chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

a review book.
comment if you want it reviewed.
the title (preferably with the link).
if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first five chapters and review.


2. cpobgr review #1 the sinners' god- neilina sinclair


chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief

review #1




""hello sinner."
time slowed, it was the simplest way to put it. the clock
, the one that struck clanging chords at every second was louder, every vibration from the backlash of the stop vibrate through her body, so slowly."


the title: the sinners' god

author: neilina sinclair

date published: 19th may 2015

rated: yellow

genre: mystery & suspense

age: eight months, eleven days old (as of 8th january 2016)

chapters: five

status: in progress

blurb: an order, that is at the brink of destruction when beany is pulled into a matter regarding the apocalypse and the balance of the universe. meanwhile, someone is always one step ahead of her, leaving a paper trail of letters addressed to the sinners and her gods.


at first glance:

love the fact that it's eight months old. i appreciate stories that a person has taken time to write and has stuck with it.


chapter one:

it's really descriptive. the imagery and the visualization's really good. the quote at the top is taken from this very chapter. and love the use of 'hello sinner', makes it a bit more exciting.
we are introduced to the plot of the story but a few things are left unsaid, which is good- makes one curious. and love how the chapter ends- "please, sinner."


chapter two:

now, i really did not see the second part of chapter two coming. not going to give spoilers, but yeah, a nice touch. caught me off guard. lovely. so the progress is good, we're learning more about the character even though she's not the one narrating it.


chapter three:

the introduction to this chapter is really nice. and like the other chapters, this one is really descriptive. the first part, a bit too descriptive and long. it would be nice if it was shortened here and there. love the sudden transformation, caught me a little off guard, again. but that's good.
favorite quote: "they were the first gods, the old gods."

chapter four:

it felt a bit monotonous at first, but it actually was a great build up to "so london sound good to you, sinner?" lovely.


[maybe it's a glitch, but chapter four and chapter five seem to have the same content. correct me if i'm wrong.]


over-all impression:

honestly, i didn't find the blurb or even the cover that appealing and it certainly didn't perk up my interest. but when i did actually read it, it got me curious and interested. it  captivated me. the chapters, the concept, the words used is captivating and intriguing, and the blurb doesn't do much justice to tell how amazing the book is.


a better blurb. if you could make the cover interesting, even better. lesser use of descriptions, let the mind think. and more chapters :)

verdict:  :-) a smiley, i give you three spoons of chocolate pudding




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