Fatal Kiss

{ Fanfic mash up of Exo, BTS, and 2pm! }

Claire's life is the same as any average teenager's; Wake up, go to school, eat, sleep, and repeat. Until one night when a life changing incident happens and a handsome but dangerous stranger saves her life. Then Claire is exposed to the dangers of the supernatural world as her and the mysterious man, Kim Taehyung, fall in love. Will Taehyung be able to save Clarissa's life once again as a darker and stronger power moves into the neighborhood?

Read to find out.


2. Chapter Two - Questions and Answers

  Claire slowly opened her eyes to the harsh white, winter light pouring into her room and shivered from the cool breeze that came through her open window. She didn't remember opening the window... however she also didn't remember going to bed last night. Shivering once more Claire stood up and closed her window. She exited her room and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Claire always dreaded seeing herself in the mirror, she was an average teenager with blemishes, dark circles, and slightly chubby cheeks. Plus her teeth weren't perfect either and Claire was nearsighted. She accepted the fact that she had to put on makeup even if she wasn't going out because she didn't want anyone to see how she truly look, even though shockingly Claire was still highly liked at her school. 

  However, once she looked into the mirror she almost fainted. Claire's skin was acne and dark circle free, and her cheek bones and jawline were more defined. She also noticed that she was a few inches taller than usual and when she smiled, Claire saw straight pearly white teeth. Then at that moment Claire began piecing together the events from the night before. 

   She had taken a shower, listened to music, and then fell asleep. But sometime during the night she woke up to find she had slept walked and stabbed herself, and the most important piece to the puzzle was; that a mysterious man came out of nowhere, fed her his blood, and left. His blood had not only healed her wound but completely got rid of any impurities in her body. Not just that but her skin wasn't paper white anymore, it was a beautiful light beige, almost sandy, color which Claire even had a beautiful natural blush to her cheeks that she'd never known she had before and as for her straight, golden blonde hair that once hung slightly past her shoulders was now down the middle of her back a few inches from her hips. 

  Clarissa couldn't tell if she was grateful or terrified of what the man did to her last night. She still had questions though and she didn't know how she would find out the answers to them for Claire didn't know wether he'd be back again or not. But she wouldn't know until she tried. 


  It was nine at night when Clarissa finished setting up the stage. She had placed a body pillow under her blanket and the head of one of her sister's mannequins  for her hair practice which almost had the same shade of blonde as Claire. Her room was pitch black and the blinds on her window were pulled up half way. She sat against the wall opposite to her bed wearing all black with a bag of cookie chips next to her. 

  Claire didn't know how she was going to manage waiting all night for him to come, if that is what it took, but she knew that letting the questions eat up at her all day was more than she could handle. Questions like; How did you get into my room? How did you know I was injured? Did you scale the wall of the house? And most importantly, How did your blood heal me? 

  All day while she had been pondering answers, Claire's parents had asked how she grew two inches over night and how her teeth moved. She didn't know how to answer them so instead she had shrugged and ignored their strange looks for Claire still barely knew herself. And on the errand to Dillon's could see all the way down the road and read signs from about three miles away. How is this even possible? She wanted to tell herself it was just a dream but even her parents can see a difference in her so it wasn't even a possibility.  

  She shook her head, Claire had just gotten over the headache from it she didn't want another one, so instead she just focused on staying awake and quiet. 



  It was about one in the morning when Claire started to nod off. Claire's eyes fell shut and she rested her head onto her shoulder until a bang startled her and caused her to throw her head backwards which only resulted in her head hitting the wall. The bang came from her cat pushing on her door, probably fell into it that fat old cat.

  Claire shook her head and let her eyes close slowly. It was silent in her room until the sound of her window sliding alerted her. When she opened her eyes, Claire saw a dark figure stepping through the window and onto the floor. Her heart skipped a beat and Claire suddenly felt terrified. As he walked to hover over her bed Claire stood silently and took a gentle step towards him. 

  The man's stance turned rigid and he turned towards her. Claire's breath caught in her throat when his face entered the light. His nose was skinny, lips full, eyes a dark brown surrounded by thick, long eye lashes. His skin was a olive toned yet seemed paler, his facial features defined. She noticed that his hair wasn't black but light purple and it hung slightly in his eyes. He wore a black leather jacket, white shirt, and black pants. He was handsome.

