The Coffee Quest

Join the magical adventure of Sir Tuesday von Thursday De Bruyn as he journeys to find Costa Coffee and avenge his dead wife.


11. Chapter 10 - This random chapter

Nay, neverth. Never shalt I let myne soul be conquered by thee devil- William Blake


As was previously mentioned, the story of the hotel receptionist/police officer David would continue, as of right now, but first we are dealing with some less memorable characters.

Emily N’gongo Avocado von Tuesday is still dead as she was after the events of chapter 1.

The manager of nandos is having a lovely time masterbating in his home to pictures he downloaded of the internet as do most single 23 year old men on a thursday night. I found out later that my dad’s transcoded message was in fact intended but as I was not aware of ‘the divorce’ and that has apparently annoyed my dad significantly. It did have something to do with the previously mentioned Emily N’gongo Avocado von Tuesday being my mother AND my wife but lets ignore that and move on. Also the police force didn’t catch me after brutally murdering my wife despite me walking straight into a police station. The prisoner who tried to escape the jail via riding a wheelchair down 3 flights of stairs is still dead as so would you be under the same situation. David, after I had left the store, was distracted first by the candy crush game he was playing, for around 3.7 seconds until he was distracted by the dead woman at the bottom of the stairs. David too ignored the woman as she was dead and dead people can’t escape the prison so he couldn’t be held responsible if he said that he wasn’t in the building at the time. David then stood outside the police station and smoked a packet of cigars he had brought 3 saturdays previously.

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