Fatal Kiss

{ Fanfic mash up of Exo, BTS, and 2pm! }

Claire's life is the same as any average teenager's; Wake up, go to school, eat, sleep, and repeat. Until one night when a life changing incident happens and a handsome but dangerous stranger saves her life. Then Claire is exposed to the dangers of the supernatural world as her and the mysterious man, Kim Taehyung, fall in love. Will Taehyung be able to save Clarissa's life once again as a darker and stronger power moves into the neighborhood?

Read to find out.


3. Chapter Three - 72 hours

   It was seven in the morning and Taehyung heard Claire's parents moving around from downstairs. He sighed, Claire had slept the entire night but Taehyung didn't fall asleep until four due to being lost in his own head, plus Claire talked almost the entire night in her sleep. It never bothered Taehyung, being around Claire never has before. However, he knew that being so close to her when he was almost savagely hungry was extremely dangerous, Taehyung had been hesitant to fall asleep due to the fear that he may hurt her in his sleep or worse. 

   Just sitting there thinking about it Taehyung felt his throat go dry and the hunger flared. He closed his eyes and took calming breaths so his wild side wouldn't come to surface. Taehyung looked down at Claire who had slept in the same position the whole night. She looked beautiful when she slept, even though her mouth slightly hung open and her left eye might of been less than half open. Bed hair added on to that. 

   He let out a chuckle and pushed her bangs out of her face. It took longer than it should of for Taehyung's hand to fall from Claire's face but once it did he stood from her bed in a swift like motion, being cautious of not waking her. Once he found he was safe, Taehyung slipped on his shoes and jacket then left out the window, making sure he closed it this time. 


   Claire woke up with a smile on her face and stretched out her arms. The bed she laid in seemed cold and empty and once she opened her eyes Claire knew why. Taehyung had left. She peered over at her alarm clock and frowned. It was nine in the morning. Where would he go so early? 

   Standing up from the bed Claire stretched again feeling well rested for once. Maybe he went where ever he lived to change clothes. She opened up her closet and got dressed. After brushing her teeth and hair, eating, and doing some chores Claire ran back up to her room and looked out the window. She didn't see him anywhere. Claire decided that he might just be fatally allergic to the sun or something and went on with her day. 


   It was midnight when Claire started to feel sleepy but she didn't know how she would sleep comfortably again. She looked out her window and sighed. Taehyung hadn't come back all day and all Claire could do was worry. 

   Was he weirded out by her? Was Claire acting crazy for liking him already? However, she couldn't help but feel a strong liking towards him, he felt strangely familiar to her. 

   With another sigh Claire closed the blinds on her window and turned off her room light. She snuggled deep into the cold covers forcing herself to sleep. 

"There wasn't any wind out and it was a warm summer night. Claire sat on her porch swing listening to music and letting her mind relax. She had just finally gotten out of middle school officially a few days ago and was planning on enjoying the summer the best she could.  

   Claire closed her eyes as she swung back and forth. Her mind was free of stress and as she listened to music she began to day dream. She dreamt of her future, living in a nice house with a very handsome husband. They would barely worry about bills because they both had successful jobs. They would always be happy and eventually have a baby boy that would grow up succeeding in his dream job. 

    Suddenly the hairs on Claire's back rose and she knew that someone was watching her but ignored it, she guessed it was just her neighbor wondering why she was so strange, as he put it. But as a few seconds passed the feeling grew stronger and Claire, annoyed looked back. 

    A dark shadow stood on the side walk in front of her neighbor's house, the shadow took the form of a man and his hair blew in the wind and into the street light. The hair was a light brown. 

   Claire's heart sped and she suddenly lost all air in her lungs however as the swing went back down her line of vision was cut off by a tree. Once the tree was out of the way, the figure was gone." 

   Claire's eyes popped wide open and she could feel herself hyperventilating. She had totally forgotten about that memory, when a shadow-ed man was watching her back when she was in eighth grade. Because it had happened in just a second Claire led herself to believe she was losing it. However not even a year after that she found foot prints in the snow on the balcony in the empty guest room one winter and no one had been up there. She knew it was a foot print because there was more than one. 

   "I jumped onto your balcony and entered through your guest room . . ." Taehyung had said last night.

   He had never really talked about why he was near Claire's house the night of the incident. Had he been watching her that night of the incident? If so, does that mean he was the shadow-ed man from eighth grade and the foot prints on my balcony freshman year? 

   Why is he stalking me? Is he mentally insane? 

   Claire shook her head. If he was dangerous at all he would of show it already. But that doesn't answer her first question. 

   What does he want from me? 


   That day went the same as the day before. Claire would randomly look out her window and sigh every ten minutes. She had questions for him but it seemed he wouldn't be around anymore to answer them. 

   The hours passed slowly and were painfully boring. She tried to read and listen to music but all she could think of was Taehyung and all her questions for him. Claire ate supper quietly and her parents still stole glances at her new self. 

   It was nine when she went to sleep because her mom was forcing to take her to her doctor, to see why she suddenly grew so much, early in the morning.  

   Of course as usual Claire woke up and looked out her window but wasn't surprised when she didn't see him. This is the third day. Eventually she is going to get frustrated with him. How could he just up and disappear? 

   Claire let out an angry growl and got clothes to take a shower.


