Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


4. 4. Sisters death

21 / 4 / 13  Wednesday 7:21 am 

"You need to go to school loyalty. Your education is important too." Mum whines at me. 

"No." I mumble whilst wrapping myself back up in the covers. 

"Ugh whatever." She mutters slamming my door shut. 

I sob into my pillow. Its been 3 days since he has left. No phone calls texts nothing. 

Has he already forgotten about me? 

My phone starts to buzz but I completely ignore it. 

It buzzes again, geez this person must be eager to get ahold of me. 

I grab my phone answering the call. 

"Hello?" I mumble drowsily. 

"Hi hi, is this Loyalty Savahn?" A deep voice says. 

"Uh yeah?" I say sitting up a bit. 

"Um, Mickelle Savahn is in hospital in a severe condition--" 

"What?!" I shout my heart stopping. 

"I think its best if you just come down to the hospital, we will tell you all details then." He says. I just hang up and grab my jumper slipping my shoes on at the same time. 

I run down stairs skipping steps as tears form in my eyes. 

"MUM!" I scream. She comes out of the kitchen. 

"Oh god, what is it?" She says annoyed. 

"Somethings happened to Mickie we need to go to thw hospital now!" I shout grabbing her keys. I push her out the door as we all scramble into the car. She starts the car and speeds down the street. 

"Loyalty! Tell me what going on!' She demands as we are close to the hospital. 

"I don't know! The doctor called me telling me that Mickie is under severe condition!" I scream.

Mum pulls into the car park and I undo my seat belt,jumping out of the car running through the hospital carpark. I push open the doors and frantically running up to main drsk banging on it for someone to notice. 

"Hello Miss, what can we do for you--" 


"Oh! You must be Loyalty. Just up the corridor to the right. Number 34." She smiles politely at me. 

I sprint down the hall and search for the door. 

"34.. 34... 34... 34.." i mumble. I finally spot it and look in the window. 
But its all frosted so I cant see. 

I groan and barge the door open. 
I see a girl with black long shiny hair her eyes closed whilst the freckles on her now pale skin stand out. I study her body thin and bony, bruises and stitches flow across her body. 

I walk up to hair pipes sticking out every where from her as A beeping machine is heard in the background. 

I sit down on the chair and just stare at her. 

"your my only sister. We have been together forever. What happened to you?" I talk quietly to myself. 

The heart rate monitor stops for a second. I look up at it confused beofre a loud ringing noise was made. 


I jump up and start to freak out. 

Doctors slam the door open they all come rushinv in screaming at me to get out. 

"What?! WHATS GOING ON WITH HER?! IS SHE GOING TO BE OKAY?" I scream whilst they drag me out by my arms. 

"lets hope for the best." The nurse says. 

¤ ¤ 

"Doctor doctor. Whats going on? Why is she like this?" Mum pulls ontot he doctor exciting from Mickies room. 

He sighs looking at us with Pity.

"She was attacked in an elevator." He simply states.

"A-attacked?" My mum says horrified. 

"Yes ma'am. I'm sorry to say that Mickelle didnt make it." He says putting a hand on my mothers shoulder. 

"Wh-what?" She cries. 

I stand up slowly. I walk over to her door and peer in. 

I start to bang and scream on her door. 

"Loyalty! Miss!" Doctors and nurses scream at me. 

"NO YOU CANT TAKE ME AWAY FRM HER. SHE NEEDS ME!" I scream thrashing at them as arms wrap around my waist and try to pull me away. 

"NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING SHES MY SISTER!" I scream pouring out with tears. 

"Miss, shes gone to a better place now." They all try to tell me. 


I flop onto the floor as the hands release me. My body laying limp on the ground before my eyes flutter close and pure darkness over takes my sight. 

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ 

As i said this is like REALLY REALLY REALLY short its just to fill you in on the death of her older sister okay? Her sister is 22 by the way. :-) and her name is pronounced: Mick-el 

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