Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


7. 7. It begins

23 / 2 / 15  monday  11:38 am 

I have been getting weird stares all morning, and its only 2nd period.

Its the glasses, no, I know its the glasses.

God damn you stupid ugly things, why me?

Kourtney and Lucy have not talked to me in between periods, usually we walk together then split, but I haven't even seen them at all.

Something is up. 

Could they not like me any more? Because of my glasses? Surely not.

That's just ridiculous. 

But its not entirely impossible for them. 

Now that I think about it they did ditch Jenna when she got braces... and Zoe when she broke her arm. 

Would they do it to me too? 

Did they catch me out in my normal clothes? 

"Loyalty, are you listening?" Mr. Miles voice snaps me out of my thoughts. 

I look up at him furrowing my eye brows. 

"Sorry sir?" 

"Whats the definition of Long Shot?" 

"An attempt or guess that has only the slightest chance of succeeding or being accurate." 

I smile cheekily. He nods but still not impressed. 

"Definition of Metaphor?" This time he smiles cheekily, thinking he has got me. 

"A figure of speech in which a word or phrase applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable." I lean back into my chair crossing my arms. 

"Are you reading this off your text book Miss Savahn?" He furrows his eyebrows.

I scoff and tap my hands on my cleared desk. 

"Not one book out sir." I smile and cock my head to the side. 

He stands on his toes and looks past the students to my desk. 

Realising I was right and I had no books out. 

"Get back to work, and next time pay attention Loyalty." 

He huffs and turns back to the board.

I roll my eyes, I am a killer at English. And the funny thing is he knows it, but he just doesn't want admit that I could teach the class better than he could.

I look up at the clock counting the seconds down until the bell goes. 

5, 4, 3, 2... 1! 

~'Thring, Thring, Thring.'~

I grab my pencil and push it into my pocket before running off out the door. 

I dont need to take anything really to english. I have already completed 2 years ago, when I was in year 10 I skipped to year 12 english, so I have been repeating year 12 english for about 3 years. 

I walk over to my locker and take a container of bread sticks and dip. 

I shut my locker and walk away to Lucy's locker, where we usually meet at recess and Lunch. 

As her locker comes into sight no one is there.

I sigh and stand out front of her locker waiting and tapping my foot impatiently. 

I give up and walk off to the canteen.

I open the door and as soon as the doors close behind me everything goes quiet and all eyes are on me. 

I bite my lip and walk over to my normal table. 

The Golden Table, where all the cheerleaders and Jocks sit.

Did I mention I was a cheerleader too?

As I approach the table I spot a free seat between Hayley and Beckie. 

"Hey." I smile grabbing everyone's attention.

they all look me up and down with a disgusted face. 

I go to sit down but Hayley and Beckie squeeze together. 

I furrow my eyebrows as there is no longer a seat for me. 

As I walk around the table they take no notice of me, every time a spare seat comes into view they close up. 

I feel like im about to cry when I hear the familiar clicks of heels.

I spin around to see Kourtney and Lucy walking up, the Queens of the group. 

everyone else looks straight pass me and to them all their eyes light up. 

As kourtney approaches they all move apart making room for her to sit down, same for Lucy. 

I open my mouth about to debate when I hear a familiar voice behind me. 

I spin around and see Jason walking up with a bunch of his mates.

I smile spreads across my lips, Jason is my boyfriend. 

He looks up at me and his face hardens. 

I cock my head to the side confused. I speed up to him and wrap my arms around his buff chest. 

"hey Baby, had a nice weekend?" I smile looking up at him. He cringes and pushes me away.

As he does so he walks pass me his mates pushing me until my butt makes contact with the cold floor

I can feel the tears forming at the back of my eyes. 

"Oh whats wrong? Fell over?" I hear Lucy's voice from the table I look up at her with my quivering lip. 

"Whats going on Lucy?! Its me for gods sake!" I shout at her, and right at that moment a familiar ~'Ping'~ was heard.

