chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

a review book.
comment if you want it reviewed.
the title (preferably with the link).
if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first five chapters and review.


4. cpobgr review #3 above us only sky- squonk of the nightshade

chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief

review #3




"somewhere in our bodies

our cells mutate,

divide differently away from the norm

and cancerous cells are formed.


left to their own stratagems

these will become dominant over our normal cells,

digesting them

and spreading their influence across our bodies

until they finally

cause the fleshy container of our bodies

to fail in some way."


the title: above us only sky

author: squonk of the nightshade (a really unique username, if i might add)

date published: 8 october 2015

rated: yellow

genre: realism

age: three months old (as of 8th january 2016)

chapters: fifteen

status: completed

blurb: imagine there's no heaven... tom has lots of time on his hands when he falls ill, he looks back at his short life, contemplating and try to fathom out what went wrong in his world when everything comes crashing down.


at first glance:

nice cover. the first line of the blurb is actually one of my favorite lennon song. the rest is short and simple. love the contrast of the title "above us only sky" then followed by the blurb- "everything comes crashing down." subtly added, but lovely.


chapter one:

with just six words. you had me hooked. 


chapter two:

this was a chapter of questions. but questions that mattered. it's short, but that's the beauty of it. if you've noticed, the quote near the title was from this chapter. in actuality, i wanted to quote the entire first paragraph, because i loved it. then came the lines that really hit me. 


chapter three:

"my name's tom and at this moment in time i'm alive."

no words required. amazing.


chapter four:

short chapters but the paragraph's a bit too long. maybe space them, or break a paragraph into more. otherwise, lovely.

"tonight the shadows are there, but hidden."

a beautiful touch to the chapter.


chapter five:

there are so many beautiful phrases in your chapters, it's such a shame that you i am unable to quote them all. it's lovely. beautiful. an amazing progression. the feels- really good.

favorite quote:

"another night drawing to a close, another survived, the shadows that haunt me kept at bay. my eyes start to shut, my body shutting down."


over-all impression:

by far one of the best reads from a social website writer in a while. really amazing. the feel of the story, the progression, the continuity, the questions, the phrases- really appealing. i'm really satisfied with the story. no complains. just two to three grammatical errors encountered so far, not a problem.


i don't think you need any.

verdict:  :-D a smiley, i give you three chocolate puddings



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