The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


7. Chapter 6 - Stay the night

The grimm knocketh his welcome, ringing his bell. - William Blake


However, unlike most owls, I am not a nocturnal animal. So the darkness was not my happiest part of the daily cycle. Therefor the Premier Inn lobby was graced with my presence, unworthy as this particular Premier Inn Lobby was. The receptionist reluctantly averted her gaze from her mobular telephone, playing the somewhat enjoyed video entertainment providing application that was candy crush. "we're closed for the night, come back tomorrow.' was what she said. This was somewhat surprising as most hotels don't close for the night as that defies the purpose of said hotell. The other oddly surprising thing, was that the women at the desk had a rather deep vocal capacity, most women can not acquire, so I discreetly regarded her name badge and found out that her name was in fact David. This outrageous demand that hotels close at night was obviously a false statement. So I outright demanded in my most angry yet still very posh sounding voice: " I want a single room, for me to sleep in, tonight, as it is common knowledge that hotels don't close at night, and therefor, you are LYING to a CUSTOMER. And that is quite poor customer service, David! Perhaps you would like me to involve your manager in this issue.” To which David replied in a soothing gurgling snake-like shout "you cannot have a room, as this isn't a hotel you idiot... It's a bloody police station." I was infuriated at David's rude and indecent behaviour. So I shot him with my secret hidden posh-guy hand gun, which was in an uncanny hiding place recognised to most people as a top hat.

The story, for David, does, however, not, to your and my astonishment, end there.


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