I grab my phone from out of my pocket and look at the message.

♡Jason Baby♡ 

We r over I wold say sorry but im not sorry u lok fucking hell ugly & I hav no idea why I even went out with u oh & btw we dont want to see u any where neer our table Go Die In A Hol Bich.

[A/N by the way, the bad spelling in the text is meant to be like that. C:]

Before I knew it loud sobs were heard. 

I realised they were mine, endless tears ran down my cheeks as I sat there in the floor. 

Laughter rang in my ears.

I looked up at everyone staring and laughing at me. 

I got up and almost fell back over. I quickly ran out of there as fast as I can. 

I barged through the cafè doors and down the hallways still crying. 

I suddenly couldn't take it and I collapsed on the floor in a blubbering mess. 

¤¤  23 / 2 / 15  monday  3:00 pm

I was later picked up and helped by a couple of teachers and spent the last 3 periods in the sick bay still crying. 

When the last bell rang I instantly jumped off the bed and signed out. 

I hang my head low my hair covering my red stained and tear stained face like a curtain. 

I flip open my locker and stuff my books into my bag. 

I shut my locker and run out of the school gates. 

As I step outside a cold wind hits me giving me the chills. 

I race down the steps and started to walk out. I could hear the sniggering and gossip behind me. 

I stopped and realised I had no ride.

Kourtney was my ride.

I looked around at the empty car park. Only a few teachers cars. 

I take out my phone and call my dad. 


"Oh dad-!"

"You Have Reached Bruno, Unfortunately I cannot make it to the phone right now, but leave a message at the end of this and I will be sure to call back. -beep-" my stomach drops and I hang up. 

I call my mum. 

"Hello-" I wait to see if it was another voice message.

and I guessed correctly. "You have reached Leah-" 

I hang up and probably try my dad another 10 times and my mum another 10 times. Nothing. 

I blow my long side fringe out of my face. A felt something cold on the tip of my nose. I looked up at the sky and all of a sudden it started to rain.


I groan and make my way in the rain to the long walk back to my house.

My wet soaking sandals squeak on the concrete as I hug myself trying to keep myself warm. 

Then something in me snaps.

I tear my glasses off my face and stare at them stopping in the middle of the path.

I clench my jaw and chuck them god knows where as I burst into tears again. 

My phone starts to go crazy with messages. As I go to pull my phone out a blury figure approaches me. 

I blink my eyes several times, but of course I cant see. 

"loose something?" A husky voice says. I squint at the black object he is holding up. 

"Your glasses?" he says.

I blink blankly and cringe at that word.

I nod slowly. 

The glasses were slipped on. And I blinked several times getting use to it.

"thank you" I mumble looking down.

"why did you throw them?" He asks, I look up at him and notice he is about my age. He has black thick hair and bright green eyes. 

"they fucking ruined everything." I mumble again looks down. 

"I think you look beautiful with them." I look up surprised and he smiles down at me. 

He holds his hand out.

"Nick." He smirks. 

I smile and shake his hand. 

"Loyalty." I bite my lip.

As I say my name my phone goes off again. I dig into my pocket and open my screen up looking at several messages.




Pathetic Bitch


Go Fucking Hang Yourself.


Slut, whore, fucking go drown you worthless person. 


No One Would care if you DIED. 





Your a fucking SLUT. you deserve to go die in hell. 





No one Cares. 











I collapse onto the floor in tears probably crying all over Nicks shoes. Nick didn't say anything he just picked up my phone and read them. 

his face instantly hardens. 

no words were heard out of him as he picked me up bridal style and carried me away in the rain.

how cheesy.

1799 Words. Edited

So you guys are probably wondering why have I highlighted everything of Nicks Well because You NEED to remember him for future refrences. Okay? Okay. :) 
P.S tbh I feel like no one is reading this and im talking to myself. Aha.. ahaha... er ha... :l 

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