Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


3. 3. I don't exist

12 / 4 / 13  Monday  3:22 pm 

"So, how was english?" Luke says looking down at me since hes so freakishly tall. 

"Eh, it was okay.." I shrug. "But you know what? I did meet this one guy... Ashton?" 

Lukes jaw stiffened and his whole body kind of froze for just that mere second. 

"Luke?" I wave my hand in front of his face. 

"Uh, yeah, sorry." He shakes his head apologising to me. 

"Isnt Ashton the drummer in your band?" I ask biting my lip whilst looking left and right before we cross the road. (safety first!) 

"Yeah..." He strails off smiling a bit whilst looking at me. 

"Well?! Why didnt you ever introduce him to me?" I fly my hands around then I remembered. Hes never ever invited me to a Band Practice. 


"Luke? Actually, why have you never invited me to a band practice before?" I ask honestly.


"'Um' isnt good enough Luke!" 


"Oh for fuck sakes! What is it?! Theres something your not telling me and its pissing me off! What is it?!"

"Er, well..." 


"Do you want to come to band practice today then?" He asks as we continue to walk down our street from school. 

Even though he kind of completely ignored my question Im just going to drop it and forget about it for now.

"Yes Lukey, I'd love to." 

¤ ¤ 

"Hey guys!" Luke shouts over the music as we enter down stairs to the atic/garage of Lukes house. 

"Hey Luke--OH-MY-GOD LOYALTY!" Cal and Mikey come screaming towards me jumping on me with a hug. 

"Woah woah, cant breath here.." I choke out. 

"Oops sorry." They mumble climbing off me. 

"Why weren't you guys at school today?" I ask fixing up my top whilst getting up off the floor.

"Oh, uh, we, um, well." They scratch the back of their necks awkwardly. 

"Well c'mon! Spit it out." I hurry them up. 

"We just wagged... thats all." Michael finally says. Whats so bad about that? 

"Dudes! We wag all the time, why is now so different?" I say whilst walking past them and fopping down on the (slightly dirty) couch. 

"Dont know." They all shrugged. 

"Wheres the drummer?" I ask slapping my thighs. 

"IM HERE!"A voice shouts from the top of the stairs before loud footsteps were heard and a curly sex god was presented into view. 

Oh my my lord. 
Someone hit me over the head with a bible. 

"Erlo Ash!" They all cheered as thwy qent in for their "manly hugs" 

After that was done he finally laid eyes on me. A slight smiling tugging at his lips whilst I just sit there probably betroot red. 

"Hey there, Loyalty!" He smiles showing off his dimples. 

"Hey." I smile standing up as he pulls me into a detailed hug. Oh my. 

"Well then." An awkward cough was heard from Luke as he claps a bit to get our attention. 

I quickly pull away from Ashtons dreamily hug. 

"Should we get started?" Calum pipes up holding his guitar in thw air. 

"We shall." 

¤ ¤ 

"Oh-my-god! That was amazing!" I shout jumping around in my seat clapping my hands. They just finished playing their first 3 songs and omg it was like--AWESOME. 

"Well, the next one we are going to play is a very special one to ol' Lukey over there." Michael says pointing over to Luke. 

Luke smiles and hangs his head down, interested in the floor. 

"Um, this song is called is 'Wrapped Around Your Finger--" Luke starts-

"AND ITS DEDICATED TO THE VERY PRETTU GIRL AT THE FRONT!" Calum shouts really fast pointing at me. 

Lukes eyes widen, like he wasnt really going to say it was about me. 

I laugh and smile my face blushing a bit since well, Luke wrote a song about me!

"Well? Lets hear it." I laugh leaning back down into the couch as they set up their instruments.

"1 2 3 go!" Ashton says whilst tapping his drumsticks. 

(A/N I'm going to write the lyrics down, off by heart too, so if your going to read them please point out any mistakes I have done. But if you cant be bothered reading it just tap that little speaker to the side ----> and listen to it... or do both! Bye enjoy xx) 

"Throwing rocks at your window at mid-night
You met me in your backyard that ni-ght
In the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise
My whole life seemed like a postcard

You were mine for a night
I was out of my mind
You were mine for a night
I don't know how to say goodbye

Making all our plans in the santa cruz sand that night (oh oh) 
Thought I had you in the palm of my hand that night ( oh oh) 
Screaming at the top of my lungs til' my chest felt tight ( oh oh )
I told myself that I'm never gonna be alright (Mm hm) 

(Michael Solo Guitar WOOP!) 

You had me wrapped around your finger.
I'm wrapped around your finger
You had me wrapped around your finger. 
Im wrapped around your finger (continue for another 6x) 

Throwing rocks at your window at midnight
You met me in your backyard that night

You were mine for a night
I was out of my mind
You were mine for a night
I don't know how to say goodbye

Making all our plans in the santa cruz sand that night ( oh oh)
Thought I had you in the palm of my hand that night ( oh oh)
Screaming at the top of my lungs til my chest felt tight (oh oh)
I told myself that I'm never gonna be alright ( Hm Mm )

You had me wrapped around your finger
I'm wrapped around your finger (continue for x7)

(Beat slows :-)) 

Wrapped around your finger (x2 )" 

There was silence. Just pure utter silence. I didnt realise I had tears streaming down my face. I didnt realise all the memories from that song were flooding in my head like a little movie: 

'Throwing rocks at your window, at midnight.' 

A slight tap was heard from my window. I lifted my head up drowsy. I yawned and stretxhed my amrs flopping back to my other side on my comfy bed. 


I opened one eye up and groaned lifting myself out of bed and walking to the window. There I saw a blonde dork standing in my back garden with pebbles in his hand. 

