chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

a review book.
comment if you want it reviewed.
the title (preferably with the link).
if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first five chapters and review.


5. cpobgr review #4 beauty in the breakdown- the force of the storms

chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief

review #4



"if you're leaving town,

take me with you."

the title: beauty in the breakdown

author: the force of the storms

date published: 28 december 2015

rated: yellow

genre: romance

age: a month and eleven days old (as of 9th january 2016)

chapters: three

status: in progress

blurb: "we can't hide like this forever, josh. how did we even get into this mess?" family. money. run. three things that josh ray and clara roberts have their entire life based around. it's an endless loop to get away from family, get money and get running. after a few months of what feels like stability, josh and clara have to start the cycle all over again until everything finally comes to an end. there was something beautiful in the way that things broke down. 



at first glance:

i know people say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but i think a cover adds to the feel of  the story. and judging by your cover and your blurb, really intriguing.


chapter one:

"there was something beautiful in the way that things broke down."

and a map. a nice variation from the other books i've come across.


chapter two: thursday 23 october, 2015-

i found it really fun to read. the scenes are not too long and the descriptions are not too vivid- they're of the perfect amount to make this chapter put you 'on the run' too. really interesting.


chapter three: sunday, 26 october, 2015-

"to me, love smells like the relief of the first rainfall after a long summer full of nothing but sitting around in the sun. it smells like the indescribable scent that is purely cold air that turns your breath into mist when you breathe heavily. it smells like a field when you lay down in the freshly cut grass, little clumps sticking to the back of your legs and becoming entangled in your hair."

"it's basically just science. well, according to scientists."

if i could quote the entire three paragraphs i would.
this chapter about love is beautiful.
the "to me, love is..." and the contradictions coming out of his mouth.

really beautiful.


over-all impression:

it's a really good read. and i  love the last chapter the best. everything's good. the progress is a bit fast, but then it adds to the story.


too less chapters to recommend anything of use. keep updating, it's lovely.

verdict:  :-) a smiley, i give you a chocolate puddings


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