The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


23. Chapter 22 - The Landing

And in one conclusive crunch, myne spyne wast splyt in twain. - William Blake

I then got out my immobile telephone again, and texted my now deceased mother that I would be home before 5 like allways. This was a white lie, firstly because she was dead, and secondly because it was already 5:38 and 23 seconds. (I’m a naughty boy!).

Then I considered our situation. Me along with 2469 passengers were now stranded along with the 20,000 native population, on the small deserted island of Palau.

This however, did not enter my mind, as I realised that I had missed all of the onboard food delivery services such as nuts, cola, and pepsi which actually was incredibly frustrating. Why you ask? Because I like food, and now I was hungry. So firstly, I decided to check upon the amount of food in Palau... After a thoroughly conclusive check of jumping up and down 3 and a half times (the last one I didn't fall back down, thus making it a half jump) I could see the entire coast of the island, and saw that there were no houses or food in sight. I did however see a lack of coconut trees, which made me think of how lovely coconuts are and then I kind of got distracted by that and got shot in the head by a passing native Palauan.

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