The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


5. Chapter 4 - The posh restaurant's lovely manager

Hateth I, thou thy insolent spawneth of hell - William Blake

I was fairly sure that this restraint only served the poshest people, so when a dirty peasant came in I shouted "dirty peasant scum. You don't even deserve to be addressed by me. Leave!" I was then thrown out of the restaurant by the manager who happened to be the peasant previously discussed. My gentile spine almost split in two, until I stood up, which was the point where my legs collapsed. Luckily my legs are not needed as I was a professional gymnast and my hands were used to being used as an implement of movement. As I walked away from the restaurant called 'nan does' by the common population. my Nan however does nothing because she is dead.


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