Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


6. Get over him

22 / 2 / 15  Sunday  11:56 pm 

I unlock the front door with my keys. 

I push open the door slowly and carefully trying not to make a sound. 

Closing the door quietly and creep to the stairs. 

"Loyalty? Is that you?" My dads voice whispers probably a couple feet away.

I turn around to face the voice. 

"Yea." I whisper back. 

"Dont worry. I wont tell mum, she fell asleep at 8 on the couch waiting for you." He whispers, but I can hear the disappoint in his voice. I sigh and walk over to my dad. 

Arms out. 

I slowly wrap them around my dads figure. 

"I'm sorry Daddy." I sniffle. 

"Why didnt you call?" 

"Phone went dead." I sigh looking up at him. 

"Its okay Princess. Just go to bed its late." He whispers patting my back. I nod and rush to the stairs. I turn around towards my dad. 

"Good night Daddy" I say. 

"Sweet dreams Princess." He smiles. 

I rush up the stairs and slip into my room turning the light on. 

I drop my bags on the floor and walk over to my drawers. 

I pull out some pyjama shorts and a long black "All Time Low" band T-Shirt.

I shuffle into my bed and pull the sheets over my petite figure as I bury my head into my hundred and one pillows.

¤¤ 23 / 2 / 15   monday  7:00am 

I open up one eye, and groan loudly rolling over on my side facing my beeping alarm.

I reach my hand over and bang it off. Reading 6:45am.

I rub my soar eyes, still adjusting to the only subtle light creeping in through my windows. 

I sit up, stretching out and yawning. 

My eyelids feel heavy and are drooping down with each second passing. 

I flip my legs over the edge of the edge of the bed and drag my lazy ass out of my sleeping heaven.

it's like breaking a trust bond. 

Making my way over to my closet I suddenly realise, this is why I can't see, because I dont even have my glasses on. 

Huffing at my stupidity I walk back over to my bed and reach up onto the window ledge above my bed. I grab the glasses and study the brand name across the side. 

Ray Bands

I slide them on and push them up the bridge on my nose, blinking my eyes several times to get use to my surroundings. 

I walk back over to the closet and slide the door open, debating on what I should wear. 

I end up deciding on a Blue top and white jeans, with some cute sandals.

I look at my outfit in my mirror hanging opposite of my bed, a slight sigh escapes my perfectly glossed lips.

To be honest, this is not me. I would never, ever, wear something like this if I had a choice. 

But I dont. 

I make my down stairs and into the kitchen, my parents have already gone to work. So it's just me. 

I chop up some fruit and plop it into a container shoving it into my bag.

I save some for my breakfast, quickly adding some Vanilla Yoghurt to the bowl.

As I jump up onto the counter and dig away at my breakfast. 

As I scoop the last spoon full into my mouth as 2 familiar beeps were heard out the front. I jump off the counter, grab my keys, rinse my bowl and run to the door shutting and locking it on my way out. 

I wave at Kourtney who has her designer sun glasses on. She was smiling at Lucy but once her bright green eyes laid on me they almost turn... Dark? 

I walk up to the car opening the door and sliding into the White leather seats.

"Hi" I smile brightly as I wrap the seat belt around me.

"Er, hi." Lucy says darkly before nodding at Kourtney to start driving, which she does.

It was the most silent ride that we have ever had.

Usually we are always gossiping, laughing, and giggling.

But Lucy and Kourtney just shared these weird glances all the times. 

Something is up, but I'm not sure what.

We pulled into the car park at our School. 

Norwest Christian College

A smile plays on my lips remembering my old Friends. 

It always surprises me that my best friends are now big Rock Stars. 

Well, they were my best friends.

Gosh, I miss Luke so much. 

Oh, and of course Calum, and Micheal I actually havent really talked with Ashton that much. 

But Luke and I were always the Closest. 

Until they moved to go on tour with One Direction.

I haven't heard or seen him since, I bet you he doesn't even remember me. 

Well if he ever saw me, he definitely won't even recognise me.

Things have changed, I have changed.

I need to get over it.

I need to get over him. 

870 Words (Sorry) Edited.

Hai Beautifuls. I hope you are enjoying my story! I know, I know. This is a very short, and crappy chapter. But don't worry Chapter 3 is coming very very soon. Please comment down below if you like it, and please hit that cute little star. Y'know you want to! 

I love you guys to death. 

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