A Sweet escape

It starts off as Josh and Emma just starting to talk to each other, flirting, and eventually going out. It took them long enough that Katie got a boyfriend. While on one of their dates Autumn calls Emma and tells her she has to get her butt home, like pronto. Autumn said she had bad news, and that she wasn't gonna say something like it on the phone. When Emma got to her house, Josh had given her a ride, and walked through the door she saw that everybody had either angered or sad faces. No, not sad, devastated. She asked what happened and that’s when she found out that Katie was found dead after Softball practice. Emma and the rest of her friends set out to find her killer. (The killer turns out to be Lizzy. The guy she cheated on Josh with chose Katie over her so she has a jealous self centered fit and kills Katie to get what she wants.)


16. Chapter 16



When we get there I head to the bathroom, when I come back she hands me my ticket,  but I say that I’m buying the drinks and snacks. We get a large popcorn to share and two cokes and walk to the theater and find our seats. We get there a little early and there’s not a lot of people in there to begin with so we can choose what seats we want to sit in. We end up sitting to the side of the stairs where there’s only two seats in that row.


We just chat about some new things coming up while the previews are on. When the previews are done we move in closer to each other and watch the movie. I start to play with my girls hair and she looks up at me from her spot on my chest and she smiles slowly back at me and leans in to kiss me I Think, I Lean in also when our lips almost touch the lights come on in the theater signaling its the end of the movie I lean back and sit up to grab our things to leave we hold hands out on the way to my car and listen to country music on the way back to her house.


I get out and open the door for her.

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

I close the door behind her and walk her door pull her in and kiss her then I walk to my car door, open the door and get in my car. I wait until she is inside then drive home. On my way home I Think about our date and how well it turned out and the kiss we shared on the porch of her house. I get into the drive to my house and get out of my car and walk to the front door. When I turn around I see my mother watching t.v in the living room and I try to sneak past her with no luck.

“How was your date?”

“Um..it was good.”

“What did you guys do?”

“We went to dinner and saw a movie.”

“Oh well that's good I hope you had a good time.”

“Yea I did it was great.”

She goes back to watching t.v and I walk up to my room. I lay in bed after my shower and think about how the date went. Was it good? Did she have a good time? What do I say to her? Will she still want to be with me? These pass threw my head until I fall asleep thinking about them. When I wake up I get dressed and text my girl real quick.

Hey, do you wanna ride with me today?

She replies a minute later.

Sure, can you pick me up in 10?

Yea I’ll be there soon.

Ok I’ll see you then.


I grab my stuff and walk out the door. When I Get to her house I see her outside wearing some jeans that hugs her hips and a cute graphic tank top that’s blue and green.  She walks to my car and gets in.

“How are you?”

“I’m good, how are you?”


The rest of the drive to school was quiet with a little background music. When we got to the school, I get out of my side and walk over to open the door for Emma. She thanks me and kisses me on the cheek and grabs my hand when we walk to the school entrance. We stop at our lockers and grab our things for our classes and I walk her to mechanics telling her i’ll be back after class I kiss her on the cheek and head of to Chemistry. In chemistry we are doing a couple labs with our table partners, we have to make a homemade snowflake in class and

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