   At the doctors' office Claire sat next to her mother awkwardly. Her mother also shifted in her seat feeling the awkward tension. Then her mother cleared her throat and said, "You know I am only doing this because I am worried. Even with all my years of nursing experience I've never known it to be possible for someone to grow so fast. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it isn't anything to worry about at all." Claire nodded. 

   The little kids all waited for their appointments by playing around on the tiny plastic slide in the waiting area, they laugh and screamed loudly. The moms behind them either looked stressed out, tired, or were on their phones. 

   The door opened and out stepped a blonde nurse in pink scrubs. She looked down at her clip board, pushing short hair behind her ears. "Clarissa Porter." Claire and her mother stood at once and walked through the door which the nurse held open with a smile. 

   Claire did the usual routine of taking off her shoes and getting her height, once five three now five five, and her weight, once one oh eight and now one oh thirty, a very healthy weight for her height. Her and her mother were then placed into a tiny room with a jungle mural on one wall decorated with monkeys, cougars, and parakeets, and a anatomy poster on the other wall. Claire was perched upon the rubber bed that had a sheet of purple paper on it that torn with one move. 

   Again awkward silence settled between Claire and her mother. Thankfully it didn't last long as the doctor walked in. She was a short lady with a darker skin tone, freckles, and short dark brown hair. She wore transparent, circle, framed glasses and a fancy red turtle neck, white kakis, and brown nurse shoes. Dr. Mary greeted them with a smile and hand shake. 

   "Alright, what seems to be the problem today?" she asked sitting down at her tiny desk in front of a laptop. 

   Claire's mother answered for her, "Claire, as you can see, has grown in height by two inches and her facial structure has changed a lot. Also her hair is very much longer." 

   "Well it has been almost a year since I last saw her. So what is the issue?" Dr. Mary asked. 

  "This happened over night-" 

   Dr. Mary laughed, "I know it seems that way but -" 

  "No," her mother raised her hand, "it literally happened over night. A few nights ago actually. She went to bed two inches shorter, short hair, blemished skin, chubby cheeks, and crooked teeth. But she woke up like this." 

   Dr. Mary's eyes were wide and when they landed on Claire they squinted as if she was some sort of other specimen. Claire suddenly felt scared, it had only been three days what if they did blood tests and found traces of Taehyung's blood in her system? What would happen to him then?

   "The only thing I can think of," Dr. Mary said interrupting Claire's thoughts, "have you been noticing changes in your body lately? Or like your mother did it just happen in one night?" 

   Claire's mother looked to her expectantly and Claire gulped. She didn't want Taehyung getting into trouble or worse. With him in mind Claire look Dr. Mary in the eye and said, "Yes I have. I didn't think my mom would bring me in for it though. The only things that changed suddenly was the movement of my teeth and my blemishes." 

   However, Claire wondered if that was the wrong answer because Dr. Mary's eyes widened, "Your teeth moved? In one night?" she stood suddenly and had Claire smile to show her teeth perfectly straight. 

   "Wow that's amazing." Dr. Mary exclaimed. 

   Claire's mother looked dumbfounded. "Amazing? How?" 

   "I don't think her teeth would of actually moved in one night but they were probably repositioning without anyone noticing. I don't believe there is anything to worry about. There have been reports before of teenagers' bodies suddenly changing as if over night. I promise she will be fine." she smiled reassuringly at Claire's mother.

   "Oh." was all Claire's mother said. 

   Claire was confused as to how her lame excuse worked especially when Dr. Mary had been so skeptical in the beginning. However, she shook it off as another thing she just didn't understand about people, and left the doctors' office with a candy bar in her hand. Even though Claire was a Junior in High school her doctor still gave her candy. 

   When Claire's mother pulled up to their house she still had a confused look on her face. Claire looked at her and gave her a small smile, "It's okay mom. Really it is! Sorry I didn't tell you but I didn't think it would worry you so much. You have been working a lot lately maybe you just didn't have time to notice, same with dad." 

   Her mother nodded. "Yeah, maybe." she looked at Claire and smiled. Claire's mother had beautiful porcelain skin, red lips,  huge blue eyes, and blonde hair. All of which she had inherited from her. 

   "See you when you get off of work, Mom. Love ya!" Claire kissed her mother's cheek and jumped out of the car. 

   Claire entered the house smiling knowing she'd be home alone for a few hours. She turned on the TV's Roku and put on pandora and turning on the surround sound. As she danced around for a little bit Claire changed into some comfy black joggers, a white shirt, and her running shoes. 

   Ten minutes later and Claire was putting in roman noodles into the pot of hot water on the stove singing loudly to one of her favorite Adele songs. Even though she knew she should of put the noddles into the water once it was boiling she ignored it and decided that she'd just wait a little bit. 

   Claire's dancing halted when suddenly the music stopped. She rolled her eyes. "Stupid internet." she said and continued to stir the still hard noodles. But after a few seconds passed by she became suspicious of the quiet in the house. It was too quiet. 

    Claire quickly grabbed a cutting knife from the block next to her stove and walked quietly into the living room. She felt scared as she turned the corner to the room when she ran into someone. Claire screamed and fell backwards. 

   Warm arms encircled her to keep her from hitting the floor and the knife clattered on the hardwood. Claire's eyes were closed and she was too scared to open them but when she did her heart stopped. 

   It was Taehyung.

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