I opened up the window and peered down to the boy. 

"Luke? What are you doing?!" I whisper/shouted. Luke looked up with a smile on his face. 

"I missed you." He pouted. "Its not fair that your parents are keeping you in the house for most of the summer!" He complains. 

I sigh nodding my head in agreement. 
"I know." 

'You met me in your backyard that night.' 

I groaned wrapping myself up in my night gown that was hanging off the end of my bed. I quickly hoisted myself up on my window ledge getting ready for the jump.

1. 2. 3. 

I jumped to the tree branch it wobbling a bit. 

"Whoo!" Cheering was heard beneath me from Luke. 

"Shh I need to concentrate." I said sternly. 

"Oh okay sorry! But its not the first time you have done this." He reminds me. 

"I know! But do you want me to fall off and die Luke?" I whisper harshly but a smile tugs at me lips. 

"No no no! Of course not!" He says. 

I quickly climb down the tree effortlessly. 

My feet touch the wet cold grass giving me a shiver. 

"Arent you cold?" I ask luke looking at his jeans and tank top. 

"Eh." He smiles whilst he pulls me into a hug. 

'End of memories'

"Loyalty?" Luke says worried. He literally drops his guitar and runs over to me. 

"Lollipop? Are you okay?" He pulls me into his arms whilst I sob. Your over-reacting Loyal! 

But the song. Oh my god, the song. 


"I-its just.." I stutter out words. "T-the feels, man. The feels."

His chest vibrates as he chuckles. 

"The feels?" He asks again lifting my head up to look up at him. I blink my blue watery eyes looking into his. 

"THE FEELS LUKE. THE FEELS!" He cracks a smile at me. 

"Your hilarious." He chuckles. I move out of his grip. 

"So you liked the song?" Calum pipes in smiling eagerly.

"No. Im crying 'cause its horrible." I say sternly. Their faces drop and blink at me a couple of times. "NOTE THE SARCASM." I yell smiling at them. 

"THAT WAS BLOODY AWESOME. OH-MY-GOD." I squeal jumping up from my seat and running into Lukes arms. 

"Your the best friend anyone could ever have." 

¤ ¤ 

 12 / 4 / 13  monday  10:47 pm 

I sit upright in my bed lazily flicking through channels on my Tv that hangs on my wall. 

No. No. 

"One Direction Louis Tomlinson spotted at Sydney--" 

oh yes... 

"With 2 mystery boys, having lunch today at 1:37 we recently found out the boys go by the name of Calum Hood and Michael Clifford." 


I literally jump across the bed flying to the phone. I puck it up and quickly click Calums number

Ringing: CalPal

"Hey Loyalty!" Calums voice rings through the phone. 

"WHAT THE--I JUST CANT-- OMG--WTF--ARGH--LOUIS TOMLINSON?!" I jumble out turning the TV up. 

"What? What are you talking about?" He says a but worried. 


"How did you find out?" He gulps. 

"Go to channel seven, Calum! Its all over the news!" I sigh. There was pause for a second. 

"HEY MUM IM ON TV!" Calums voice shouts through the phone before running was heard. 

"Calum?" I yell to try and get his attention. 

"Back on track please!" I yell again. 

"Oh oh, sorry." He apologises. 

"Calum whats going on." I sigh sitting straighter on my bed. 

"Um. I think its best if Luke tells you, Loyalty. Sorry." Calum says before he hangs up. 

I groan and jump out of bed grabbing my night gown and wrapping myself up before opening up my window and pulling myself onto the window sill. 

I take breath before I jump over onto the tree branch repeating what I usually do. 

I land on the floor with a thud scrunching my toes up between the wet grass. 

I quickly go to my fence and open up the hidden gate Luke and I made a long time ago. 

I flip it open and crawl through entering Lukes back yard.

I make my way up the flimsy ladder hanging down from a tree connecting to a tree house. I finally reach the tree house and climbed over to his balcony safely. 

I knock on the glass doors of the balcony. Cold wind whipping my back. 

The door creaks open to reveal Luke his eyes drowsy and his hair messy. 

"Loyalty?" He yawns. "What are you doing here?" 

"You have something to tell me. And your going to tell now." I demand stepping into his room. He steps back and rubs his head sleeply. 

"What?" He mutters looking completely lost. I groan and walk over to his bed flopping on it. 

"Calum-and-michael-were-having-lunch-with- the -Louis Tomlison-EXPLAIN." I word out to him slowly. Gis face kind off drops as he rubs the back of his neck. 

"Oh um." 

"'Oh um' what! I know you have been hiding something from me just tell me! already!" I groan getting tired of this. 

"Look, Loyalty. I'm sorry, its just this was a big opportunity for us as we um." 

"What is a big opportunity?" I raise my eyebrows up at him expecting the worse. 

And gee did I get it. 

"1D offered us to go to their opening act, to tour with them and stuff." He says really fastly. "We will be gone for 11 months." He ends. 

My heart stops. 11 months? Practically a year? 

"W-what.. but.. I dont understand..." I shake my head not believeing him. 

"Look Loyalty. I might come back when the 11 months is over but--we have to go travel the world too to get our band name out there. We have to meet new people write new songs perform for people." 

"And how long will that take?" My head feels light as I just sit on his bed staring at the blank wall. 

"All together?" He sighs. "2 years and a bit." 

My chest tightens and it feels like the whole world is spinning. I can hear Luke calling my name but its no use. Im already gone. 

He knows whts going on though, he knows what I do when something horrendous happens. 

Sometimes I get so sad. 

So sad that I completely shut down. 

I stare blankly at the wall and it doesnt matter what you say to me 

Because in that moment, 

I dont exist. 

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ 




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