A Sweet escape

It starts off as Josh and Emma just starting to talk to each other, flirting, and eventually going out. It took them long enough that Katie got a boyfriend. While on one of their dates Autumn calls Emma and tells her she has to get her butt home, like pronto. Autumn said she had bad news, and that she wasn't gonna say something like it on the phone. When Emma got to her house, Josh had given her a ride, and walked through the door she saw that everybody had either angered or sad faces. No, not sad, devastated. She asked what happened and that’s when she found out that Katie was found dead after Softball practice. Emma and the rest of her friends set out to find her killer. (The killer turns out to be Lizzy. The guy she cheated on Josh with chose Katie over her so she has a jealous self centered fit and kills Katie to get what she wants.)


11. Chapter 11



We won playing flag football in gym and I think Josh noticed my tattoo because he looked confused for a second, then he had a confused look on his face. After the game some of the people in the class that didn’t carry a water bottle with them went to go get a drink. I always have mine and Cole had his today so we sat there and drank our water in silence.

“So, you and Josh are finally together, huh?” he said breaking the silence.

“Yeah, are you just noticing?” I responded, jokingly.

“No… But for the past few weeks you seem happier. As long as you’re happy I’m fine with it.”

“And if I wasn’t?”

“I’d have to punch him in the face.”

“On that cheery note,” I say laughing. “We won!”

“Yeah, I’m surprised.

“So what are your plans for the weekend coming? Anything fun?”

“Nah, just sitting at home and doing some homework done and thinking about going out on a date with Jaime. What are you doing this weekend?”

“Oh, that’s great, I hope you have a good time and a good weekend. I’m just going to sit at home maybe go shopping for some more books.”

“Thanks you too.”

I walk to the locker room and get changed and while changing I hear some other girls getting done with a different gym class and I hear them talking about me and Josh.

    “What is Josh doing going out with Emma like that?”

    “I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing, she nothing special or pretty she’s just a plain normal girl.”

    “I don’t know but I’m gonna fix that real quick.”

    “Why what are you going to do?”

    “I‘m going to fling myself at Josh while Emma’s there and say some things about him.”

    “Oooh, how evil of you.”

    “Yeah, we should get out of here before someone comes in and hears us.”


They walk out of the gym and I finish getting dressed and walk out of the gym and when I do I see Josh waiting for me. I walk over to him and we walk together to our lockers to grab our things and as soon as I turn around to wait for Josh I see this girl come up and leans on him and whispers in her ear, I notice his face it's filled with disgust and hatred. He pushes her off and says to her that he is taken and does not want anything to do with her and for her to never say or go near him again.

He walks over to me and takes my hand and we walk out of the school together. He walks me to the his car and opens to door for me once I get in he shuts the door and walks to the other side and starts the car.    

“Sorry about that,” Josh said in the car.

“It’s okay. You told her off, and I knew she was gonna do it,” I responded.

“What? How? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I went into the locker room and I heard her talking about it with some other girl.”

“Why didn’t you tell me,” he asked again.

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know how to say it. Because I was insecure enough to think you’d flirt back, I know you wouldn’t but yeah. I didn’t tell you because I…. I thought I didn’t deserve you… I’m a nobody, i’m not pretty like the other girls at our school, I just don’t know why you would go for me…. ” My voice and words trail off, ending in a higher pitch than I’d like.

“Well, I guess, if that’s how you feel…,” Josh started.

“I don’t feel like that now!!”

“Well you shouldn’t have, not like that at least.”

The rest of the ride was silent except for our breathing. When we got to my house he asked me.      “So what does your tattoo mean?”

    “My mom died when I was young so I got it to show that she was in my heart forever.”

    “That’s very nice.”

I then grab my stuff and thank Josh for the ride and turn to get out when I hear Josh get out of the car and he grabs my arm and turns me so that I'm facing him. He grabs my chin lightly, he looks into my eyes and then to my lips as if he's asking permission, I give him a small nod and he starts to lean in, then I hear a horn honk behind Josh. Ugh that's the third time. Josh and I decide to ignore it and he continues to lean in when the horn honks longer this time, we pull away from each other and Josh tells me that it's his friend and he goes over to his friends and tell them to go and that he'll be at his house in a minute. He turns around and says "This time no one is gonna stop me from kissing you right now." We lean into each other and just when your lips touch it starts to downpour on us, but I don't think Josh cares about the rain and just kisses me, our mouths move in sync with each other's like they were made for each other. After a minute or two we pull away from each other and Josh looks into my eyes and I say " Wow."

"Yeah, wow is right."

Josh tells me to go inside so I don't get sick, and he goes to get into his car, and he drives away. The rest of the night passes by like a blur, soon I'm crawling into bed and closing my eyes, sleep finds me quickly.


I say good bye and walk inside. I do my usually routine which is get my homework done and start working on dinner for my dad and I. He comes home around 5:30. He eats dinner, thanks me for it then goes to watch the game on. I go up to my room and start to read one of my many books once again I get lost in its pages, I get ready and hop into bed and set my alarm for tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.

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