Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


5. 5. Glasses

¤ Age 17 almost 18 almost 2 years pass. Start of year 12. ¤ 

22 / 2 / 2015  Sunday  12:36 pm 

"c'mon Loyalty. It's not that bad." Mum looks at me her brown eyes stern. .

I sigh and look back into the mirror. 

I look hideous. I can't go out like this! 

"Mum! This is so not fair, I look so bad! Do you know how hard I worked to get where I am now?" I complain looking at my mum through the mirror. 

"What?! Hanging with those bitches?" She rolls her eyes and applies her hands to her hips. 

"They are not 'bitches' Mum. They are just the Golden Group. And I am one of them." I apply my hands on my hips giving my mother a stern look.

She rolls her eyes again and mumbles 'whatever' before walking out of the bathroom. 

I study the glasses In the large mirror of my bathroom. 

A sigh escapes my perfectly glossed lips. Now what? I got to look like a Geek for the rest of my life? 

I slide off the glasses and place them on the bench looking back up the mirror. 

Everything is a major colour blur.

I slide my glasses back on and everything is perfectly clear.

Why couldn't I have just gotten contacts? Seriously.

My long chocolate going into blonde coloured hair/fringe hangs half over my bright blue eyes. 

Well, it doesn't look that bad...

If you were going for that Hipster look, I guess.

I slump my shoulders and walk out of the bathroom closing the door behind me before I trudge downstairs. 

"Oh look! The Beast has come out of its Cave!" My dad exclaims pointing towards me as I reach the last stair.

He grins with such a cheesy 'surprised' face. 

"Haha, very funny." I roll my eyes making my way to the kitchen bench and plopping down on one of the white glossy stools. 

"Oh my, looking very sophisticated Lolly." He smiles, obviously commenting on my glasses. 

I smile back at him, but he could tell I wasn't that happy about it. 

"What's wrong? Don't you like them?" He frowns walking away to the cupboard and grabbing out some cereal. 

"No, not really." I sigh swinging on my stool.

Dad walks over back to the kitchen bench Fruit Loops in one hand and a bowl in the other. 

"Oh Loyalty. You look fine Princess." He assures me pouring some cereal into his cream coloured bowl. I rest my head on the table groaning.

"Hey Hun, can you get me the milk from the fridge please?" Dad asks. I get off the stool and walk over to the fridge pulling it open. 

Hm, there it is. I grab the almost empty carton of milk and hand it to my dad who winks in response.

"Oh by the way, we have new neighbours." He pours the milk into the bowl and digs a spoon into it. 

"So?" I lean back into the stool. He looks over at me shovelling food in his mouth.

"So, we invited them over for dinner." He says in between scoops of cereal. 

"thats Amazing Dad." I say sarcastically. 

"I know right? But seriously, they have a son your age." He winks again whilst I pull a disgusted face shaking my head. 

"Aha er, no thanks!" I pull my hands up in front of my head. "I think I will pass on that offer, thanks any way." 

Dad shakes his head smiling as he walks over to the sink rinsing the bowl out under the tap. 

"Well, I'm off to work Lolly, Good bye my princess." He grabs his suitcase and kisses the top of my head. 

"See you soon daddy. I love you." I smile hugging my dad. 

"I love you too Princess." He smiles walking out of the kitchen. I hear the door open then close then there was just silence. 

I sigh and walk over to the fridge grabbing a orange from the fridge. 

I take the chopping board from the top of the microwave I peel the orange and chop it up.

I love oranges I don't know why. 

I hear footsteps coming towards me I turn to look at the kitchen doorway chumping on a orange slice. 

A woman with long violet/black straight silky hair walls through into the kitchen on her mobile.

"Mum." I nod at her. 

She looks up and nods back at me. "Loyalty." 

"Want some oranges?" I offer mum displaying the poorly cut oranges. 

"Uh, I think I will pass." She fakes a smile and grabs her 'Shaker Cup' from the cupboard. Mums on a diet, she has these Rapid Loss Shakes which is a milkshake you have in the mornings and stuff.

"You hanging with Kourtney today?" She scrunches her face up when Kourtneys name left her mouth. I think for a moment.

"..hmm... not sure." I shrug and jump up onto the counter sitting on it. 

"What about Lucy?" She scrunches her face up again. I sigh and shake my head. 