  "Who are you?" Claire stuttered. The man's lip twitched slightly and his stance slightly relaxed. 

  His voice came out deep and smooth, sending shivers down Claire's spine for whatever reason, as he said, "Shouldn't you be asking what I am?"

  "Wh-who are you?" she repeated. 

  The man sighed heavily. Claire noticed that it was as if he was considering his options of escaping or telling her. But she saw his shoulders hunch in defeat as he took the latter.  

  "My name is Taehyung. Kim Taehyung." he hesitated, "And I'm a vampire."

  Claire became confused. Did he just say his name was Kim Taehyung? As in the korean boy group BTS's Taehyung? And that he is a vampire? She shook her head. 

  "What? H-how is that even possible?" 

  The man knew what she meant. "Take a look."

  After a minutes hesitation Claire took a few backward steps until she reached her lamp. Her shaking fingers pulled the switch and the room was full of light. She let out a small gasp once she saw his face. His eyes met hers. Claire felt something inside her switch gears and all the fear she felt before dissipated into thin air. 

  She took brave steps forward until she was only a few inches from him, his eyebrow raised in surprise. "I don't think you are lying about being a vampire. But answer my questions, how did you get into my room last night? How did your blood heal me? What are you doing here? -" 

  "Slow down." he said cutting her off. Claire took a deep breath and nodded. "I got into your room by jumping onto your window ledge, tonight, but last night I jumped onto the balcony and entered through the guest room. And before you ask, because I am a vampire I have a lot more strength that I can push myself off the ground higher. My blood healed you because since vampires are able to heal themselves within seconds they can also heal humans. 

   "Then the reason I am here, well let's just say that BTS members are on break for a little while just like you are on winter break. I will leave it at that." 

   Claire realized that her eyes had been wide open the whole time and blinked. She cleared her throat trying to digest what he said, she thought those were the only question she had but Claire had tons more. "How did you know I was dying?" 

   "Vampires have increased senses and a few extra ones at that. But I was able to hear you struggling and in pain." he stated. His voice was so calm that it felt that he had these conversations daily. Claire felt a weird burning sensation at that thought. 


  She shook her head. "I understand how your blood did all that it did to me now, except for the fact that my skin became darker." 

  Taehyung sighed and let his head hang down as he said, "You were sick, Claire, deathly sick. No one knew because no one ever drew your blood and plus you never showed symptoms, in their opinion, because you were born pale. However, it was because you were born with the illness that you were so pale but when my blood destroyed the illness it returned your body to the healthy state it should of been all along." 

  "That doesn't surprise me. I used to get random dizzy spells and I was very weak too." Claire sighed and looked into his eyes. "Thank you, for saving me. I don't understand why I did what I did. I don't remember having a dream about being stabbed but I guess i shouldn't sleep around sharp items. Thank you again." 

  He nodded and slowly turned towards the window. Claire's heart dropped and she frowned. She didn't know why but she didn't want him to leave for fearing he wouldn't come back, even though she just learned the name of this man who claimed to be a vampire, Claire felt safe around him. If he was dangerous he wouldn't have saved her. 

  Before he opened the window Claire quickly told him to stop. He froze with his hand on the window. "Don't leave please," she hung her head suddenly feeling childish, "lay with me?" 

   It was a few seconds before his hand fell from the window and he turned to her with narrowed by soft eyes. Taehyung took off his jacket and slipped off his combat boots. Claire feeling a little giddy turned the lamp off which was a mistake because she was momentarily blinded and couldn't find her way. She tripped over the bag of cookies she had brought up to her room and fell. Claire felt Tae's arms around her instantly, keeping her from hitting the floor as she clicked his tongue in disapproval, helping her to her feet Tae led Claire to her bed. 

  Claire slid in slightly less blind and rested her head on one of the pillows, kicking the body pillow and mannequin off the bed. She felt the bed dip and with it her heart race increased and Tae's body slid next to her's. His arm wrapped around her and Claire rested her head on his chest resting her hand on his abdomen which felt toned. He let out a breath as his other arm tucked behind his head. 

  It didn't take long for Claire to fall asleep surprisingly with his warm hand drawing circles on her back, with each movement sending sparks of warmth throughout her body. However, she was dead tired and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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