A Sweet escape

It starts off as Josh and Emma just starting to talk to each other, flirting, and eventually going out. It took them long enough that Katie got a boyfriend. While on one of their dates Autumn calls Emma and tells her she has to get her butt home, like pronto. Autumn said she had bad news, and that she wasn't gonna say something like it on the phone. When Emma got to her house, Josh had given her a ride, and walked through the door she saw that everybody had either angered or sad faces. No, not sad, devastated. She asked what happened and that’s when she found out that Katie was found dead after Softball practice. Emma and the rest of her friends set out to find her killer. (The killer turns out to be Lizzy. The guy she cheated on Josh with chose Katie over her so she has a jealous self centered fit and kills Katie to get what she wants.)


1. Chapter 1



My name is Emma, I’m 15 years old and this is the story of what happened on August 19, 1998. We live in a small town in Texas called Blessing with 927 other people. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. My story starts like everyone else's. Today is my birthday and the first day of school. I miss summer already. I’m turning 16 and this is the day my life changed.

I hear my alarm going off, I get up and see that it’s 6:30 on monday. I get up take a shower, brush my hair, eat breakfast and brush my teeth before walking out the door and walk to the bus stop. Everyone else in my class has a car but me, so I have to ride with the younger kids on the bus. When I step off the bus I see the guy that I have liked for 3 years now and I can’t get the courage to ask him if he likes me too. His name is Josh. He has dark brown hair cropped short, his eyes are the color of the sky. He’s currently dating the most popular girl in school Lizzy last time I checked, she's blonde, tall, grey eyes and she wears the top clothing line clothes. I don’t even know why they're dating they aren’t even the same. He likes country music, reading, playing guitar, his favorite color is blue. She likes hip hop music, cheerleading, shopping and her favorite color is pink.


I walk into school and head straight to my locker to grab the things I need for my classes today. I have English first. Josh sits behind me. When I get to my seat, I start doodling in my notebook. English class is boring as always but today was different, when Josh walked in he didn’t have his regular smile on today like he always did, something's probably going wrong in paradise. When the bell rung today, instead of rushing out of the class like he always did to get to Lizzy faster, he stayed behind and waited until everyone else left he walks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder and starts to talk to me.

“Hey” Josh said.

“Um hey? Are you talking to me?” I said back.

He laughs his musical laugh and says “Yeah I am. Is that a problem?”

“No, I mean why are you talking to me? You always only talk to other people that hang with your girl. Why is today any different?” I say curiously.

“Why can’t I talk to other people then the people Lizzy talks to? By the way she's not my girl anymore.” He says with a little anger in his voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know” I say in an apologizing tone.


He laughs again and says “It's alright it just happened during summer. How are you today?”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about that. My day is going okay so far, what about yours?” I reply

“My day is just fine thanks. Don’t worry about it. So do you have a boyfriend or someone you're interested in?” he asks.

“Um, no I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do like someone but he doesn’t like me back. Do you like anybody, or not because you just got out of a relationship?”

“Well who do you like and why don’t you think he doesn’t like you back, did you ask him if he did or not? Yes, I do like someone right after I got out of a relationship but I don’t think she knows I exists. ” He say shepley.

“I can’t tell you who I like because I don’t know if I like him anymore because I liked him for 3 years and I’m tired for waiting for him to see if he likes me and asks me out. Why don’t you just go up to the girl you like and ask her out, to see if she likes you back?”

He looks at me with a weird look in his eyes, was that jealousy or pain?

“You should wait a little longer to see if the guy you like comes out of his shell and asks you out don’t give up so quickly, you never know how long it takes for a guy to figure out his feelings for a girl. I can’t just go up to the girl I like and say Hey do you want to go out with me sometime? It’s not that easy you know” He says and walks away.

I wonder what wrong with him today. It's time for lunch.

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