The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


15. Chapter 14 - After a bunch of rubbish we continue to the original quest

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ith. - child of William Blake

Yes, as the title of this chapter states, I remembered that I needed to get to Costa. The problem with this was that I was no longer in a place I was familiar with and therefore was lost in the mysterious lands of Japan. What on earth was I going to do? Firstly I got out my immobile telephone from the inside of my pocket and plugged it in at the nearest socket. Then using Yamada's phone bill I had a 20 minute discussion with an english taxi driver before realising that they didn’t do cross-country which was a shame. I probably should have realised this because most taxi’s don’t cross water as well as they originally hoped to when being driven into said water. I then had yet another long conversation with british airways about booking a ticket but they said that you needed a passport to do that and I think I lost mine back in the event of 1478 where I gave my passport to a passing cat. I then had a fateful and amazingly convenient encounter that was so fateful and convenient that it needed it’s own chapter.

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