Walking Dead: Dust Between Our Fingers.

Willow and Jodie Hunter found themselves trapped in a new world order. Every where the sisters turn, cold rotting hands reach out for their flesh. Survival is their first priority. Finding a way to fit in, is their salvation. Can the sisters keep each other from harm or will their shattered relationship break them. When everything seem to be hopeless, the sisters found themselves in a new alliance with Rick Grimes and his group.

Willow finds herself conflicted with the Daryl Dixon. While, Jodie continued to struggle with her insanity.

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1. One: The Beginning.

Chaos. That is the only word Willow Hunter could describe the beginning of the out break. People scurried from out of their freshly painted homes, tires screeching from out of their driveways. Never to be seen again.

People were going missing in the suburbs and major cities. Schools had shut down just last Friday as the outbreak became too much for the government. Willow wasn't even sure if she should continue going to work, sending criminals back to prison. Keeping them from off of the streets. Criminals should be the least of her worries.

Jodie Hunter sat near the living room window, elbows resting upon her knees, slumped over her phone. Jodie's hazel eyes pulled away from her touch screen as the sound of their neighbors, speaking in a panic tone, catches her attention.

"The Lopez' are leaving too!" Jodie shouts. Watching the family of four huddle into their 2007 family van.

Willow Hunter snapped her brief case shut, raising her gaze towards Jodie and the window. "Must be heading to Atlanta," Willow simply speaks, pulling her curly hair back into a neat pony tail. This so called, 'infection' was becoming too outrages. Scaring the small minded people.

"We should go," Jodie says softly, standing to her feet. "Anthony and his family went, why can't we?"

Willow scoffs, pulling her suitcase from off of the dark marble counter. Unlike everyone else, Willow felt that this all will blow over and nothing will hit their small town. Everyone - including Jodie - was just over reacting.

Jodie felt her brows narrow, watching her sister yank at her keys and start for the front door. "Jodie, we've already talked about this. I can't just leave my work to go to Atlanta for some -" Willow paused, searching for the right word. "For all of this!"

The Hunter sisters gave each other challenging looks. After their mothers death, the two never saw eye-to-eye. No matter what the subject. If Willow said, no. Jodie would just say, yes. If Willow agreed. Jodie would disagree.

Jodie opens her mouth, wanting to argue with her older sisters logic, but she is interrupted by a loud thump. Clearly startled, Jodie nearly jumps from out of her skin. She snaps her body back towards the window. A man with greenish pale skin gnawed at the glass. Smearing what looked like blood all of the window.

"What - is that Mr. Anderson?" Willow gapped, pulling Jodie away from the window. As if the elderly man could reach in and take Jodie away from her.

"Why does he look like that?" Jodie questioned with worry. "Is he sick?"

The mans entire look had changed. His appearance looked much like those sick people on the news, attempting to rip flesh from anyone who came too close. Willow wanted to think it was only a joke. Just a simple joke. But an old man who could barely wipe his own ass wouldn't go this far.

Willow felt her mouth go dry as she placed her suitcase onto the tile floor. She pulls her phone from out of her purse, dialing 911. "Should we help them?" Jodie whimpered. His once wise eyes, were now glossy and yellowish. His bottom lids red and puffy. A large wound just between his neck and shoulder continued to gush out with purplish blood.

"Dammit!" Willow cursed underneath her tongue. Fighting with her phone. "How can the emergency line be busy?"

"We need to go to Atlanta. You never listen to me! Now do you believe me?" Jodie hissed, turning her fear into complete anger. Willow simply ignores her, opening the hall closet, searching for something Jodie had no clue about. With a huff, the sixteen year old girl storms off into her room. Ripping clothes from out of her closet and dresser. Shoving them into her now empty school bag. Jodie returns back into the living room, where Willow sat on the love seat, shoving bullets into a mini handgun. Murmuring a few calming words to herself.

"Whoa, where did you get that?" Jodie questioned, pulling a sweater over her plan white T-shirt.

"Dad gave it to me," Willow replies roughly, sliding from off of the sofa. With the gun in hand, she felt a safe. Too bad she knew nothing about guns.

"And what? You're going to shoot and kill, Mr. Anderson?!" Jodie exclaimed.

"You saw how those things are. They hurt people, kill people -" Willow felt a bit shameful. Although, there was proof; she still could not quite believe this was all real. There was still no knowledge on how this virus spreads, and where it might have come from. Hell, what if Mr. Anderson was not like those things on the news. "Just grab something to protect yourself."

The sisters gathered a few personal items and clothes. Snacks and drinks. Atlanta was only a few hours away, maybe less. No use in bringing cans of food and whatever else when the camp would have enough supplies. Willow carefully led Jodie out of their two bedroom home, demanding to keep their mouth and nose covered until inside of the car. If this was indeed airborne, they needed to be careful.

Willow climbs into her SUV, pushing the key into the ignition. With in minutes, the car went flying out of the neighborhood. Many of the homes in the same neighborhood had been abandon, a few still continued to stay. Having no where else to go, or felt too much conflict about leaving their homes, their lives behind.

Jodie watched homes, trees, people, and those things flash by. She held her metal baseball bat in hand, pressing her lips together and wrinkled her freckled nose. Her eyes flash towards her nicely dressed sister, studying Willow's side view.

Jealousy pinched inside of the pits of her stomach. Since she could remember, she always found Willow beautiful. Long wavy hair, cameral colored skin, green eyes. Independent, and intelligent. Something Jodie felt she was not.

"Do you think Anthony made it?" Jodie finally speaks. Pushing her petty jealousy to the side.

Willow pulls her gaze away from the road for a few seconds, one neatly arched brow cocked. She grips the wheel, tapping her thumb. "Yeah.." Willow says breathlessly. "He's a smart kid. Has he called you?"

"No...." Jodie replies softly.

"He will, just let him get used to Atlanta, we'll be there soon."

The atmosphere between them becomes silent and awkward. The radio news blurted out a few shocking facts about this new virus. Causing Willow to slightly panic inside. The CDC had to be searching for a cure, some way to stop this thing from spreading any further.

"Why are we listening to this shit," Jodie huffed, turning the radio off.

"Jodie!" Willow scolds.

"What? I just said, 'shit'. It is not a big deal!" Jodie snaps.

The car continues down the road, going over the actual speed limit. Willow does not slow down, nor does she realize that there were people still driving on these roads other than herself. The sisters began to argue, shouting at one another with anger.

Just as Willow was about to take a left turn, the sound of a tires screeching fills the morning air. Giving Jodie or Willow no chance to react. Another vehicle T bones the Hunter's SUV, causing them to flip and slide against the pavement.

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