chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

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12. cpobgr review #11 x- infinite_exho

chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief

review #10




"that's when the third bomb

hit a nearby street

and i knew

this was just the start of the war.


the title: x

author: infinite_exho

date published: 7 december 2015

rated: green

genre: fantasy

age: one month, nine days old (as of 16th january 2016)

chapters: four

status: in progress

blurb: A girl's life destroyed by a war. A boy's life destroyed by an earthquake. They travel on a road towards the unknown.


at first glance:

a very vague blurb, and a creative cover.


chapter one: preface-

first chapter in, and i like it already.  

chapter two: one// amira-

the details, so vivid. i can clearly visualize and it just reminds of that terror attack that happened in pakistan a few years back. goosebumps.   

chapter three: two// jamal-

good. very good. so dramatic. so painful. beautiful. lovely pace, a bit fast but that just brings out the feels. amazing.


chapter four: three// amira-

is it just me or the name of the characters are so pretty. try saying it out loud and you'll love the sound of it.
i love how the chapter was closed with "I needed to calm down. I needed to be strong."  


over-all impression:

-the story, the plot, the pace- lovely.

-i wish i could critique more on this, but it's the kind of good i can't critique on.

-it's a bit short, since it's just starting- but going great so far.



-one thing i noticed in the chapters where we're introduced to jamal and amara (love these names) there are a few words in urdu? it's lovely, but a translation somewhere in the bottom or in brackets would be great.

-i think it's kind of clear that i'm very particular about covers, and i feel like the cover gives the wrong vibe and misconception towards what the story is really about. perhaps a cover which would portray something similar to what you've written would be a better choice.

-keep updating, it's lovely.


:-) a smiley face, and a pudding.

note: the other book will not be reviewed next, but it will be reviewed shortly.



a/n: so i'm sorry it took me three days to post the next review. i usually post everyday. the death of alan rickman kind of had a big impact on me. and i'm moving into a new house, and got a part-time job- things were busy. i'll do all the reviews that are commented on this movella. some might take time, some may not. sorry for the inconvenience. 
on a side note, anyone on wattpad or twitter? :3


next up: every winchester has it's day by fangirling expert (will be the first time i'll read a supernatural fanfiction)



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