Fatal Kiss

{ Fanfic mash up of Exo, BTS, and 2pm! }

Claire's life is the same as any average teenager's; Wake up, go to school, eat, sleep, and repeat. Until one night when a life changing incident happens and a handsome but dangerous stranger saves her life. Then Claire is exposed to the dangers of the supernatural world as her and the mysterious man, Kim Taehyung, fall in love. Will Taehyung be able to save Clarissa's life once again as a darker and stronger power moves into the neighborhood?

Read to find out.


1. Chapter One - The Incident

  It was a cold night the night of the incident. Snow fell from the dark sky and formed crunchy piles on the ground, and with the wind blowing around the snow in a hard cool breeze it felt like a blizzard. Around two in the morning everyone in the house was snuggled deep into their blankets and fast asleep. However Clarissa awoke with a start. 

  Her heavy eyes slid open as she tried to escape from her dreams. Claire's entire mid section seemed to be inflamed with pain and when her eyes met the knife that lay next to her pillow coated with blood sudden fear struck through her. A hand covered her stomach where blood spilled out and with shock Claire realized she had stabbed herself in her sleep.

  Tears stung her eyes and her breath became labored from the searing pain. How could she of done this to herself? Claire always kept a knife hidden in her bookshelf in order to use in emergencies but even though she used to sleep walk as a little girl she never knew this would happen. Clarissa's throat felt full and she tried swallowing down the blood in order to yell for help but it didn't help. Her room walls began to spin around her. 

  Then a dark figure walked towards Claire from her. The shadow took on the form of a man and as he stepped into the limited light from her window, Claire could note that his skin was olive toned and even though his face was blurry but she could make out thick, ripe lips and a skinny nose. 

  The man sat on the side of her bed next to her, his hand came to Claire's face and slightly stroked it. "I can help you." he said and pulled his hand away. Claire couldn't deny him, she didn't understand why or how he was in her room but she needed all the help she could get as her vision became darker. The man lifted his wrist to his mouth and Claire heard a strange crunching noise before his wrist was in her mouth. 

  Claire felt his blood spilling down her throat and wanted to pull away when he helped to lift her head up but resisted it when she noticed the blood felt good as it went into her stomach. Slowly the pain faded and Claire fell unconscious. The man laid her head back onto her pillow and let out a deep sigh. He grabbed the knife, opened her window, and jumped out disappearing into the night.  

** Sorry the chapter is short. I promise the next ones will be longer. Please leave a like or a comment! Thanks. :) **

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