This is the story of Bloodchild - how se came to the world, and how she will change it...


1. Prologue

Bloodchild is the bastard daughter of the mighty Blood Fang - the gruesome and fearless leader of the s’Hisbe, a group of outlaw tieflings. When the Blood Fang learned he had a child outside the s’Hisbe, he sent his band of beasts - his most loyal soldiers - to retrieve the child.

But his horrible war cry shook the very foundation of the world, as he learned that the child was a girl. Casting her aside he spent months grieving the loss of the boy he never had.

Bloodchild - named so by her father - tried her very best to fit in among the grisly band og beasts. As the only female, she had her work cut out for her. Being a child the Blood Fang allowed his beasts to use her as their personal slave, provided none of them ever took her to their beds. The one time a soldier tried to lure her into his bedroom, the Blood Fang tore the erect organ clean off, leaving the soldier screaming and bleeding on the floor.

Bloodchild was taken to the deepest dungeons of the s’Hisbe, locked up and cursed. With the sacred blood of Asmodeus running pure in his veins, the Blood Fang casted a foul curse on his only daughter: if any male ever tried to lay with her, his life would forthwith end grimly and violently, and his soul would forever be trapped in the Nine Hells where Asmodeus would make sure that peace would never find it.

She wasn’t the son he had hoped for, but she was still of his blood - and therefore not to be touched. As the curse settled within her body, the Blood Fang tattooed her back with an ancient text written in the old tiefling language - ensuring that the secret information would never be lost.

As the years went by Bloodchild grew restless in her cell. The only exciting thing was when the old sorcerer came to feed her. Every single day the old man brought her not only food, but knowledge of the ancient ways of sorcery. Bloodchild learned quickly - mostly because there was nothing else to do. The Blood Fang would never had allowed it, so they both kept it a secret.

Sadly one day the old tiefling didn’t bring her food. It was delivered by a young and handsome fellow, who wasn’t unaffected by Bloodchild’s beauty. They became good friend - even though Bloodchild had no idea how to talk to strangers (a lifetime of imprisonment can make you quite awkward socially) - and one day the young male unlocked her door, hoping to be rewarded with a kiss. But as soon as their lips met all went black for Bloodchild.

All she remembers is waking up alone in the middle of the forest - covered in blood. With her heart beating, the sound of screams in the distance and the cruel blank hole in her memory, she runs. Runs away from all she has ever known.

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