A Sweet escape

It starts off as Josh and Emma just starting to talk to each other, flirting, and eventually going out. It took them long enough that Katie got a boyfriend. While on one of their dates Autumn calls Emma and tells her she has to get her butt home, like pronto. Autumn said she had bad news, and that she wasn't gonna say something like it on the phone. When Emma got to her house, Josh had given her a ride, and walked through the door she saw that everybody had either angered or sad faces. No, not sad, devastated. She asked what happened and that’s when she found out that Katie was found dead after Softball practice. Emma and the rest of her friends set out to find her killer. (The killer turns out to be Lizzy. The guy she cheated on Josh with chose Katie over her so she has a jealous self centered fit and kills Katie to get what she wants.)


7. Chapter 7



    When I get into school, I go to my locker and put my book bag away then go to Mechanics. On the way I see Katie and I stop to talk to her.

    “Hey Katie, how are you?” I asked

    “Good, Em. How about you?”

    “I’m good, thanks.”

“Soooo… I saw you get out of Josh’s car this morning…”

    “Yeah, so? He gave me a ride this morning.” I said

    “Emma, do you think Josh realizes you like him or not yet?”

    “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think he even notices me. Why would he, he’s way out of my league anyway so what's the point?”

As Katie and I turn to go to mechanics I see Josh blushing and thinking thoughtfully. I can’t help but be a little jealous. Some other girl probably made him blush like that, I still wonder why he gave me a ride this morning. Autumn saw me get out of his car and practically squealed with delight. Autumn hasn’t been this excited since Nick asked her out, I had to hurry to hush her up. I hope she hasn’t told Katie, though Katie would have demanded that I tell her what all had happened. She hasn’t done that yet. I guess I’m in the clear for now.

    In mechanics we are making a small models of a motorcycle. I know motorcycles like the back of my hand, so this assignment is really easy for me.

    In geometry I snuck a glance at him, he was staring at me. I felt my cheeks grow hot as I looked away. We are reviewing what we did last year, boring as it was I had to concentrate, Josh was in this class and it would be difficult enough without him. When the bell rang for seminar, I grabbed my things and went to my locker. As I started to walk to Mrs. Richards room, Josh came up and walked with me.

    “Hey Josh, how are you today?”

“I’m good, how are you beautiful?”

I blush and answered “I’m fine, thanks.”

“No problem. So how is it coming with your crush?” he asked

“Um..it's coming fine, I’m thinking about giving up though.”

“Why? He might still come sweep you off your feet.”

“He doesn't even know that I like him, so what’s the point of waiting for him when he doesn't know I like him?”

“So tell him, you might be surprised if he feels the same.”

“How could he feel the same? I’m not beautiful! I’m just a plain girl like everyone else! There is no point, he doesn’t like me! I’m never going to have a shot. He probably likes some girl that is beautiful, smart, athletic, and just nothing like me,” I was getting frustrated now.

“He likes you, I think I know enough about you to know that he likes you, anybody sensible would,” he said.

“How would you know that some guy likes me? Have you been talking to him about me? If he likes me then he should ask me himself, instead of getting it from you!”

I just left him in to doorway, as I go to my seat and get started on my homework. During seminar I see Josh staring at me. I feel bad about what I said to him, and I plan to apologize to him after seminar. The bell rings pulling me from my thoughts. I get up and walk to Josh so I can apologize.

    “Hey Josh, I’m really sorry about what I said to you, I hope you can forgive me.”

    “I’m sorry too Emma, I hope you can forgive me enough and talk to me after lunch and say yes.”

    “Say yes to what?”

    “Oh….look at the time I gotta go. See you at lunch Emma.”

    “Um….ok? I’ll see you at lunch then.”

I walk into the lunch room and see Cole, Katie, Autumn and Nick standing in line to I go stand in line with them. While standing in line I see some people setting some kind of stage up, I wonder what it’s for. As i’m waiting in line I see Josh on stage and he gets a microphone and starts, talking. He’s probably talking about the girl he likes. I hear him saying this


“She’s beautiful,

she’s not plain.

If I have to, I’ll tell

her again and again.


She’s smart,

she’s on the honor roll.

Believe me,

she’s my only goal.


She’s athletic,

she won the race.

I didn't think she liked me,

so I gave up the chase.

She’s everything

I want her to be.

Emma will you go to

Homecoming with me?”


    Everybody starts to stare at me. Oh. My. God! I freeze. I know for a fact that my face is scarlet red, I can feel it burning.

I think about it for a couple of minutes and say “Um…..…….YES!!!  

Josh runs off the stage and hugs me and says “Thank you for not giving up on me, I promise you won’t regret it.”

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