The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


21. Chapter 20 - On board entertainment

Now now William Blake, Imma let you finish, but Maya Angelou is one of the best poets of all time! - Kanye West

I have officially rated my IMDB opinion on the 'time till destination' channel 8.5 out of 10. It's just so engaging!!!. There's that little icon of a plane and a number of minutes, and in real time the number of minutes decreases and the plane slowly moves along the pathway. IN REAL TIME. It's just so great! Filmography is a passion of mine, and by that, I do of course mean that my life consists of sitting around, and watching adam sandler movies that are particularly lacking in any intellectual content, or even acting, and then rating them extremely high on IMDB.

Eventually, I succumbed to my urges, and decided to pleasure myself. I turned on my collection of Mozart’s best concerto’s and had a nice glass of champagne. This was a great pleasure for me, and I slowly drifted into a steady and slightly whimsical sleep.


I woke up with the sudden realisation that I had absolutely no idea why I had woken up. This lead me to wonder which destination this aircraft was headed.

Nigel’s soothing masculine voice came onto the intercom, “We are close to arriving at our destination of the island nation of Palau, population 20,000. As Palau has no runway to compensate for a plane this size, this will be a quick drop off. So if you could unfasten your seatbelts now, and get all of your belongings, and queue up by the emergency exit, where you will go down the slide and onto the small runway.” “Thank you for flying Air Palau and we hope you enjoyed your trip with us. Goodbye, and good luck!” Nigel concluded.

Upon the end of his statement, the seats literally folded away as did the floor of the plane and with no warning or parachute 2469 passengers were dropped out of the base of the plane, into a freefall, me included.

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