The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


16. Chapter 15 - The fateful and convenient encounter with John

This sandwich, tastes particularly ciyanide-ith... I wonderith why? - Child of William Blake

There was a man walking down the road outside Yamada's house. He was blonde and had spectacularly blue eyes that shined as bright as the dark side of the moon. I knew this man had to have some significance to the story for a few reasons stated in the list below:

He had a chapter named after him.

He had a description unlike other sub characters like Jamada

His hair was the wrong shade of pink.

So, due to these reasons I dashed straight through the wall of Yamada's house as they are made of thin paper with absolutely no insulation whatsoever. I then approached this man and asked “Who are you?” He replied in a voice not unlike 248 metal car crushers. “My name is *dramatic pause* John!!!” Then there was the totally real sound effect of DUN DUUN DUUUUUUN which was made by a 23 year old man in his bedroom after having lots of jolly fun playing poker with a killer whale that just happened to be passing by. I then told John “Your name doesn’t sound very japanese for being a japanese man.” and he said. “Your right, its not.” and then ran off down the road to get drunk on the very tiny amount of alcohol you find in one particular drink they serve in science classrooms not uncommonly known as ethanol.


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