chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

a review book.
comment if you want it reviewed.
the title (preferably with the link).
if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first five chapters and review.


7. cpobgr review #6 ~dear diary~ - luke j.r.

chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief

review #6



"enough sadness... this ends here.

enough darkness.... this ends here."


the title: ~dear diary~

author: luke j.r.

date published: 29 november 2015

rated: yellow

genre: diary 

age: one month and twenty days old (as of 9th january 2016)

chapters: five

status: in progress

blurb: "What is it that makes a cat curious?" ~ "what is it that makes you different to me?" ~ "what is it that you see as normality..." ~ "What are you, human or animal?" ~ "why are you hiding what you are?" ~ "even if you say you are actually human, do you really expect me to believe that?" ~ "what is love to you?" ~ "do you think abusive relationships are okay in the animal kingdom?" ~ "how many times are you question yourself in your life?" ~ "do you feel alone?" ~ "do you ever feel like being alone allows you to think like an animal?" ~ "Or... do you feel like loneliness exists in just us?" - luke j.r.


at first glance:

the cover's pretty cool. the blurb is a bit confusing, but i'll get it eventually.


chapter one-five: ~reality~ ~abuse~ ~love~ ~broken~ ~memory~

i commend you on your confidence and your ability to put your thoughts into words, not many people have the capability to do so. what you've written- it's something really raw, universal, and it strikes a chord somewhere deep in my mind.
the incident that happened. that's really twisted, you know. can't believe it happened.
the things you have talked about. you've been honest, Luke. (oh dear, it sounds like a letter *sigh) and that's really brave admitting things online. it may  not mean much to you, but personally, it's an achievement i've never been able to accomplish.
 i just can't explain how i feel about this story. it's personal to you, and i kind of feel bad to comment on the chapters you've poured your feelings out to. but i'm pleased.


over-all impression:

as mentioned above. i love the fact that it's personal, you express your feelings and you chose a word for the day and talk about it. i love the backstories and the truth  that brings gravity to your words.


the feelings are point on. the execution needs a bit more work. chapter four had really long paragraphs, i suggest breaking them a bit- it looks better. and it was hard for me to find a relation to the blurb, the cover and the context of the book, but knowing you- i'm pretty sure i'm looking for the relation in the wrong places :)


:-) a smiley, i give you a chocolate pudding


next up-

hidden in the shadows by rebecca rogers (a werewolf story) *never read a werewolf story before, i'm excited :)

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