Built On Mistakes

Hannah has never been in the spotlight because of Amber her popular older sister. She is also struggling because her ex best friend comes back, and says he is trying to protect her from Alec, Amber's boyfriend. Although when Amber goes missing does Hannah get the spotlight she desires?


3. Meeting the Rest of the Boys

Hannah's POV

I stepped back when I realized who it was my ex best friend Evan.

"Evan," I said, " I thought you went to a different school."

"Transferred," Evan replied.

"Evan was it you?" I asked.

"Yeah I sent you note I see how Alec looks at you, but there's a twist you can trust him and his band of boys," Evan warned.

The door behind me opened as Amber turned to me.

"Hannah have you seen Alec at all?" Amber asked.

"No why?" I questioned.

"He needs to walk me to first period," Amber said as she walked past me.

After School: Alec's POV

I got into my car with Lukas, Tyler, Amber, and Chase. I started driving, but I came to a stop to see that Hannah was walking alone. My guess she was walking home.

"Hannah," I yelled, "need a ride?"

"Could be nice, but your car looks packed full," she replied.

"Nah just sit up by me," I replied.

She got in next to me, and I started to introduce her to the rest of the boys.

Hannah's POV

"Alright that's Lukas, Tyler, and Chase,"Alec  pointed to each of the boys.

Lukas had blonde hair, Tyler had black hair, and Chase had brown hair. The boys actually seemed really fun, and they liked the same music I did. I was so happy to meet them.



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