Stolen - Luke Hemmings / Zoella

"it's as if someone stole you from me, stole the old you."

Where a girl goes into depression over the absence of her long time bestfriend Luke Hemmings who soon returns to discover her broken, will they fix their relationship or shall she forever be stolen?


1. 1. lollipop

11/4/2013  Sunday  1:32 pm

"Stop it Luke!" I squeal running away from the giant blue eyed, blonde haired dork that seems to be chasing me with a handfull of mud.

"Oh come on, Loyalty! What about a hug?" He suggests. I can already hear the stomps of his feet getting closer with every step that I take.

I quickly scoot behind a tree, gwtting ready for the mud. But nothing happens.

I bite my lip and slowly lean my back off the bark of the tree looking left and right throughout the park.

"Luke?" I whisper stepping to the side around the tree.

But before I could even adjust my eyes to the surroundings cold, gooey black substance flies tight smack bam into my face.

"EW! LUKE YOU ARE SO DEAD!" I scream whilst trying to wipe off all the mud from my face. I groan still not beingable to see.

"Aw, Lollipop." A hear a voice be a beside me. I groan at him turning to face him, and as I do a chuckle of laughter fills the air.

"This is so not funny." I grumble trying to wipe it off my face.

"Here." Luke says and starts to wipe the mud off my face with a warm soft material.

After majority of it is gone and I can finally see and breath again I find out that the material he used to wipe the mud off my face was his jumper.

"Thanks Lukey Wukey." I pout playfully pinching his cheeks. "But did you know? I heard mud is actually very good for your skin." I ponder for I moment staring into his baby blue eyes.

As his mouth opens to speak my hand of mid plows straight into his face.

"Paybacks a bitch!" I screech before running off away from him.

"Loyalty Savahn!" He shouts from behind me but I keep running, non-stop giggles escapes from my mouth.

"Shit, your fast for a little one, eh?" He chuckles as I can hear him behind me.

I try to pick up my pace but as I do I stumble a bit loosing traction and precious, oh precious, time.

I go to start running again but two very strong arms wrap around my waist and literally push me over.

"OW! WHAT THE FU--dge" I groan as I try to move from under him. "Luuuuke! Your fat! Get off meee." I joke trying to push him off. He jsut laughs at my efforts.

"Okay, Lollipop." He rolls off me sighing as he stares up towards the sky.

I stretch a bit and roll over next to him. He wraps an arm around me shoulder as I cuddle into him.

"You look so cute with mud all over your face." He chuckles looks down at me.

"Oh gee, thanks." I mumble.

"Lollipop?" Luke speaks. I think you akready worked out that 'Lollipop' is my nickname from Luke.

"Yeah?" I sigh scooting up a bit so I can face him. He removes his arm from underneath me putting them behind his head as he lays down just looking a bit lost for a second.

I take this time as an advantage to study his features.

A perfect jaw line, thin light pink soft lips. A cute nose and perfect inperfect spots on his face. His feral blonde hair slides from one side over his face to create a -might I add quite a big- fringe. And of course, bright blue captivating eyes.

"I don't want anything to break us apart, okay? Nothing." He almost demands me his voice cracking slightly.

I lay there confused for a second. Why would he think something would happen between us.

"But Luke, Nothing will happen--"

"Please Loyalty, just promise me." He turns his head towards me his eyes pleading. I gulp a bit. Guilt hid behind his blue eyes.

"Of course Luke, I'll always be your little Lollipop." I smile at him. He smiles too.

But-- why all of a sudden he is so jumpy and clingy?

Somethings happened with him and I dont know what to do, or what it even is, every time I try to bring it up he totally shuts me down and says something completely different.

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Hi (-;

I hope you like the first chap, sorry its short. Its just a little filler, okai?

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