The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


28. Chapter 28 - Back to the point

Unfortunately for me, the floating ice cream stand that I was heading towards with Steve was crushed by an object only 508 times its width, Height, diameter, mass and radius. I was surprised. Steve on the other hand just laughed, and then leaned against the nearest pile of rotting corpses to support his drunken swaying body. A bird tweeted kindly, and was then shot by the nearest snipe rifle wielding squirrel, who was cross at the bird for evolving wings when he, being a squirrel, had not. This turned Palau into a full on war zone. Crows with knives strapped to their wings swooped down and attacked Runny Babbits who had changed their name to avoid the war with negative results. One babbit in a top hat pulled out a pocket watch, screamed “I'm late” and the rushed straight into the gunfire of a small badger controlled machine gun. Unfortunately for this Alice, this was a rather shocking development but that's a different story entirely. I noticed all of this before ducking from a rabid duck who was barrel rolling into an old blind turtle who came out of his shell only to say “you kids!” and then he retreated back inside his shell. Madness descended on Palau. Which was convenient, as it gave Steve an idea for escape. Instead of explaining it to me, he just did something and was gone, which left me alone. I then also had an idea for escape, but instead of spending time documenting how brilliant it was, I'll just skip that bit and continue. Although I'll give you a hint, it mainly involved walking.

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