"Anyone one of those bitches?" She smirks taking sips of her Shake.

I frown at my mums label for them.

"They are not Bitches mum. We have been through this. And I'm not sure." I press my lips in a thin line and jump off the bench running the chopping board under water in the sink. I turn the tap off and dry my hands on my grey sweat pants. 

"Whatever Loyalty. You know it, you just wont admit it. Oh god Loyal, why do you hang out with them? You don't see how rude they are to you! I know ever since Mickie died-" 

"Enough Mum! Will you quit it?! I don't want to talk about it right now!" I cut her off and storm out of the kitchen and up the stairs. 

I can already feel my eyes watering.

I blink 8 times to keep them back.

I storm into my room and slam my door close before I run to my bed flopping onto it. 

I close my eyes just for a second before my phone buzzes repeatedly. 

I groan and roll over on my side picking my Samsung Galaxy S5 up. 


Hey hun. We r goin shopin @ the south side mall. Pick ya up in 15. Luv ya darling. Xx 


Hello! Kourt and I are going to the South Side Shopping Centre. You want to come? Of course you do! Pick you up in 10. Thanks babe xx

I groan at the texts. What happens if I dont want to go? -sigh- I guess it will fun. 

I drag myself off my bed and stumble over to my closet.





Definitely Not.






that will do.

I drag off my crop top and sweat pants chucking on a pair of blue denim shorts a bra like crop top and a white kimono. 


I smile at my appearance adding some mascara, foundation and lip gloss. 

Well.. I do have pimples. Everyone has them right? 

I put my glasses back on and it makes my blue eyes stand out even more. 

Even I am surprised. 

I smile and walk out of my bedroom clutching my phone tightly in my hands. 

As I reach the bottom of the stairs I grab my glossy black laced boots and slide them on my feet doing up the laces. 

"Loyalty? Is that you?" My mother says from living area. 

"Yea mum." I stand up on my feet and check the time on my phone 12:08 am. 

I walk into the living room where my mum was watching TV. 

She peels her eyes from the TV and looks me up and down. 

"Where are you going? " she frowns, I dont think she is frowning about me going somewhere, just probably my outfit. 

Mum doesn't like the style 'we' wear these days. She says, I can wear what I want as long as I don't look like a complete whore. Which is fair enough. 

"Going to South Side Mall with Luce and Kourt." I say simply digging into my pocket for my phone. I pull it out and read the text:


Outside Hun xx 

I nod at the text and look back up mum. 

"There outside, see you soon." I smile turning on my heels.

"Wait! How long will you be?" Mum says. I sigh and Turn back around. 

"Probably a few hours mum. I'll be back around 4?" I assure mum who nods.

"Okay, have fun." She looks back at the TV and I turn around walking out of the living room and to the front door pushing it open. 

I shut it behind me and skip down the steps, down my drive way and approach Kourtneys bright Yellow BMW convertible.

Yea.. her parents are wealthy as. 

I smile at Lucy and Kourtney. They return their smiles but they both frown at me after.

I furrow my eyebrows as I open one of the doors and plop into the back seat of the car. 

"Hey hun! How are you? Uh... so you had to get.. Uh.. glasses, hey?" Kourtney smiles fakely and turns to look at me her bright green eyes dull looking at my glasses with disgust. 

I press my lips into a thin line. 

"..Yea.. Im good though, except for these things. How are you?" I bite down on my lip.

"Oh Darling! I am Fabulous! Kevin was so romantic -Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah-" I zoned out half way through her rampage of bragging about her Boyfriend Kevin. He is a total prick. 

"Dont you reckon Loyal?" Kourt turns around her bleach blonde hair falling perfectly around her tanned shoulders. 

"Huh what?" I shake the thoughts out of my head. 

" I said; Dont you think Lucy looks cute with her new hair cut? Or did you not notice?" She says sternly looking at me. 

Kourtney is really nice, except when you get on her bad side then she is a devil. 

But she never is mean to her friends un less she has a reason to. "As usual" Lucy mumbles obviously pissed off I didn't notice.

"Oh, I love Lucys new cut! She looks so hot with a bob!" I exclaim. Okay okay, I didnt notice her new hairstyle but I remember her telling me on the phone she was wanting to get one.

"I know right? Thats why I got it." Lucy scoffs. Kourtney hums and turns on the car zooming away from my house and along my street. 

1807 Words.

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