know about me, i’m an open book”

“Not to me you aren't, I have trouble figuring you out.”

“What’s your dream car?”

“I don’t have a dream car , I have a dream motorcycle. I want my motorcycle to be black and red stripes and an American flag on the motor on the left side and on the right side I want a picture of an eagle flying away into the sky. So what is your dream car like?” Emma asked

“My dream car is a black and blue camaro with stripes and some flames on the hood and the sides of the car. It’s a nice car, very fast, and it's my favorite color.”

“Very cool.”

We finish off our food and get dessert I get the molten lava cake and Emma gets the same thing. We finish off our dessert and I pay the bill and help Emma put on her jacket. We walk out to my vehicle.

I drive to the theaters and I walk over to Emma’s side of the car and help her out and I grab her hand on our way into the theater, I asked Emma “So what do you want to see?”

“Um….how about A Road Without An End?”

“Sure that sounds good.”

    We grab our tickets and walk to the theater and find our seats. During the movie I grab her hand and she doesn’t seem to mind, I can’t concentrate on the movie only on her. When the movie was over with we left theater and headed to my car, in my car we started to ask questions to get to know each other again.

Too soon I pull up to her house and walk her to her door. I’m tempted to kiss her but I don’t think she’ll want me to kiss her on the first but again she shocked me when she said “Aren’t you going to kiss me goodnight Josh?”

“I didn’t know if you wanted me to kiss you on the first date or not.”

“Oh, well are you going to or just say goodnight to me?”

“I think I’m gonna kiss you.”


I lean into kiss her and see her leaning into kiss me and then I see a light behind me pulling up. I look behind me and find out it’s her dad pulling into the drive.

“I don’t want to kiss you in front of your dad besides I gotta get him to like me first not just him seeing me kiss you.” I lean in a kiss her cheek. I then turn around and get ready to meet her dad. He walk up and says “ Hi, I’m  Emma’s dad Kevin.”

“Hi, I’m Emma’s friend Josh, I was just dropping her off. So I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, thanks for tonight Josh i’ll see you tomorrow in the morning right?”

“Yeah, I’ll pick you up around 6:40-ish is that okay?”

“Yea, that’s fine I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I get into my car and drive home,  I go up to my room and turn on my music and lay on my bed finishing up my homework and when that’s done I start reading some of my books. Around 10 o’clock I get ready for bed and brush my teeth and hop in bed. Sleep can’t seem to find me because my head keeps playing over my date with Emma and how I badly wanted to kiss her and then her dad shows up. I soon drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.

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