Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


2. 2. Life

12/4/13  monday  7:00 am 

I bang my alarm numerous times before it actually stops. 

"Fuck my life." I groan getting out of bed, it was 7 in the morning and I need to be at the bus stop by 8. 

"LOYALTY ARE YOU UP?" My mums voice shouts from somewhere in the house. 

"YES MUM." I shout back shaking my head. 
What am I going to wear?! Oh-my-god! 

Pfft, whatever Loyalty. I joke myself pretending to be a diva princess and stressing about what to wear. You know exactly what your going to wear. 

I trail to my closet and pull out my 'fuck you' shorts, my tights, my 'first class bitch' top and just literally let my hair out and stick my raybands in my hair using it for a head band. (Go to pic above to see outfit) I apply heavy mascara and lip gloss, even though yeah.. I do have a few pimples but whats the use for powder (foundation)? 

I run and jump across my bed grabbing my 'Nirvana' Vans. I slip them on and grab my bag hopping down stairs. 

"Good morning Loyalty." My mum smiles slightly, looking me up and down. Her black thin staight hair is in a neat ponytail ontop of her head. 

"Do you really have to wear--" 

"Yes mum I really do have to wear this." I smile sheepishly whilst grabbing money off the counter. 

My mum sighs and goes to agrue. "But--" 

"Mum." I warn her raising my eyebrows. "Remember when you were sixteen?" She sighs and nods her head. 

"Good bye mum got to go." I smile and walk to thw front door opening the door and slamming it shut. 

"LUUKE." I yell when reach my drive way not bothering to even look at Lukes house, because I know exactly where he is. 

"LOLLIPOP." He shouts walking from his sitting position on his front porch. 

He approaches next to me and smirks at my outfit. 

"Typical Loyalty." He mutters to himself grabbing my arm and puling me along the side walk. 

"Hey! Excuse me." I try to get his attention. 
"Yes?" He replies stopping looking me in the eyes. 

"Whats going on?" I sight adjusting my eyes to his. 

His face turns serious looking at me compassionately. 


"Um--?" I raise my eyebrows at him. He scratches the back of his neck.

"Its just like-- with the whole band--" 

"--oh dont ne stupid I told you I had no problem wifh you spending most of your free time with your "band". Just as long as we get to speand our movie fridays. Okay?" I assure him putting a hand on his shoulder. 

"Y-yeah. I guess your right." He smiles slightly as we sit down on the bench waiting for the bus. "I dont deserve a friend like you." He mumbles quietly, thinking I couldnt hear him. 

I gulp and shift uncomfortably. 

"I think its the other way around Lukey." 

¤ ¤ 

"Hello year tweleves. This is Loyalty Savahn. She is from grade 10, but because of her high Englsih capabilities. She has moved up to join us, yeat tweleves. Please make her feel welcomed." Mr. Miles says patting me on the back. I slowly walk off from in front of the classroom all eyes on me. 

'Oh-my-god look at her shirt, what a dirtbag, ew have you seen her shoes? What is she wearing? Who does she think she is.' 

I ignore the sly nasty comments. Nothing that im not use to. 

"Look guys. I dont care what you say or when you say it. But lets get one thing straight. Im here to learn, not to stress about low lives that think judging someone by what they wear is cool. Because its not. So just shut the fuck up." I snap at them turning around. They sit there wide-eyed and shocked for a moment. 

"Loyalty! We do not want to start your first day on a bad note! Sit down." The teacher demands looking at me sternly.

I nod and take a seat at the back of the classroom, opening up my book and setting out my equiptment. 

"Hey, have I seen you somewhere before?" A cheery voice says beside me. I look over to my right to faced with these dazzling bright hazel eyes. 

His golden hair is whipped to one side in the curly messy way that makes girls change their underwear. (Yes, yes I did just say that.) 

"U-uh. I don't think so?" I stumble over my words. Usually I'm never this nervous. But im practically speaking to a sex god here! 

"Yeah yeah, I have! Your that girl... lollipop, right?" He smiles cheekily at me. 

Lollipop? How the heck did he know? 

"Um. I dont know what your talking about? What do you mean Lollipop?" 

"Yea! Your the girl that Luke always talks to and about! Theres a picture of you in his contacts under 'Lollipop x'" 

I look at him for a moment studying his eyes. 

"Luke? How do you know Luke?" I ask leaning back in my chair. 

"Loyalty! This is the second time I had to tell you off today. Please be quiet or the next one will be detention." The teacher growls.

"Yes sir, sorry sir." I apologise. But straight after he turns the guy speaks again. 

"Yeah, he's in my band." He says flashing a smile. His dimples showing, and I almost had a heart attack.

Wait, Lukes band? Well Cal and Mikey are in the band, they are my Best friends... was this guy that drummer they were always talking about? The one whom wore a purple shirt to first band practice? 

"Are you the drummer? The one that wore the purple shirt--" 

"Yes yes, I am. Dont judge." He pouts. I laygh slightly quickly jotting down a few nites from the board. 

"I'm Ashton by the way." He finally says. Yes, that definitely rings a bell. 

"Well, Nice to meet you Ashton. I'm assuming you already know about me?" i raise my eyebrows up at him. 

"Oh gee, yes! Luke, Cal and Michael talk non stop about you." 

"Is that so?" I chuckle shaking my head. What dorks. 

"Hey, but arent you and Luke a thing?" Ashton asks tapping his pen on the desk. I get caught off guard a bit bu the question. I have never really thought about it, no ones realky asked either. But we're not. I know that. 

"No definitely not. We are hust friends, really close ones." I assure him.

"Oh. Okay then." He smiles and also writes some stuff down. 

"So hows the band stuff going?" I ask him. He ponders for a moment then his eyes light up. 

"Yes! Really good! Like, we started postibg on youtube and we have thousands of hits! Even some fans too! Im so excited about the tour--" He stops and covers his hand iver his mouth, his eyes wide. 

"Tour? What tour?" I ask furrowingmy eyebrows. 

"Um, no tour. I dont know what your taking about. I never said anything about a tour? Nope, not one thing." He says fastky and guilty. 

"But you said--" 

"Nope, I didnt you heard wrong.." He nods his head. 

"But..." i sigh shaking my head.

What tour? 

¤ ¤ 

Well, hi :) 

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